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IS 44() * Guest Ed., Special Issue: Parallel Processing/Part Ii

IS(101) * Estimating Motion Parameters With Three-Dimensional Self-Organizing Maps

IS(102) * Visibility Of Tame Terrain

IS(103) * New Approach To The Detection Of Moving Objects, A

IS(105) * Ridge-Following Algorithm, A

IS(107) * Detecting Image Primitives Using Feature Pyramids

IS(108) * Geodesic Visibility In Graphs

IS(110) * Fuzzy Geometry: An Updated Overview
* Note On Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Finite Automata, A

IS(112) * Color Edge Extraction Using Orthogonal Polynomial(S) Based Zero Crossings Scheme

IS(34) * 3d-Plex Grammars
* Pyramid Representation For Solids

IS(35) * Note On An Extension Of Matrix Grammars Generating Two-Dimensional Languages, A
* Space Hierarchy Result On Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Only Universal States, A
* Three-Way Automata On Rectangular Tapes Over A One-Letter Alphabet

IS(36) * Fuzzy And Probability Vectors As Elements Of A Vector Space

IS(38) * Principles Of Information Structure Common To Six Levels Of The Human Cognitive System
* Three-Way Two-Dimensional Finite Automata With Rotated Inputs

IS(39) * Design Of Optimal Filters For Error-Feedback Quantization Of Monochrome Pictures
* Direction-Independent Grammars With Contexts
* Structural Representation Of Shape And Its Features, A

IS(40) * Constrained String Editing
* Detection Of Interlocking Components In Three-Dimensional Digital Pictures
* On Two-Dimensional Pattern-Matching Languages And Their Decision Problems

IS(41) * Optimal Matching Of Deformed Patterns With Positional Influence

IS(42) * Distance Functions In Digital Geometry
* Generalized Distances In Digital Geometry
* Hierarchy Of Random-Context Grammars And Automata, A
* Partitioning And Separating Sets Of Orthogonal Polygons
* Practical Divide-And-Conquer Algorithm For The Rectangle Intersection Problem, A

IS(43) * Efficient Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching In The Presence Of Errors
* Several Properties Of Array Languages

IS(44) * Computational Issues In Solid Boundary Evaluation
* Simd Machine For Low-Level Vision, An

IS(45) * Expert System For The Automatic Placement Of Names On A Geographic Map, An
* Fuzzy Control Of A Mobile Robot For Obstacle Avoidance
* Note On Three-Way Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines, A
* Unified Approach To Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing And Computer Vision In Fifth-Generation Computer Systems, A

IS(47) * On Three-Way Two-Dimensional Turing Machines
* Overview Of Pyramid Machines For Image Processing, An

IS(48) * Estimation Of Errors Between Euclidean And M-Neighbor Distance

IS(50) * Decomposition Of Complex Shapes For Their Structural Recognition
* Hyperspheres In Digital Geometry
* Octagonal Distances For Digital Pictures
* Order-Configuration Functions: Mathematical Characterizations And Applications To Digital Signal And Image Processing
* Pyramid Algorithms For Finding Global Structures In Images

IS(51) * Metrically Independent Sets In The Digital Plane
* Note On Time-Bounded Bottom-Up Pyramid Cellular Acceptors, A

IS(53) * Random Context Structure Grammars And Automata-A Formal Approach

IS(55) * On Three-Way Two-Dimensional Multicounter Automata
* Survey Of Two-Dimensional Automata Theory, A

IS(57-58) * Computer Vision-Past, Present, And Future

IS(58) * Note On ``Distance Functions In Digital Geometry'', A

IS(59) * T-Cost Distance In Digital Geometry, The

IS(60) * Histogram Thresholding By Minimizing Graylevel Fuzziness
* On Space Functions Constructed By Two-Dimensional Turing Machines

IS(61) * Connectedness Of Coherent Fuzzy Pictures
* Syntactic Approach To Time-Varying Pattern Analysis, A

IS(62) * Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Correlation
* Motion Analysis With Orientational Filtering

IS(63) * On The Problem Of Multiple Mobile Robots Cluttering A Workspace
* Some Remarks On Two-Dimensional Finite Automata

IS(64) * Hierarchy Result For 2-Dimensional Tm'S Operating In Small Space, A
* Practical Method For Implementing String Pattern Matching Machines, A
* Two-Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors Are Not Closed Under Complement

IS(65) * Spectral Fuzzy Sets And Soft Thresholding

IS(66) * Three-Dimensional Connected Pictures Are Not Recognizable By Finite-State Acceptors

IS(67) * Model-Based Partial Shape Recognition Using Contour Curvature And Affine Transformation

IS(68) * Abductive Formalism For Two-Dimensional Object Recognition
* Linear Hypertrees For Multi-Dimensional Image Representation

IS(69) * Two-Dimensional Connected Pictures Are Not Recognizable By Finite-State Acceptors

IS(70) * Cellular Automata In Pattern Recognition
* Continuous-Time Global Computer Vision With Analog, Specialized, And Interacting Neural Networks

IS(72) * Note On Three-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Space Smaller Than Log M, A
* Sorting And Computing Convex Hulls On Processor Arrays With Reconfigurable Bus Systems

IS(73) * Structure Graphs And Structure Graph Grammars

IS(80) * Geodesic Convexity In Discrete Spaces

IS(81) * 3d Line Image Analysis-A Heuristic Parallel Approach With Learning And Recognition

IS(82) * Algorithms For Approximate Graph Matching
* On The Area Of Intersection Between Two Closed 2-D Objects

IS(85) * Shape Recognition With The Flow Integration Transform

IS(87) * Dynamic Pictorial Database(S) Design For Similarity Retrieval

IS(90) * Model For Representating Topological Relationships Between Complex Geometric Features In Spatial Databases, A
* Transformation Of Gray Level And Color Images

IS(92) * Combination Of Edge Detection And Region Extraction In Nonparametric Color Image Segmentation, The
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Images

IS(93) * Fuzzy Logic Approach To Edge Detection In Hrem Images Of Iii-V Crystals, A
* New Method For Extracting And Representing Object Contours In Real Images, A

IS(94) * Design Of One-Pass Training Algorithms For Variant Morphological Operations
* New Peak Selection Criterion Based On Minimizing The Classification Error, A
* Robust Two-Sample Partition Detectors With Application To Image Processing

IS(95) * Three-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Only Universal States

IS(96) * Automatically Determine The Membership Function Based On The Maximum Entropy Principle

IS(98) * Digital Calculus
* Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Homogeneity Criterion

IS(99) * Optimal Insertion In Two-Dimensional Arrays

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