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ALGORITHMICA 3() * Guest Ed., Special Issue-Parallel And Distributed Computing Part Ii

ALGORITHMICA 4() * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Computational Geometry

ALGORITHMICA(1) * Edge-Skeletons In Arrangements With Applications
* Fractional Cascading: I. A Data Structuring Technique
* Fractional Cascading: Ii. Applications
* Geometric Complexity Of Some Location Problems
* O(Nd) Difference Algorithm And Its Variations, An
* Shortest Paths In Euclidean Graphs
* Visibility Of Disjoint Polygons

ALGORITHMICA(10) * Continuous Alternation: The Complexity Of Pursuit In Continuous Domains
* Efficient Algorithm For Finding The Csg Representation Of A Simple Polygon, An
* Mechanical Parts Orienting: The Case Of A Polyhedron On A Table
* Nonholonomic Multibody Mobile Robots: Controllability And Motion Planning In The Presence Of Obstacles
* Opportunistic Global Path Planner, An
* Planning A Time-Minimal Motion Among Moving Obstacles
* Randomization For Robot Tasks: Using Dynamic Programming In The Space Of Knowledge States
* Shortest Paths For Line Segments

ALGORITHMICA(11) * Visibility With A Moving Point Of View
* Workbench For Computational Geometry, A

ALGORITHMICA(12) * Pattern Matching In A Digitized Image

Algorithmica(13) * Landmark-Based Robot Navigation
* Point Set Pattern Matching In D Dimensions
* Super-Pattern Matching

Algorithmica(14) * Finding A Closest Visible Vertex Pair Between Two Polygons
* Linear-Time Algorithm For Constructing A Circular Visibility Diagram, A
* Time-Optimal Parallel Algorithm For Three-Dimensional Convex Hulls, A

Algorithmica(15) * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Parallel Computing
* Using Topological Sweep To Extract The Boundaries Of Regions In Maps Represented By Region Quadtrees

Algorithmica(17) * Decomposing The Boundary Of A Nonconvex Polyhedron
* Proximity Problems For Points On A Rectilinear Plane With Rectangular Obstacles

Algorithmica(18) * Time-Optimal Trajectories Of A Rod In The Plane Subject To Velocity Constraints
* Trekking In The Alps Without Freezing Or Getting Tired

ALGORITHMICA(2) * Algorithms For Corner Stitched Data-Structures
* Faster Divide-And-Conquer Algorithm For Constructing Delaunay Triangulations, A
* Generalized Voronoi Diagrams For A Ladder: Ii. Efficient Construction Of The Diagram
* Geometric Applications Of A Matrix-Searching Algorithm
* Global Wire Routing In Two-Dimensional Arrays
* Linear-Time Algorithms For Visibility And Shortest Path Problems Inside Triangulated Simple Polygons
* Longest Common Subsequence Problem Revisited, The
* Motion Planning With Inertial Constraints
* New Efficient Motion-Planning Algorithm For A Rod In Two-Dimensional Polygonal Space, A
* On Approximation Behavior Of The Greedy Triangulation For Convex Polygons
* On Multiple Moving Objects
* On The Existence And Synthesis Of Multifinger Positive Grips
* Optimal Piecewise Linear Motion Of An Object Among Obstacles
* Path-Planning Strategies For A Point Mobile Automaton Moving Amidst Unknown Obstacles Of Arbitrary Shape
* Some Problems In Computational Geometry
* Sweepline Algorithm For Voronoi Diagrams, A

ALGORITHMICA(3) * Algorithm For Segment-Dragging And Its Implementation, An
* Decomposition And Intersection Of Simple Splinegons
* Linear Algorithm To Find A Rectangular Dual Of A Planar Triangulated Graph, A
* Optimal Vlsi Graph Embeddings In Variable Aspect Ratio Rectangles
* Parallel Algorithms For Some Functions Of Two Convex Polygons
* Parallel Computational Geometry
* Parallel Triangulation Of A Polygon In Two Calls To The Trapezoidal Map
* Sorting In Constant Number Of Row And Column Phases On A Mesh
* Two Probabilistic Results On Rectilinear Steiner Trees

ALGORITHMICA(4) * Approximate Minimum Weight Matching On Points In K-Dimensional Space
* Discrete Simulation Of Nc Machining
* Generation Of Configuration Space Obstacles: The Case Of Moving Algebraic Curves
* Linear-Time Algorithm For Linear L<1> Approximation Of Points, A
* On The Algebraic Formulation Of Certain Geometry Statements And Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving
* Problems In Geometric Probing

ALGORITHMICA(5) * Complexity Of Planar Compliant Motion Planning Under Uncertainty, The
* Computational Geometry In A Curved World
* Linear-Time Algorithm For Finding Approximate Shortest Common Superstrings, A
* Parallel Geometric Algorithms On A Mesh-Connected Computer

ALGORITHMICA(6) * Computational Geometry Algorithms For The Systolic Screen
* Computing Convexity Properties Of Images On A Pyramid Computer
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Parallel Algorithms For Geometric Problems On Digitized Pictures
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Simulated Annealing
* Parallel Computation Of Distance Transforms
* Processor-Time Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Digitized Images On Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays
* Topological Numbering Of Features On A Mesh

ALGORITHMICA(7) * Guest Ed., (Special Issue On) Parallel Computational Geometry
* Optimal Randomized Parallel Algorithms For Computational Geometry
* Paradigm For Robust Geometric Algorithms, A

ALGORITHMICA(8) * Approximate Motion Planning And The Complexity Of The Boundary Of The Union Of Simple Geometric Figures
* Constructing Strongly Convex Hulls Using Exact Or Rounded Arithmetic
* Efficient Algorithm For One-Step Planar Compliant Motion With Uncertainty, An
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On The Sixth Annual Symposium On Computational Geometry (Berkeley, Ca, June 6-8, 1990)
* L<1> Shortest Paths Among Polygonal Obstacles In The Plane
* Linear-Time Border-Tracing Algorithms For Quadtrees
* Minimum-Link Paths Among Obstacles In The Plane
* On The Parallel-Decomposability Of Geometric Problems
* Optimal Routing Algorithms For Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays
* Output-Sensitive Generation Of The Perspective View Of Isothetic Parallelpipeds
* Probing A Scene Of Nonconvex Polyhedra

ALGORITHMICA(9) * Constructing Strongly Convex Approximation Hulls With Inaccurate Primitives
* Seven Fingers Allow Force-Torque Closure Grasps On Any Convex Polyhedron

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