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Diem, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Video Content Representation Using Recurring Regions Detection

Diem, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Are Characters Objects?
* Binarization of Multi-Spectral Document Images
* Clustering of cell populations in flow cytometry data using a combination of Gaussian mixtures
* CVL-DataBase: An Off-Line Database for Writer Retrieval, Writer Identification and Word Spotting
* Detecting Rare Cell Populations in Flow Cytometry Data Using UMAP
* Detecting Text Areas and Decorative Elements in Ancient Manuscripts
* ICDAR 2013 Competition on Handwritten Digit Recognition (HDRC 2013)
* Improving OCR Accuracy by Applying Enhancement Techniques on Multispectral Images
* Layout Analysis for Historical Manuscripts Using Sift Features
* Local Descriptors for Document Layout Analysis
* Recognition of Degraded Handwritten Characters Using Local Features
* Robust Skew Estimation of Handwritten and Printed Documents Based on Grayvalue Images
* Scale Space Binarization Using Edge Information Weighted by a Foreground Estimation
* Text Classification and Document Layout Analysis of Paper Fragments
* Text Line Detection for Heterogeneous Documents
* WGAN Latent Space Embeddings for Blast Identification in Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Includes: Diem, M.[Markus] Diem, M.
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Diem, P.K. Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Mapping At Long Xuyen Quadrangle in 2015 Using Geographic Information and Remote Sensing

Diem, T.X.P.[Tran Xuan Phuoc] Co Author Listing * From operational to tactical driving: A hybrid learning approach for autonomous vehicles

Diemling, M. Co Author Listing * modular software system for computer-aided surgery and its first application in oral implantology, A

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