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SIAM J. COMPUTING(13) * Convex Partitions Of Polyhedra: A Lower Bound And Worst-Case Optimal Algorithm
* Movement Problems For 2-Dimensional Linkages
* On The Complexity Of Some Common Geometric Location Problems

SIAM J. NUMERICAL ANALYSIS(31) * Multiscale Algorithm For Image Segmentation By Variational Method, A

SIAM JC(14) * Decomposing A Polygon Into Simpler Components
* Finding Extremal Polygons
* Intersection And Closest-Pair Problems For A Set Of Planar Discs
* Maximum Weight Clique Algorithms For Circular-Arc Graphs And Circle Graphs
* New Data Structures For Orthogonal Range Queries
* O(E Log E + I) Expected Time Algorithm For The Planar Segment Intersection Problem, An
* On The Movement Of Robot Arms In 2-Dimensional Bounded Regions
* Rectilinear Graphs And Their Embeddings
* Sequential Machine Characterizations Of Trellis And Cellular Automata And Applications
* Solving Undirected Graph Problems On Vlsi
* Voronoi Diagrams In The Laguerre Geometry And Its Applications
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SIAM JC(15) * Boyer-Moore-Galil String Searching Strategies Revisited, The
* Computing The Largest Empty Rectangle
* Constructing Arrangements Of Lines And Hyperplanes With Applications
* Constructing Belts In Two-Dimensional Arrangements With Applications
* Data Structures For Retrieval On Square Grids
* Efficient Algorithms For Geometric Graph Search Problems
* On A Multidimensional Search Technique And Its Application To The Euclidean One-Centre Problem
* On Shortest Paths In Polyhedral Spaces
* On The Complexity Of Nonconvex Covering
* Optimal Point Location In A Monotone Subdivision
* Reducing Multiple Object Motion Planning To Graph Searching
* Signature Of A Plane Curve, The
* Ultimate Planar Convex Hull Algorithm, The
* Variable Sized Bin Packing
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SIAM JC(16) * Data Movement Techniques For The Pyramid Computer
* Deterministic Simulation Of Idealized Parallel Computers On More Realistic Ones
* Discrete Geodesic Problem, The
* Generalized String Matching
* On Embedding A Graph In The Grid With The Minimum Number Of Bends
* On K-Hulls And Related Problems
* On One-Way Cellular Arrays
* On Shortest Paths Amidst Convex Polyhedra
* On Some Distance Problems In Fixed Orientations
* On The Optimal Layout Of Planar Graphs
* Power Diagrams: Properties, Algorithms And Applications
* Random Iterations Of Threshold Networks And Associative Memory
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SIAM JC(17) * Analysis Of A Hybrid Algorithm For Packing Unequal Bins
* Approximation Scheme For Finding Steiner Trees With Obstacles, An
* Distance-Hereditary Graphs, Steiner Trees, And Connected Domination
* Efficient Solution Of Connectivity Problems On Hierarchically Defined Graphs
* Efficient Solutions To Some Transportation Problems With Applications To Minimizing Robot Arm Travel
* Functional Approach To Data Structures And Its Use In Multidimensional Searching, A
* Minimum Spanning Trees In K-Dimensional Space
* O(Nloglogn)-Time Algorithm For Triangulating A Simple Polygon, An
* On The Complexity Of Computing The Volume Of A Polyhedron
* On The Complexity Of Covering Vertices By Faces In A Planar Graph
* On The Expected Sublinearity Of The Boyer-Moore Algorithm
* Probing Convex Polygons With X-Rays
* Randomized Algorithm For Closest-Point Queries, A
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SIAM JC(18) * Geometry Helps In Matching
* On Relaxed Squashed Embedding Of Graphs Into A Hypercube
* On The Limit Sets Of Cellular Automata
* Simple Fast Algorithms For The Editing Distance Between Trees And Related Problems

SIAM JC(19) * Analysis Of Random D-Dimensional Quad Trees, An
* Efficient Parallel Algorithms For String Editing And Related Problems
* Embedding Trees In A Hypercube Is Np-Complete
* Greedy Matching On The Line
* Hough Transform Has O(N) Complexity On N X N Mesh Connected Computers, The
* Improved Algorithm For Approximate String Matching, An
* Optimal O(Loglog N) Time Parallel String Matching Algorithm, An
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SIAM JC(20) * Deterministic Sampling-A New Technique For Fast Pattern Matching
* Embedding Of Grids Into Optimal Hypercubes
* On The Exact Complexity Of String Matching: Lower Bounds

SIAM JC(21) * Convex Decomposition Of Polyhedra And Robustness
* Dynamic Tree Embeddings In Butterflies And Hypercubes
* Efficient Embeddings Of Trees In Hypercubes
* Efficient Motion Planning For An L-Shaped Object
* Lower Bound For Parallel String Matching, A
* On The Exact Complexity Of String Matching: Upper Bounds
* Optimal Algorithm For Intersecting Three-Dimensional Convex Polyhedra, An
* Optimal Parallel Randomized Algorithms For Three-Dimensional Convex Hulls And Related Problems
* Searching For A Mobile Intruder In A Polygonal Region
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SIAM JC(23) * Alphabet Independent Approach To Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, An
* Lower Bounds For Randomized Server And Motion Planning Algorithms

SIAM JC(24) * Computational Complexity Of Two-Dimensional Regions
* Rectilinear Path Problems Among Rectilinear Obstacles Revisited

SIAM JC(25) * Lower Bounds For Geometrical And Physical Problems
* On Point Location And Motion Planning Among Simplices

SIAM JC(26) * Navigating In Unfamiliar Geometric Terrain
* On Translational Motion Planning Of A Convex Polyhedron In 3-Space
* Robot Localization Problem, The

SIAM JC(27) * Constant-Time Optimum Parallel Algorithm For Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, A
* Determining Number Of Clusters And Prototype Locations Via Multi-Scale Clustering, Prl 19, 1998, 1265-1283. 841571. M.L. Brady, A Fast Discrete Approximation Algorithm For The Radon Transform
* Localizing A Robot With Minimum Travel
* Two-Dimensional Periodicity In Rectangular Arrays

SIAM JC(3) * Picture Skeletons Based On Eccentricities Of Points Of Minimum Spanning Trees

SIAM JC(49) * Multidimensional Signal Representation By Zero Crossings: An Algebraic Study

SIAM REVIEW(34) * Sampling Theory For Not Necessarily Band-Limited Functions: A Historical Overview

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