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Lamecker, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Atlas-based 3D-Shape Reconstruction from X-Ray Images
* AutoImplant 2020-First MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Cranial Implant Design
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Flexible Shape Matching with Finite Element Based LDDMM
* Multi-object Segmentation with Coupled Deformable Models
* Synthetic Database of Aortic Morphometry and Hemodynamics: Overcoming Medical Imaging Data Availability
Includes: Lamecker, H.[Hans] Lamecker, H.

Lameiras Koerich, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * novel bio-inspired texture descriptor based on biodiversity and taxonomic measures, A

Lameiro, C. Co Author Listing * Determining the Dimension of the Improper Signal Subspace in Complex-Valued Data
* Quadratically Convergent Method for Interference Alignment in MIMO Interference Channels, A
* Source Enumeration in the Presence of Colored Noise
Includes: Lameiro, C. Lameiro, C.[Christian]

Lamel, L.[Lori] Co Author Listing * Acoustic Speaker Identification: The LIMSI CLEAR'07 System
* Audio Partitioning and Transcription for Broadcast Data Indexation
* Challenges in Audio Processing of Terrorist-Related Data
* LIMSI RT07 Lecture Transcription System, The
* Multi-stage Speaker Diarization for Conference and Lecture Meetings
* Transcribing broadcast news for audio and video indexing
Includes: Lamel, L.[Lori] Lamel, L.

Lamela, G.M. Co Author Listing * credit assignment approach to fusing classifiers of multiseason hyperspectral imagery, A

Lamelas, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of the DART Model to Discrete Return LiDAR Simulation: Application to Fuel Type Mapping
* Assessment of Oak Groves Conservation Statuses in Natura 2000 Sacs with Single Photon Lidar and Sentinel-2 Data
* Forest Fire Severity Assessment Using ALS Data in a Mediterranean Environment
* Fuel Type Classification Using Airborne Laser Scanning and Sentinel 2 Data in Mediterranean Forest Affected by Wildfires
* Interpolation Routines Assessment in ALS-Derived Digital Elevation Models for Forestry Applications
* Temporal Transferability of Pine Forest Attributes Modeling Using Low-Density Airborne Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Lamelas, M.T.[Maria Teresa] Lamelas, M.T.[Marķa Teresa] Lamelas, M.T.[M. Teresa]

Lamer, K.[Katia] Co Author Listing * Time-Gated, Time-Correlated Single-Photon-Counting Lidar to Observe Atmospheric Clouds at Submeter Resolution, A

Lameri, S. Co Author Listing * Inpainting-Based camera anonymization
* Near-duplicate detection and alignment for multi-view videos
* Near-duplicate video detection exploiting noise residual traces
* Phylogeny reconstruction for misaligned and compressed video sequences
* Tampering Detection and Localization Through Clustering of Camera-Based CNN Features
* Who is my parent? Reconstructing video sequences from partially matching shots
Includes: Lameri, S. Lameri, S.[Silvia]

Lamers, J. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing the Spatio-Temporal Development of Irrigation Systems in Uzbekistan Using Landsat Time Series

Lamers, J.P.A.[John P. A.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Cropland Abandonment in the Aral Sea Basin with MODIS Time Series

Lames, M. Co Author Listing * Computerized real-time analysis of football games

Lameski, P.[Petre] Co Author Listing * Air Pollution Prediction with Multi-Modal Data and Deep Neural Networks

Lameyre, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Object recognition and segmentation in videos by connecting heterogeneous visual features
* SAP: A robust approach to track objects in video streams with Snakes and Points

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