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So, A.T.P. Co Author Listing * Complete Object Recognition Under Projective Distortion

Soares, A.M. Co Author Listing * Monolithic Hough Transform Processor Based On Reconfigurable Vlsi, A

Soares, M.G. Co Author Listing * On The Geometry Of A Surface And Its Singular Profiles

Soatto, S. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Rigid Motion Estimation From Weak Perspective
* Dynamic Visual Motion Estimation From Subspace Constraints
* Motion Estimation On The Essential Manifold
* Motion From Fixation
* Motion From Fixation
* Optimal Structure From Motion: Local Ambiguities And Global Estimates
* Recursive 3-D Visual Motion Estimation Using Subspace Constraints
* Recursive Estimation Of Camera Motion From Uncalibrated Image Sequences
* Recursive Motion And Structure Estimation With Complete Error Characterization
* Reducing Structure From Motion: A General Framework For Dynamic Vision. Part 1: Modeling. Part 2: Implementation And Experimental Assessment, T-Pami 20, 1998
* Reducing ``Structure From Motion''
* Visual Motion Estimation From Point Features: Unified View
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Sobalvarro, P. Co Author Listing * Determining Grasp Configurations Using Photometric Stereo And The Prism Binocular Stereo System

Sobh, T.M. Co Author Listing * Perception Framework For Inspection And Reverse Engineering, A
* Sensing Strategies Based On Manufacturing Knowledge
* Visual Observation Under Uncertainty As A Discrete Event Process

Sobhanpanah, C. Co Author Listing * Extension Of A Boundary Representation Technique For The Description Of N Dimensional Polytopes
* Polygonal Mesh And Quad-Tree Display Algorithms For Nonconvex Crystal Structures

Sobhanpanah, F. Co Author Listing * On The Construction And Display Of A Polytopal Mesh For The N-Dimensional Hypercube And (N+1) Simplex

Sobkow, M.S. Co Author Listing * Fast Two-Dimensional Line Clipping Algorithm Via Line Encoding, A

Sobottka, K. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Facial Regions And Features Using Color And Shape Information
* Face Localization And Facial Feature Extraction Based On Shape And Color Information

Sobrevilla, P. Co Author Listing * Multi-Processor System For Polygonal Object Recognition By Means Of Fuzzy Algorithms

Sochen, N. Co Author Listing * General Framework For Low Level Vision, A
* Images As Embedding Maps And Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, And Volumetric Medical Images
* Representation Of Colored Images By Manifolds Embedded In Higher Dimensional Non-Euclidean Space

Socher, G. Co Author Listing * Motion Boundary Detection In Image Sequences By Local Stochastic Tests
* Talking About 3d Scenes: Integration Of Image And Speech Understanding In A Hybrid Distributed System

Socolinsky, D.A. Co Author Listing * Brain Imaging Registration By Correlation Of First Order Geometry
* Multispectral Optic Flow
* Optimal Grayscale Visualization Of Local Contrast In Multispectral Imagery

Soderkvist, I. Co Author Listing * On Condition Numbers And Algorithms For Determining A Rigid Body Movement

Sodini, C. Co Author Listing * Analog Vlsi Systems For Image Acquisition And Fast Early Vision Processing
* Trainable Modular Vision System, A

Sodini, C.G. Co Author Listing * Desktop Programmable Pixel-Parallel Accelerator For High Speed Image Processing
* Integrated Memory/Logic Architecture For Image Processing

Sodomaco, A. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Image Feature Reliability For An Interactive Video Segmentation Scheme

Sofer, D. Co Author Listing * Constraint Networks In Vision

Soffer, A. Co Author Listing * Marco: Map Retrieval By Content
* Pictorial Queries By Image Similarity
* Pictorial Query Trees For Query Specification In Image Databases

Soffer, M. Co Author Listing * Guaranteed Convergence Of The Hough Transform

Soh, L.M. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition Using A Tag
* Recognition Using Labelled Objects

Soh, W.Y.C. Co Author Listing * Relaxation Labeling Using Augmented Lagrange-Hopfield Method
* Robust Estimation Of Rotation Angles From Image Sequences Using The Annealing M-Estimator

Sohal, J.S. Co Author Listing * Realizations Of Two-Parameter Functions Using Markov Parameters And Moments

Sohma, M. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Faces By Weakly Orthogonalizing Against Perturbations
* Weak Orthogonalization Of Face And Perturbation For Recognition

Sohn, K. Co Author Listing * Constrained Regularization Approach In Robust Corner Detection, A
* Mean Field Annealing Approach To Robust Corner Detection
* Recognition Of Partially Occluded Target Objects

Sohn, K.H. Co Author Listing * Optimum Solution For Scale-Invariant Object Recognition Based On The Multiresolution Approximation, An
* Robust Boundary-Based Object Recognition In Occlusion Environment By Hybrid Hopfield Neural Networks, A

Sohn, S.M. Co Author Listing * Note On Parsing Pattern Languages, A
* On Mapping Systolic Algorithms Onto The Hypercube
* String Processing On The Hypercube
* Two-Dimensional Convolution On A Pyramid Computer

Sohn, W. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Camera Movement Errors In Vision-Based Vehicle Tracking
* Analysis Of Camera Movements In Stereo Vision-Based Vehicle Tracking
* Error Analysis Of Camera Movements In Stereo Vehicle Tracking Systems

Soifer, V.A. Co Author Listing * 5th International Workshop On Digital Image Processing And Computer Graphics (Dip-94) (Samara, Russia, August 22-26
* 5th International Workshop On Digital Image Processing And Computer Graphics ``Image Processing And Computer Optics'' (August 22-26, 1994, Samara, Russia), The

Soille, P. Co Author Listing * Dimensionality In Image Analysis
* Efficient Algorithm For Drainage Network Extraction On Dems, An
* Generalized Geodesy Via Geodesic Time
* Image Structure Orientation Using Mathematical Morphology
* Mathematical Morphology And Its Applications To Image Processing, Kluwer, Dordrecht
* Morphologische Bildverarbeitung, Springer
* On The Validity Of Fractal Dimension Measurements In Image Analysis
* Periodic Lines: Definition, Cascades, And Application To Granulometries
* Recursive Implementation Of Erosions And Dilations Along Discrete Lines At Arbitrary Angles
* Spatial Distributions From Contour Lines: An Efficient Methodology Based On Distance Transformations
* Watersheds In Digital Spaces: An Efficient Algorithm Based On Immersion Simulations
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Soille, P.J. Co Author Listing * Automated Basin Delineation From Digital Elevation Models Using Mathematical Morphology

Soisalon Soininen, E. Co Author Listing * Note On Approximate Convex Hulls, A
* On The Definition And Computation Of Rectilinear Convex Hulls
* Optimal Algorithms To Compute The Closure Of A Set Of Iso-Rectangles
* Partitioning And Separating Sets Of Orthogonal Polygons
Includes: Soisalon Soininen, E. Soisalon-Soininen, E.

Sokolowska, E. Co Author Listing * Multi-Layered Image Representation: Structure And Application In Recognition Of Parts Of Brain Anatomy

Solaiman, B. Co Author Listing * Hough Transform And Uncertainty Handling. Application To Circular Object Detection In Ultrasound Medical Images
* Multiresolution Hybrid Neuro-Markovian Image Modeling And Segmentation, A

Soldano, H. Co Author Listing * Searching For Flexible Repeated Patterns Using A Non-Transitive Similarity Relation

Soldo, M.H. Co Author Listing * Reactive And Preplanned Control In A Mobile Robot

Soler, C. Co Author Listing * Fast Calculation Of Soft Shadow Textures Using Convolution

Soletic, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Search In A Smash System

Soliman, H.S. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Image Compression By A Natural Clustering Neural Network

Solimini, S. Co Author Listing * Variational Methods In Image Segmentation, Birkhauser

Solina, F. Co Author Listing * Advances In Computer Vision (Dagstuhl Seminar On Theoretical Foundations Of Computer Vision, Wadern, Germany, March 18-22, 1996), Springer
* Automatic Reconstruction Of 3d Human Arm Motion From A Monocular Image Sequence
* Direct Recovery Of Superquadric Models In Range Images Using Recover-And-Select Paradigm, A
* Planning The Optimal Set Of Views Using The Max-Min Principle
* Proper Scale For Modeling Visual Data
* Range Image Interpretation Of Mail Pieces With Superquadrics
* Recovery Of Parametric Models From Range Images: The Case For Superquadrics With Global Deformations
* Selective Scene Modeling
* Superquadrics For Segmenting And Modeling Range Data
* Theoretical Foundations Of Computer Vision (Dagstuhl Seminar Report 139
* Theoretical Foundations Of Computer Vision (Sixth Workshop, Wadern, Germany, March 14-18, 1994), Computing Supplement 11, Springer
* Three-Dimensional Object Representation Revisited
* Using Machine Learning For Content-Based Image Retrieving
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Solka, J.L. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Man-Made Regions In Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery And Videos

Solo, V. Co Author Listing * Choosing The Optimal Neighbourhood Size In Optical Flow Problems With Errors-In-Variables Modelling
* Data-Driven Method For Choosing Smoothing Parameters In Optical Flow Problems ., A
* Modeling Of Two-Dimensional Random Fields By Parametric Cepstrum
* Sure-Fired Way To Choose Smoothing Parameters In Ill-Conditioned Inverse Problems, A

Solomon, F. Co Author Listing * Extracting The Shape And Roughness Of Specular Lobe Objects Using Four Light Photometric Stereo
* Extracting The Shape And Roughness Of Specular Lobe Objects Using Four Light Photometric Stereo

Solomon, S.S. Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, And Systems Integration (Boston, Ma, November 17-18
* Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, And Systems Integration Ii (Boston, Ma, September 7-9
* Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, And Systems Integration Iii (Boston, Ma, October 31 - November 2
* Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, And Systems Integration Iv (Philadelphia, Pa, October 23-24
* Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, And Systems Integration V (Boston, Ma, November 18-19
* Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, And Systems Integration Vi Pittsburgh, Pa, October 15-16
* Machine Vision Systems For Inspection And Metrology Vii (Boston, Ma, November 4-5
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Solomovici, A. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Distance Field Metamorphosis

Solso, R.L. Co Author Listing * Cognition And The Visual Arts, Mit Press, Cambridge

Soltan, V. Co Author Listing * Minimum Dissection Of A Rectangular Polygon With Arbitrary Holes Into Rectangles

Soltani, S. Co Author Listing * Survey Of Thresholding Techniques, A

Soma, T. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Manipulation Methods Of Geographic Informations

Somani, A. Co Author Listing * Morphological Image Processing On A Token Passing Pyramid Computer

Somani, A.K. Co Author Listing * 2d And 3d Optimal Parallel Image Warping
* Cache Write Generate For Parallel Image Processing On Shared Memory Architectures
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision

Someni, A.K. Co Author Listing * Cache Tiling For High Performance Morphological Image Processing

Sommer, G. Co Author Listing * Active Depth Estimation With Gaze And Vergence Control Using Gabor Filters
* Computer Analysis Of Images And Patterns (Proceedings Of The Third International Conference On Automatic Image Processing, Caip'89, Leipzig, Gdr, September 8-10, 1989)
* Context-Based Detection Of Keypoints And Features In Eye Regions
* Dynamic Cell Structures For The Evaluation Of Keypoints In Facial Images
* Geometric Algebra: A Framework For Computing Point And Line Correspondences And Projective Structure Using $N$ Uncalibrated Cameras
* Junction Classification By Multiple Orientation Detection
* Lie Group Approach To Steerable Filters, A
* Low-Cost Junction Characterization Using Polar Averaging Filters
* New Framework For The Formation Of Invariants And Multiple-View Constraints In Computer Vision, A
* New Methodology For Computing Invariants In Computer Vision, A
* Quaternion Gabor Filters For Local Structure Classification
* Real-Time Tracking Of Moving Objects With An Active Camera
* Rotated Wedge Averaging Method For Junction Classification
13 for Sommer, G.

Sommer, H.J. Co Author Listing * Monocular Pose Of A Rigid Body Using Point Landmarks
Includes: Sommer, H.J. Sommer III, H.J.

Sommer, M. Co Author Listing * Improvement Of The Curvature Computation

Sommerhalder, R. Co Author Listing * Parallel O(Log N) Algorithm For The Drawing Of Algebraic Curves In An N X N Square, A

Somorjai, R.L. Co Author Listing * Fast, Simple Active Contour Algorithm For Biomedical Images, A

Son, N. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Character Recognition System With High Accuracy And High Speed By Integrating Image-Type And Logical-Type Information Processings, An

Sonak, R.V. Co Author Listing * New Approach For Subset 2-D Ar Model Identification For Describing Textures, A

Song, G.D. Co Author Listing * Decomposition Theorem On Euclidean Steiner Minimal Trees, A
* Steiner Minimal Trees On Sets Of Four Points

Song, I. Co Author Listing * New Noiseless Coding Technique For Binary Images, A
* Nonlinear Smoothing Filters Based On Rank Estimates Of Location
* Upper Bound On Run-Length Coding Entropy, An

Song, J. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Morphological Filters With Multiple Structuring Elements, The
* Model Based Detection Of Targets In Fopen Sar Images
* Model-Based Target Recognition In Foliage Penetrating Sar Images

Song, K.T. Co Author Listing * Environment Prediction For A Mobile Robot In A Dynamic Environment

Song, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Defect Detection In Random Colour Textures
* Texture Crack Detection

Song, O. Co Author Listing * Curvilinear Feature Extraction Using Minimum Spanning Trees

Song, S. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Image Dynamic Thresholding
* Multiresolution Image Motion Detection And Displacement Estimation

Song, X. Co Author Listing * Robust Edge Detection Based On Morphological Filters

Soni, T. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation Of 2-D Adaptive Prediction Filters For Detection Of Small Objects In Image Data

Sonka, M. Co Author Listing * Fully Parallel 3d Thinning Algorithm And Its Applications, A
* Image Processing, Analysis, And Machine Vision, Brooks-Cole, Pacific Grove
* Image Processing, Analysis, And Machine Vision, Chapman & Hall
* Local Three-Dimensional Shape-Preserving Smoothing Without Shrinkage

Sontag, M.R. Co Author Listing * Representation, Display, And Manipulation Of 3d Digital Scenes And Their Medical Applications

Sood, A. Co Author Listing * Pulse And Staircase Edge Models
* Pulse And Staircase Models For Detecting Edges At Multiple Resolution
* Range Image Segmentation With Applications To Robot Bin-Picking Using Vacuum Gripper

Sood, A.K. Co Author Listing * Active Perception And Robot Vision (Maratea, Italy, July 17-28, 1989), Springer
* Analysis Of Long Image Sequence For Structure And Motion Estimation
* Computational Perspective On Perception, Planning, Action And Systems Integration
* Impact Of Scale On Signed, Unsigned, Authentic And Phantom Zero Crossings In A Noisy Environment
* Object Detection Using Contrast Based Scale Space
* Parallel Bit-Level Pipelined Vlsi Processing Unit For The Histogramming Operation
* Performance Analysis Of 1-D Scale-Space Algorithms For Pulse Detection In Noisy Image Scans
* Special Issue On Unmanned Vehicle And Intelligent Robotic Systems, T-Smc 20(6)
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Soon, S.H. Co Author Listing * Structure Modeling And Context-Free Grammar: Exploring A New Approach For Surface Boundary Construction

Soos, S. Co Author Listing * Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision

Sopwith, T. Co Author Listing * Measuring The Human Chest With Structured Lighting
* Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement By Microcomputer

Sorbello, F. Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis Using The Novelty Filter
* Recovering 3-D Form Features By A Connectionist Architecture

Sorel, Y. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Embedded Image Processing Applications Using The $A^3$ Methodology

Sorensen, H.B.D. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Mine-Shaped Objects Based On An Efficient Phase Stepped-Frequency Radar Approach

Soria, S.M. Co Author Listing * Mission Parameters Derived From Optical Flow

Sornmo, L. Co Author Listing * Boundary Finding Using Fourier Surfaces Of Increasing Order

Sorooshian, K. Co Author Listing * Tabular Representation Of Pictorial Data Via Rectangular Region Coding

Sorri, L. Co Author Listing * Medians Of Discrete Sets, The

Sortrakul, T. Co Author Listing * Gaussian-Mixture-Based Image Segmentation Algorithm, A
* Robust Automatic Target Recognition Using A Localized Boundary Representation

Sossa A., J.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Path Planning For A Mobile Robot Among Obstacles Of Arbitrary Shape

Sossa Azuela, J.H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Facial Feature Detection And Location
Includes: Sossa Azuela, J.H. Sossa-Azuela, J.H.

Sossa, H. Co Author Listing * Model Indexing: The Graph-Hashing Approach
* Model-Based Recognition Of Planar Objects Using Geometric Invariants
* Polyhedral Object Recognition By Indexing

Sossa, J.H. Co Author Listing * Improved Parallel Algorithm For Thinning Digital Patterns, An

Sotak, G.E. Co Author Listing * Comments On Fast Convolution With Laplacian-Of-Gaussian Masks
* Laplacian-Of-Gaussian Kernel: A Formal Analysis And Design Procedure For Fast, Accurate Convolution And Full-Frame Output, The
Includes: Sotak, G.E. Sotak Jr., G.E.

Soto, A. Co Author Listing * Correct Rule-Based Geometric Constraint Solver, A

Soucek, B. Co Author Listing * Brain-Like And Massively Parallel Computers, Wiley

Soucy, G. Co Author Listing * Motion And Surface Recovery Using Curvature And Motion Consistency
* Surface Recovery From Range Images Using Curvature And Motion Consistency
* Uncertainty In Pose Estimation: A Bayesian Approach

Soucy, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Integration Algorithm To Model Surfaces From Multiple Range Views, A
* General Surface Approach To The Integration Of A Set Of Range Views, A
* Generating Non-Redundant Surface Representations Of 3d Objects Using Multiple Range Views
* Multi-Resolution Surface Modeling From Multiple Range Views
* Multiresolution Surface Modeling Based On Hierarchical Triangulation
* Registration Of Multiple Range Views For Automatic 3-D Model Building
* Sensors And Algorithms For The Construction Of Digital 3-D Colour Models Of Real Objects
* Surface Modeling From Dynamic Integration Of Multiple Range Views
* Texture-Mapping Approach For The Compression Of Colored 3d Triangulations, A
* Towards A General Multi-View Registration Technique
10 for Soucy, M.

Soumekh, M. Co Author Listing * Fourier Array Imaging, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Image Reconstruction Techniques In Tomographic Imaging Systems
* Moving Target Detection In Foliage Using Along Track Monopulse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging
* Multiresolution Dynamic Image Representation With Uniform And Foveal Spiral Scan Data
* Phased Array Imaging Of Moving Targets With Randomized Beam Steering And Area Spotlighting
* Range-Speed Imaging With Fm-Cw Signaling
* Signal Subspace Fusion Of Uncalibrated Sensors With Application In Sar, Diagnostic Medicine And Video Processing
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Soumis, F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm To Find A Shortest Path For A Car-Like Robot, An

Sourin, A. Co Author Listing * Function Representation In Geometric Modeling: Concepts, Implementation, And Applications
* Using Real Functions With Application To Hair Modeling

Sourin, A.I. Co Author Listing * Function Representation For Sweeping By A Moving Solid

Southall, B. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Tracking For Navigation And Segmentation

Southwell, D. Co Author Listing * Panoramic Stereo

Souva'ine, D.L. Co Author Listing * Decomposition And Intersection Of Simple Splinegons

Souvaine, D.L. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry In A Curved World

Sowelam, S.M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Waveform Selection For Radar Target Classification

Sozou, P.D. Co Author Listing * General Non-Linear Method For Modelling Shape And Locating Image Objects, A
* New Perspectives On Optical Flow
* Non-Linear Generalization Of Point Distribution Models Using Polynomial Regression
* Non-Linear Point Distribution Modelling Using A Multi-Layer Perceptron

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