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International Journal of Intelligent Systems(10) * Integrating Artificial And Psychophysical Approaches For Boundary Finding In Line Drawings

INTL J. PARALLEL PROGRAMMING(17) * Parallel Rendering Of Fractal Surfaces


INTL. J. EXPERT SYSTEMS(3) * Graphically Encoded Knowledge Bases For Expert-Guided Feature Generalization In Cartographic Display Systems

Intl. J. Expert Systems(9) * Hand Movement Classification Using An Adaptive Fuzzy Expert System

Intl. J. Intelligent Systems(13) * Computational Limitations Of Model-Based Recognition

INTL. J. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS(2) * Algorithm For Region Filling Using Two-Dimensional Grammars, An
* Multisensor Fusion And Navigation Of Mobile Robots
* Planning And Reasoning For Autonomous Vehicle Control
* Real-Time Operation Of Mobile Robots Using Linear Image Arrays

INTL. J. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS(4) * Knowledge-Based Analysis Of Satellite Oceanographic Images

INTL. J. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS(5) * Image Segmentation In The Presence Of Uncertainty

INTL. J. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS(6) * Fuzzy Logic Rule-Based Automatic Target Recognizer, A

INTL. J. INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS(9) * Implementation Of A Model For Functional Recognition, An

INTL. J. MAN-MACHINE STUDIES(20) * Distributed Architecture And Parallel Non Directional Search For Knowledge-Based Cartographic Feature Extraction Systems
* Rough Classification

INTL. J. MAN-MACHINE STUDIES(22) * Editorial: Reasoning With Uncertainty In Expert Systems
* How To Tell People Where To Go: Comparing Navigational Aids
* Some Reasons Why Algebraic Topology Is Important In Neuropsychology: Perceptual And Cognitive Systems As Vibrations

INTL. J. MAN-MACHINE STUDIES(23) * Implementing Pictorial Interfaces

INTL. J. MAN-MACHINE STUDIES(24) * Constructing 3-D Object Models Using Multiple Simulated 2.5-D Sketches
* On-Line Recognition Of Pitman'S Handwritten Shorthand-An Evaluation Of Potential

INTL. J. MAN-MACHINE STUDIES(34) * Propositional Representation For Graphical Knowledge

INTL. J. MAN-MACHINE STUDIES(37) * Understanding Scene Descriptions By Integrating Different Sources Of Knowledge

INTL. J. PARALLEL PROCESSING(18) * Topological Comparison Of Perfect Shuffle And Hypercube

INTL. J. PARALLEL PROGRAMMING(15) * Optimal Parallel Algorithm For Triangulating A Set Of Points In The Plane, An
* Systolic Architecture For B-Spline Surfaces

INTL. J. PARALLEL PROGRAMMING(16) * Parallel Consistent Labeling Algorithms

INTL. J. PARALLEL PROGRAMMING(17) * Comments On Samal And Henderson: Parallel Consistent Labeling Algorithms
* Practical Parallel Union-Find Algorithms For Transitive Closure And Clustering

INTL. J. ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION (1) * Rectangular Parallellepiped Coding For Solid Modelling

Intl. J. Robotics Research(17) * 3d Motion And Shape Representation In Visual Servo Control

INTL. J. ROBOTICS RESEARCH(2) * Efficient Detection Of Intersections Among Spheres
* Planning Collision-Free Motions For Pick-And-Place Operations
* Toward A Theory Of Geometric Tolerancing

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