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Goecke, R. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Defense by Restricting the Hidden Space of Deep Neural Networks
* Analyzing Group-Level Emotion with Global Alignment Kernel based Approach
* Automatic frontal face annotation and AAM building for arbitrary expressions from a single frontal image only
* Automatic Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* Automatic Parametrisation for an Image Completion Method Based on Markov Random Fields
* Automatic Prediction of Perceived Traits Using Visual Cues under Varied Situational Context
* Biologically Inspired Contrast Enhancement Using Asymmetric Gain Control
* Can body expressions contribute to automatic depression analysis?
* Cnn Depression Severity Level Estimation from Upper Body vs. Face-only Images
* Collecting Large, Richly Annotated Facial-Expression Databases from Movies
* Correcting pose estimation with implicit occlusion detection and rectification
* Cross-cultural detection of depression from nonverbal behaviour
* Deeply Supervised Discriminative Learning for Adversarial Defense
* Dense body part trajectories for human action recognition
* Detecting self-stimulatory behaviours for autism diagnosis
* Detecting self-stimulatory behaviours for autism diagnosis
* Discriminative Multi-Task Sparse Learning for Robust Visual Tracking Using Conditional Random Field
* discriminative parts based model approach for fiducial points free and shape constrained head pose normalisation in the wild, A
* Efficient multi-target tracking via discovering dense subgraphs
* Emotion recognition using PHOG and LPQ features
* Enhanced Laplacian Group Sparse Learning with Lifespan Outlier Rejection for Visual Tracking
* Examining Subject-Dependent and Subject-Independent Human Affect Inference from Limited Video Data
* Extending Long Short-Term Memory for Multi-View Structured Learning
* Eye movement analysis for depression detection
* Feature Map Augmentation to Improve Rotation Invariance in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Finding Happiest Moments in a Social Context
* Group expression intensity estimation in videos via Gaussian Processes
* Human Postural Sway Estimation from Noisy Observations
* Illumination and Expression Invariant Recognition Using SSIM Based Sparse Representation
* Image Reconstruction from Contrast Information
* Influence of Temporal Information on Human Action Recognition with Large Number of Classes, The
* Injury Mechanism Classification in Soccer Videos
* Interpretation of Depression Detection Models via Feature Selection Methods
* Iterative Error Bound Minimisation for AAM Alignment
* Joint Registration and Representation Learning for Unconstrained Face Identification
* Joint sparsity-based robust visual tracking
* Learning AAM fitting through simulation
* Learning based automatic face annotation for arbitrary poses and expressions from frontal images only
* Learning-based Face Synthesis for Pose-robust Recognition from Single Image
* Linear Facial Expression Transfer with Active Appearance Models
* Micro-Expression Recognition Based on Video Motion Magnification and Pre-Trained Neural Network
* Monocular and Stereo Methods for AAM Learning from Video
* Monocular Image 3D Human Pose Estimation under Self-Occlusion
* more the merrier: Analysing the affect of a group of people in images, The
* MSMCT: Multi-State Multi-Camera Tracker
* Multi-level action detection via learning latent structure
* Multimodal Depression Detection: Fusion Analysis of Paralinguistic, Head Pose and Eye Gaze Behaviors
* Multimodal Framework for Analyzing the Affect of a Group of People
* Neural-net classification for spatio-temporal descriptor based depression analysis
* Nonlinear Discriminative Approach to AAM Fitting, A
* On the Effect of Human Body Parts in Large Scale Human Behaviour Recognition
* Optical flow estimation using Fourier Mellin Transform
* Ordered trajectories for human action recognition with large number of classes
* Ordered Trajectories for Large Scale Human Action Recognition
* Play with me: Measuring a child's engagement in a social interaction
* Pose Normalization via Learned 2D Warping for Fully Automatic Face Recognition
* Quadratic Deformation Model for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Regression based automatic face annotation for deformable model building
* Riesz-based Volume Local Binary Pattern and A Novel Group Expression Model for Group Happiness Intensity Analysis
* Robust Visual Tracking via Rank-Constrained Sparse Learning
* Robust Visual Vocabulary Tracking Using Hierarchical Model Fusion
* Self-Stimulatory Behaviours in the Wild for Autism Diagnosis
* SSIM-based approach for finding similar facial expressions, A
* Static facial expression analysis in tough conditions: Data, evaluation protocol and benchmark
* Thermal spatio-temporal data for stress recognition
* Video-Based Facial Behaviour Analysis Approach to Melancholia, A
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Wavelet-Based Approach to Image Feature Stability Assessment, A
Includes: Goecke, R. Goecke, R.[Roland]
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Goecke, T.W. Co Author Listing * Quantification of Thyroid Volume Using 3-D Ultrasound Imaging

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