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Afzal, A.M.[Avid M.] Co Author Listing * Parzen Window method: In terms of two vectors and one matrix, The

Afzal, F.[Farkhanda] Co Author Listing * Disaster Mitigation in Urban Pakistan Using Agent Based Modeling with GIS

Afzal, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * RGB-D Multi-view System Calibration for Full 3D Scene Reconstruction
* View-Independent Enhanced 3D Reconstruction of Non-rigidly Deforming Objects

Afzal, M. Co Author Listing * Clinical Decision Support Service for elderly people in smart home environment

Afzal, M.Z.[Muhammad Zeshan] Co Author Listing * Deepdocclassifier: Document classification with deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Learning feature weights of symbols, with application to symbol spotting
* Recognizable units in Pashto language for OCR
* Robust Binarization of Stereo and Monocular Document Images Using Percentile Filter
* Robust stereo correspondence for documents by matching connected components of text-lines with dynamic programming
* Robust stereo matching for document images using parameter selection of text-line extraction
* Scale and rotation invariant OCR for Pashto cursive script using MDLSTM network
* sequence learning approach for multiple script identification, A
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Afzal, S.S. Co Author Listing * On the Accuracy of Inter-Vehicular Range Measurements Using GNSS Observables in a Cooperative Framework

Afzal, T. Co Author Listing * Compact DNN: Approaching GoogLeNet-Level Accuracy of Classification and Domain Adaptation, A

Afzalan, M.[Milad] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning Based on Visible Light Communication: A Performance-based Survey of Real-world Prototypes

Afzali, S. Co Author Listing * Foreground and Background Feature Fusion Using a Convex Hull Based Center Prior for Salient Object Detection

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