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Hofbauer, C. Co Author Listing * On the Exploitation of the Redundant Energy in UW-OFDM: LMMSE Versus Sphere Detection

Hofbauer, H.[Heinz] Co Author Listing * effective and efficient visual quality index based on local edge gradients, An
* Encrypting only AC coefficient signs considered harmful
* Experimental analysis regarding the influence of iris segmentation on the recognition rate
* Exploiting superior CNN-based iris segmentation for better recognition accuracy
* Ground Truth for Iris Segmentation, A
* Identifying deficits of visual security metrics for images
* Iris Recognition in Image Domain: Quality-metric Based Comparators
* Methods for accuracy-preserving acceleration of large-scale comparisons in CPU-based iris recognition systems
* On rotational pre-alignment for tree log identification using methods inspired by fingerprint and iris recognition
* Secure transport and adaptation of MC-EZBC video utilizing H.264-based transport protocols
* Tree Log Identification Based on Digital Cross-Section Images of Log Ends Using Fingerprint and Iris Recognition Methods
* Visual quality indices and lowquality images
Includes: Hofbauer, H.[Heinz] Hofbauer, H.
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Hofbauer, M. Co Author Listing * Reverse Engineering Animal Vision with Virtual Reality and Genetics

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