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Kum, D.[Dongsuk] Co Author Listing * Are Reactions to Ego Vehicles Predictable Without Data?: A Semi-Supervised Approach
* Autonomous Vehicle Cut-In Algorithm for Lane-Merging Scenarios via Policy-Based Reinforcement Learning Nested Within Finite-State Machine
* Boosting Monocular 3D Object Detection With Object-Centric Auxiliary Depth Supervision
* Collision Risk Assessment Algorithm via Lane-Based Probabilistic Motion Prediction of Surrounding Vehicles
* CRN: Camera Radar Net for Accurate, Robust, Efficient 3D Perception
* Efficient Design Space Exploration of Multi-Mode, Two-Planetary-Gear, Power-Split Hybrid Electric Powertrains via Virtual Levers
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Intelligent Transportation Systems Empowered by AI Technologies
* LaPred: Lane-Aware Prediction of Multi-Modal Future Trajectories of Dynamic Agents
* Low-level Sensor Fusion for 3d Vehicle Detection Using Radar Range-azimuth Heatmap and Monocular Image
* Predict to Detect: Prediction-guided 3D Object Detection using Sequential Images
* Predictive Cruise Control Using Radial Basis Function Network-Based Vehicle Motion Prediction and Chance Constrained Model Predictive Control
* Robust control of heterogeneous vehicular platoon with uncertain dynamics and communication delay
* Robust multi-lane detection and tracking using adaptive threshold and lane classification
* Sequential Image-based 3D Object Detection with Location Refinement
* Synthesis of Robust Lane Keeping Systems: Impact of Controller and Design Parameters on System Performance
* Systematic Design of Input- and Output-Split Hybrid Electric Vehicles With a Speed Reduction/Multiplication Gear Using Simplified-Lever Model
Includes: Kum, D.[Dongsuk] Kum, D.
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Kum, S. Co Author Listing * Decentralized AI Data Management System In Federated Learning, A

Kum, S.U.[Sang Uok] Co Author Listing * perceptual visibility metric for banding artifacts, A
* Reference Stream Selection for Multiple Depth Stream Encoding
Includes: Kum, S.U.[Sang Uok] Kum, S.U.[Sang-Uok]

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