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Hjelle, O.[Oyvind] Co Author Listing * Triangulations and Applications
Includes: Hjelle, O.[Oyvind] Hjelle, Ø.[Øyvind]

Hjelm, D. Co Author Listing * Batch Weight for Domain Adaptation With Mass Shift
* Multimodal fusion of brain structural and functional imaging with a deep neural machine translation approach

Hjelm, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Learning Human Priors for Task-Constrained Grasping

Hjelm, R.D. Co Author Listing * Deep Independence Network Analysis of Structural Brain Imaging: Application to Schizophrenia
* Robust Contrastive Learning against Noisy Views
* Tell, Draw, and Repeat: Generating and Modifying Images Based on Continual Linguistic Instruction
Includes: Hjelm, R.D. Hjelm, R.D.[R. Devon]

Hjelmager, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Geographic Information Metadata: An Outlook from the International Standardization Perspective

Hjelmas, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Face/Non-face Classifiers, A
* Face Detection: A Survey
* Face Recognition Issues in a Border Control Environment
* Recognizing Faces from the Eyes Only
Includes: Hjelmas, E.[Erik] Hjelmås, E.[Erik] Hjelmås, E.

Hjelmervik, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Decomposition Convolution Neural Network and Vocabulary Forest for Image Retrieval

Hjelmervik, K.T.[Karl Thomas] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning on Active Sonar Data Using Bayesian Optimization for Hyperparameter Tuning

Hjelmstad, K.D. Co Author Listing * Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Structures and Materials Using Stereo Camera Measurements

Hjelsvold, R. Co Author Listing * CARAT-ARC: A Scaleable and Reliable Digital Media Archiving System
* Fast Image Segmentation Algorithm for Interactive Video Hotspot Retrieval, A
Includes: Hjelsvold, R. Hjelsvold, R.[Rune]

Hjelt, K.T. Co Author Listing * Nanometer-scale Height Measurements in Micromachined Picoliter Vials Based on Interference Fringe Analysis

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