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Cevik, M.[Mucahit] Co Author Listing * Explainable boosted linear regression for time series forecasting

Cevik, N.[Nazife] Co Author Listing * Novel multispectral face descriptor using orthogonal walsh codes

Cevik, T.[Taner] Co Author Listing * Novel multispectral face descriptor using orthogonal walsh codes

Cevikalp, H.[Hakan] Co Author Listing * 2-Sided Best Fitting Hyperplane Classifier
* Best Fitting Hyperplanes for Classification
* Deep compact polyhedral conic classifier for open and closed set recognition
* Discriminative Common Vectors for Face Recognition
* Discriminatively Learned Convex Models for Set Based Face Recognition
* Dissected 3D CNNs: Temporal skip connections for efficient online video processing
* Efficient object detection using cascades of nearest convex model classifiers
* Face and landmark detection by using cascade of classifiers
* Face recognition based on image sets
* Face Recognition Based on Videos by Using Convex Hulls
* Face recognition by using discriminative common vectors
* Fast and Accurate Face Recognition with Image Sets
* From anomaly detection to open set recognition: Bridging the gap
* High-dimensional data clustering by using local affine/convex hulls
* Hyperdisk based large margin classifier
* Large Margin Classifier Based on Affine Hulls
* Large margin classifiers based on convex class models
* Large-scale image retrieval using transductive support vector machines
* Margin-based discriminant dimensionality reduction for visual recognition
* New clustering algorithms for the support vector machine based hierarchical classification
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Polyhedral Conic Classifiers for Computer Vision Applications and Open Set Recognition
* Polyhedral Conic Classifiers for Visual Object Detection and Classification
* Recurrent neural networks for remote sensing image classification
* Semi-supervised Distance Metric Learning by Quadratic Programming
* Semi-supervised robust deep neural networks for multi-label image classification
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Category Based Large-Scale Image Retrieval Using Transductive Support Vector Machines
* Towards Large-Scale Face Recognition Based on Videos
* Transductive polyhedral conic classifiers for machine learning applications
* Video Based Face Recognition by Using Discriminatively Learned Convex Models
* Visual Object Detection Using Cascades of Binary and One-Class Classifiers
* Visual Object Tracking by Using Ranking Loss
Includes: Cevikalp, H.[Hakan] Cevikalp, H. «evikalp, H.[Hakan]
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