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Cazorla, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * Watervoxels
Includes: Cazorla, C.[Clement] Cazorla, C.[Clément]

Cazorla, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Variability of Microwave Scattering in a Stochastic Ensemble of Measured Rain Drops

Cazorla, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Biomarker Localization From Deep Learning Regression Networks
* COMBAHO: A deep learning system for integrating brain injury patients in society
* Compression and registration of 3D point clouds using GMMs
* Enhancing perception for the visually impaired with deep learning techniques and low-cost wearable sensors
* Geometric 3D point cloud compression
* Interactive 3D object recognition pipeline on mobile GPGPU computing platforms using low-cost RGB-D sensors
* Large-scale multiview 3D hand pose dataset
* NVS-MonoDepth: Improving Monocular Depth Prediction with Novel View Synthesis
* Pedestrian Movement Direction Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-time 3D semi-local surface patch extraction using GPGPU
* robotic platform for customized and interactive rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, A
* study of the effect of noise and occlusion on the accuracy of convolutional neural networks applied to 3D object recognition, A
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Cazorla, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Constellations and the Unsupervised Learning of Graphs
* Junction detection and grouping with probabilistic edge models and Bayesian A*
* Region and constellations based categorization of images with unsupervised graph learning
* Topological SLAM Using Omnidirectional Images: Merging Feature Detectors and Graph-Matching
* Two bayesian methods for junction classification
Includes: Cazorla, M.A.[Miguel A.] Cazorla, M.A.

Cazorzi, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Assessing Repeatability and Reproducibility of Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for 3D Terrain Mapping of Riverbeds
* Investigating the Performance of a Handheld Mobile Mapping System In Different Outdoor Scenarios
Includes: Cazorzi, F.[Federico] Cazorzi, F.

Cazoulat, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Spatial Nonparametric Mixed-Effects Model with Spatial-Varying Coefficients for Analysis of Populations
* Surface-Constrained Nonrigid Registration for Dose Monitoring in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Includes: Cazoulat, G.[Guillaume] Cazoulat, G.

Cazoulat, R. Co Author Listing * Real-Time System for Adaptive Video Streaming Based on SVC

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