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J ALGORITHMS(5) * On Two Geometric Problems Related To The Travelling Salesman Problem
* Optimal Algorithms To Compute The Closure Of A Set Of Iso-Rectangles

J. ACM(31) * Graph Problems On A Mesh-Connected Processor Array

J. ACM(32) * Approximation Schemes For Covering And Packing Problems In Image Processing And Vlsi
* Parallel Algorithms For Data Compression
* Simple On-Line Bin-Packing Algorithm, A

J. ACM(33) * Application Of Number Theory To The Organization Of Raster-Graphics Memory, An
* Combinatorics Of Local Constraints In Model-Based Recognition And Locatization From Sparse Data, The
* On The Shortest Paths Between Two Convex Polyhedra
* Partitioning A Polygonal Region Into Trapezoids

J. ACM(34) * Convexity Algorithms In Parallel Coordinates
* Intersection Of Convex Objects In Two And Three Dimensions
* Multidimensional Search Trees That Provide New Types Of Memory Reductions

J. ACM(35) * On The Power Of One-Way Communication
* Optimal Simulations Between Mesh-Connected Arrays Of Processors

J. ACM(36) * Rasterizing Curves Of Constant Width

J. ACM(37) * Efficient And Fast Parallel-Connected Component Algorithm, An

J. ACM(38) * Two-Way String-Matching
* Weighted Region Problem: Finding Shortest Paths Through A Weighted Planar Subdivision, The

J. ACM(39) * General Approach To Connected-Component Labeling For Arbitrary Image Representations, A
* Nonlinear Pattern Matching In Trees

J. ACM(40) * Generating Automatically Tuned Bitmaps From Outlines
* Kinodynamic Motion Planning

J. ACM(41) * Motion Planning In The Presence Of Moving Obstacles
* Shortest Paths In The Plane With Polygonal Obstacles
* Single-Exponential Upper Bound For Finding Shortest Paths In Three Dimensions, A

J. ACM(44) * Applications Of A Logic Of Knowledge To Motion Planning Under Uncertainty

J. ACM(45) * Computing Homology Groups Of Simplicial Complexes In R3
* How To Learn An Unknown Environment I: The Rectilinear Case

J. ALGORITHMS (6) * Computing The Extreme Distances Between Two Convex Polygons

J. ALGORITHMS(1) * Finding The Contour Of A Union Of Iso-Oriented Rectangles
* Theory And Computation Of Evolutionary Distances: Pattern Recognition, The

J. ALGORITHMS(10) * Fast Parallel And Serial Approximate String Matching
* Finding Feasible Paths For A Two-Point Body
* Hypercube And Shuffle-Exchange Algorithms For Image Component Labeling

J. ALGORITHMS(11) * Fast Algorithms For The Unit Cost Editing Distance Between Trees
* Generalized Planar Matching
* Generating Random Combinatorial Objects
* Polynomial Algorithms For Graph Isomorphism And Chromatic Index On Partial K-Trees
* Sequence Comparison With Mixed Convex And Concave Costs

J. ALGORITHMS(12) * Complexity Of Congestion-1 Embedding In A Hypercube, The
* Probabilistic Algorithm For Computing Hough Transforms, A

J. ALGORITHMS(13) * Efficient Pattern Matching With Scaling
* Parallel Strategies For Geometric Probing

J. ALGORITHMS(17) * Online Navigation In A Room

J. ALGORITHMS(2) * Linear Algorithm For Computing The Visibility Polygon From A Point, A
* Measure Problem For Rectangular Ranges In D-Space, The
* O(N) Algorithm To Find A Near-Optimum Partition Of A Convex Polygon, An
* Segments, Rectangles, Contours

J. Algorithms(24) * Multidimensional Pattern Matching With Dimensional Wildcards: Data Structures And Optimal On-Line Search Algorithms
* Optimal Two-Dimensional Compressed Matching

J. ALGORITHMS(3) * Two-Dimensional Bin-Packing Model Of Preemptive, Fifo Storage Allocation, A

J. ALGORITHMS(4) * Finding The Connected Components And A Maximum Clique Of An Intersection Graph Of Rectangles In The Plane
* Finding The Convex Hull Of A Simple Polygon

J. ALGORITHMS(5) * Gauss Codes, Planar Hamiltonian Graphs, And Stack-Sortable Permutations
* O(N Log N) Algorithm For Finding All Repetitions In A String, An
* On A Dual Version Of The One-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem
* On The Solution Of Inequality Systems Relevant To Ic-Layout
* Optimal Contour Algorithm For Iso-Oriented Rectangles, An
* Probabilistic Analysis Of The Next-Fit Bin Packing Algorithm, A

J. ALGORITHMS(6) * Batched Dynamic Solutions To Decomposable Searching Problems
* Efficient Uses Of The Past
* Finding Approximate Patterns In Strings
* Finding The Convex Hull Facet By Facet
* Finding The Smallest Triangles Containing A Given Convex Polygon
* Finding The Smallest Triangles Containing A Given Convex Polygon
* Linear Algorithm For Determining The Separation Of Convex Polyhedra, A
* Linear Algorithm For Determining The Separation Of Convex Polyhedra, A
* New Proof For The First-Fit Decreasing Bin-Packing Algorithm, A
* Np-Completeness For Minimizing Maximum Edge Length In Grid Embeddings
* Partitioning With Two Lines In The Plane
* Partitioning With Two Lines In The Plane
* Pyramid Computer Solutions Of The Closest Pair Problem
* ``Retraction'' Method For Planning The Motion Of A Disk, A
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J. ALGORITHMS(7) * Bipartite Graph Matching For Points On A Line Or A Circle
* Computing The Convex Hull Of Line Intersections
* Fast Computation Of The Modality Of Polygons
* O(N Log N) Randomizing Algorithm For The Weighted Euclidean 1-Center Problem, An
* Optimal Algorithm For Finding Minimal Enclosing Triangles, An
* Optimal Representation Of Disjoint Iso-Oriented Rectangles In Two-Dimensional Trees, The
* Point Retrieval For Polygons
* Polygon Containment Under Translation
* Polygon Triangulation: Efficiency And Minimality
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J. ALGORITHMS(8) * 1-Steiner Tree Problem, The
* Convex Hulls Of Piecewise-Smooth Jordan Curves
* Dynamic Orthogonal Segment Intersection Search
* Efficient And Simple Motion Planning Algorithm For A Ladder Amidst Polygonal Barriers, An
* Fast Approximation Algorithms For A Nonconvex Covering Problem
* Heuristic Triangulation Algorithm, A
* On The Routability Of A Convex Grid
* Optimal Algorithm For Geometrical Congruence, An
* Shape From Probing
* Space Searching For Intersecting Objects
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J. ALGORITHMS(9) * Efficient Data Structures For Range Searching On A Grid
* Improved Algorithms For Discs And Balls Using Power Diagrams
* O(N[2]) Shortest Path Algorithm For A Non-Rotating Convex Body, An
* On Rectangular Visibility
* Solving The Two-Dimensional Findpath Problem Using A Line-Triangle Representation Of The Robot

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