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Chee, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Auto SVD Clutter Filtering for US Doppler Imaging Using 3D Clustering Algorithm
* Segmentation of Aliasing Artefacts in Ultrasound Color Flow Imaging Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Chee, A.J.Y.[Adrian J. Y.] Co Author Listing * Channel Count Reduction for Plane Wave Ultrasound Through Convolutional Neural Network Interpolation

Chee, B.C.[Boon Chong] Co Author Listing * Detection and Monitoring of Passengers on a Bus by Video Surveillance

Chee, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Removal of Interfering Strokes in Double-Sided Document Images

Chee, K.B.[Kin Ban] Co Author Listing * Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI Segmentation, A

Chee, K.Y.[Kong Yik] Co Author Listing * Cancellable speech template via random binary orthogonal matrices projection hashing
Includes: Chee, K.Y.[Kong Yik] Chee, K.Y.[Kong-Yik]

Chee, P.C. Co Author Listing * Contextual vector quantization modeling of hand-printed Chinese character recognition

Chee, T. Co Author Listing * Web-Based Tool for Calculating Spectral Band Difference Adjustment Factors Derived From SCIAMACHY Hyperspectral Data, A

Chee, W.H.[Wei Hong] Co Author Listing * Cooperative control in HNMSim: A 3D hybrid networked MAS simulator

Chee, Y.K.[Y. Kheong] Co Author Listing * Survey of progressive image transmission methods

Chee, Y.M.[Yi Min] Co Author Listing * Handwritten document retrieval
Includes: Chee, Y.M.[Yi Min] Chee, Y.M.[Yi-Min]

Cheefalas, T. Co Author Listing * On-Line Run-On Character Recognizer: Design and Performance

Cheema, D.M.[Dost Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Non-GPS Positioning Systems: A Survey

Cheema, M.S.[Muhammad Shahzad] Co Author Listing * Action recognition by learning discriminative key poses
* Action recognition in still images by learning spatial interest regions from videos
* Discriminative Joint Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Human Action Classification
* Efficient Pose-Based Action Recognition
* Gait recognition by learning distributed key poses
* Human activity recognition by separating style and content
* Stochastic Late Fusion Approach to Human Action Recognition in Unconstrained Images and Videos, A
* Temporal key poses for human action recognition
* Who is doing what? Simultaneous recognition of actions and actors
Includes: Cheema, M.S.[Muhammad Shahzad] Cheema, M.S.[Muhammed S.]
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Cheema, T.A.[Tanveer A.] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy logic and local features based medical image segmentation
* New image matching technique based on hyper-vectorisation of grey level sliced binary image
* Rotation and gray-scale-invariant texture analysis using radon and differential radon transforms based hidden Markov models
* Visual Aerial Navigation through Adaptive Prediction and Hyper-Space Image Matching
Includes: Cheema, T.A.[Tanveer A.] Cheema, T.A.[Tanweer Ahmad] Cheema, T.A.

Cheeseman, A.K.[Alison K.] Co Author Listing * Compact Representation of Histopathology Images Using Digital Stain Separation and Frequency-Based Encoded Local Projections, A
* Objective Image Quality Measures of Degradation in Compressed Natural Images and their Comparison with Subjective Assessments

Cheeseman, P.C.[Peter C.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Super-Resolved Surface Reconstruction from Images
* Dramatic Improvements to Feature Based Stereo
* Matching Images to Models: Camera Calibration for 3-D Surface Reconstruction

Cheesman, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Visualizing Translation Variation: Shakespeare's Othello

Cheevasuvit, F.[Fusak] Co Author Listing * Robust Method for Picture Segmentation Based on a Split-and-Merge Procedure, A

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