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RTI(1) * Application Of Surface Reconstruction From Rotational Motion, An
* Computational Gray-Scale Mathematical Morphology On Lattices (A Comparator-Based Image Algebra). Part 1: Architecture
* Distributed Real-Time Image Processing System, A
* Efficient Image Matching: A Hierarchical Chamfer Matching Scheme Via Distributed System
* Mathematical Morphology For Edge And Overlap Detection For Medical Images
* New Asic For Real-Time Linear Color Space Transforms, A
* Parallel Skeletonization Algorithm Based On Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata And Its Vlsi Implementation, A
* Piecewise Linear Segmentation Of Digital Contours In $O$($N$ Log $N$) Through A Technique Based On Effective Digital Curvature Estimation
* Real-Time Industrial Visual Inspection: A Review
* Real-Time Motion Stereo On Sfu Pyramid
* Real-Time Tracking Of Plant Rows Using A Hough Transform
* Robust Hough Transform Technique For Complete Line Segment Description, A
* Towards Real-Time Detection Of Discrete Straight Features With A Hybrid Technique Based On Preliminary Curve Segmentation And Zoomed-Adaptive Parametric Mapping
* Window-Based Edge Detection Technique For Measuring Road Traffic Parameters In Real Time, A
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RTI(2) * Architecture For And Query Processing In Distributed Content-Based Image Retrieval, An
* Computation Of Orientation Filters For Real-Time Computer Vision Problems Ii: Multi-Resolution Image Decomposition
* Fast Electronic Digital Image Stabilization For Off-Road Navigation
* Focal Plane Architecture For Motion Computation, A
* Generalized Computer Vision Chip, A
* Guest Ed., (Special Issue On Image Stabilization)
* Guest Ed., Special Issue--Video And Image Processing In Multimedia Systems
* Image Sequence Stabilization In Real Time
* Mesh Of Linear Arrays For Template Matching
* On Image Characterization In Real Time
* Performance Characterization Of Image Stabilization Algorithms
* Real-Time Computer Vision Platform For Mobile Robot Applications, A
* Real-Time Considerations In The Design Of The Image Understaning Architecture
* Real-Time Image Processing With A Mimd Computer
* Real-Time Imaging And Vision? The Web Knows About It
* Small Camera Movements As A Means Of Reducing The Amount Of Broken And False Detected Lines In Hough Transform
* Software Multimedia Platform With Real-Time Video Manipulation Capability, A
* Time-Multiplexing Scheme For Cellular Neural Networks Based Image Processing
* Tracking And Synthesizing Facial Motions With Dynamic Contours
* Using Content-Based Search To Download Digital Video Into A Client Station
* Uwicl: A Multi-Layered Parallel Image Computing Library For Single-Chip Multiprocessor-Based Time-Critical Systems
* Y. Zhu), And M. Sakauchi, A Generic Video Parsing System With A Scene Description Language (Sd
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RTI(26) * Guest Ed., Special Issue|Special Purpose Architectures For Real-Time Imaging

RTI(3) * Analog Computation Of Image Chromaticity
* Color Perception Of Aperture Colors Using A Computational Model Of The Human Visual System
* Computation Of Orientational Filters For Real-Timecomputer Vision Problems Iii: Steerable System And Vlsi Architectures
* Exploiting Ieee 1355 Routable Serial Links In A Real-Time Vision Architecture
* Fast Calibrated Stereo Vision For Manipulation
* Flexible Dsp-Based Network For Real-Time Cooperative Windowing Applications, A
* Geometrical Shape Recognition Using A Cellular Automaton Architecture And Its Vlsi Implementation
* Giotto System: A Parallel Computer For Image Processing, The
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Natural And Arti,Cial Real-Time Imaging And Vision
* Mixed-Signal Vlsi Architecture Forreal-Time Computer Vision
* Motion From Fixation
* Neural Image Processing Strategies Applied In Real-Time Pattern Recognition
* Optical Normal Flow Estimation On Log-Polar Images. A Solution For Real-Time Binocular Vision.
* Perception Sensor For A Mobile Robot
* Pipe-Group Architecture For Real-Time Active Vision, The
* Real-Time Attention For Robotic Vision
* Real-Time Computation Of Optical Flow Along Contours Of Significant Intensity Change
* Real-Time Edge Detector: Algorithm And Vlsi Architecture, A
* Real-Time Foveal Sensor With Overlapping Receptive Fields, A
* Real-Time Quantized Optical Flow
* Real-Time Vision-Based Detection Of Waiting Pedestrians
* Three-Dimensional Polychromatic Object(S) Classification Based On Amplitude Modulation And Amplitude-Shift Keying
* Tracking And Motion Estimation Of (The) Articulated Object[S]: A Hierarchical Kalman Filter Approach
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RTI(32) * Guest Ed., [Special Issue On Motion Analysis|Part I]

RTI(35) * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Special-Purpose Architectures For Real-Time Imaging, Part 2

RTI(4) * Algorithm With Logarithmic Time Complexity For Interactive Simulation Of Hierarchically Articulated Bodies Using A Distributed-Memory Architecture, An
* Asset-2: Real-Time Motion Segmentation And Object Tracking
* Compact Look-Up Table Structure For Low-Level Binary Image Processing, A
* Computational Model Of The Human Visual System For Color-Coding: Results With Adaptation And Colored Surrounds, A
* Ft-Avs: A Fault-Tolerant Architecture For Real-Time Active Vision
* Fuzzy Integral Filters: Properties And Parallel Implementation
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Computer Vision Motion Analysis
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Real-Time Visual Monitoring And Inspection
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Special-Purpose Architectures For Real-Time Imaging, Part 3
* Holographic Method For Reconstruction Of Random Rough Surface
* Model-Driven Active Visual Tracking
* Open Bus Architecture For Real-Time Video Applications, An
* Real-Time Face Pose Estimation
* Real-Time Implementations Of An Mrf-Based Motion Detection Algorithm
* Real-Time Tracking Of Moving Objects With An Active Camera
* Real-Time Visual Sensing For Task Planning In A Field Navigation Vehicle
* Recursive Digital Filter Implementation For Noisy And Blurred Images, A
* Robust Regression For The Detection Of Independent 3d Motion By A Binocular Observer
* Smac: A Vlsi Architecture For Scene Matching
* Tree Matching Algorithm And Vlsi Architecture For Real-Time 2d Object Classification, A
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