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Haga, E.[Egil] Co Author Listing * Playing Air Instruments: Mimicry of Sound-Producing Gestures by Novices and Experts

Haga, S.[Susumu] Co Author Listing * Development of design and operation supporting techniques for product inspection devices using virtual devices

Haga, T.[Tetsuji] Co Author Listing * Event Detection by Eigenvector Decomposition Using Object and Frame Features
* fast algorithm of video super-resolution using dimensionality reduction by DCT and example selection, A
* Human detection in outdoor scene using spatio-temporal motion analysis
* Robust Change-Detection by Normalised Gradient-Correlation
Includes: Haga, T.[Tetsuji] Haga, T.

Haga, Y. Co Author Listing * Classification of Handprinted Kanji Characters by Structured Segment Matching

Hagag, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * HyperCast: Hyperspectral satellite image broadcasting with band ordering optimization
* Multispectral image compression with band ordering and wavelet transforms

Hagan, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * Parallel 3D Image Segmentation of Large Data Sets on a GPU Cluster

Hagan, D.E. Co Author Listing * Prelaunch and in-flight radiometric calibration of the atmospheric infrared sounder (AIRS)

Hagan, D.F.T.[Daniel Fiifi Tawia] Co Author Listing * Comparing Multiple Precipitation Products against In-Situ Observations over Different Climate Regions of Pakistan
* Evaluation of Single-Sensor Surface Soil Moisture Anomalies over the Mainland of the People's Republic of China, The
Includes: Hagan, D.F.T.[Daniel Fiifi Tawia] Hagan, D.F.T.[Daniel F. T.]

Hagan, M.T.[Martin T.] Co Author Listing * computational model for predicting local distortion visibility via convolutional neural network trained on natural scenes, A
* New Fuzzy Logic Filter for Image Enhancement, A
Includes: Hagan, M.T.[Martin T.] Hagan, M.T.

Hagawa, R.[Reiko] Co Author Listing * Using Extended Three-valued Increment Sign for a denoising model of high-frequency artifacts in JPEG images by estimation of specific frequency

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