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Krebs, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Quadrature Filters Based on the Numerical Integration of Improper Integrals
* Quadratic Objective Functions for Dichromatic Model Parameters Estimation
Includes: Krebs, A.[Andreas] Krebs, A.[Alexandre]

Krebs, B. Co Author Listing * 3D B-Spline Curve Matching for Model Based Object Recognition
* 3D reconstruction of free-formed line-like objects using NURBS representation
* Automatic Generation of Bayesian Nets for 3D Object Recognition
* Bayesian network for 3d object recognition in range data, A
* Fuzzy ICP Algorithm for 3D Free Form Object Recognition, A
* Handling uncertainty in 3-D object recognition using Bayesian networks
* Plausibilistic preprocessing of sparse range images
* Task Driven 3D Object Recognition System Using Bayesian Networks, A
Includes: Krebs, B. Krebs, B.[Bjoern] Krebs, B.[Björn]
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Krebs, F. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Learned Score Features for Modeling Expressive Dynamics in Music, An

Krebs, J.[Julian] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Local Conduction Velocity from Myocardium Activation Time: Application to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Krebs, P. Co Author Listing * Glasses-free 3D display with glasses-assisted quality: Key innovations for smart directional backlight autostereoscopy
* New Tool for Facilitating the Retrieval and Recording of the Place Name Cultural Heritage, A

Krebs, W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Technique for the Enhanced Fusion of Low-Light Visible with Uncooled Thermal Infrared Imagery, An
* Naturalistic data sets for image and behavior analysis: normal versus anomalous events

Krebs, W.K. Co Author Listing * Using behavior analysis algorithms to anticipate security threats before they impact mission critical operations

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