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Lapedes, A. Co Author Listing * Noise sensitivity signatures for model selection

Lapedriza, A.[Agata] Co Author Listing * Are External Face Features Useful for Automatic Face Classification?
* Contribution of External Features to Face Recognition, The
* Depth Information in Human Gait Analysis: An Experimental Study on Gender Recognition
* EMOTIC: Emotions in Context Dataset
* Emotion recognition from mid-level features
* Emotion Recognition in Context
* Face Verification using External Features
* Gender Recognition in Non Controlled Environments
* Hierarchical Approach for Multi-task Logistic Regression, A
* Interpreting CNN Models for Apparent Personality Trait Regression
* Learning Deep Features for Discriminative Localization
* On the use of independent tasks for face recognition
* Places: A 10 Million Image Database for Scene Recognition
* Robust gait-based gender classification using depth cameras
* Winner takes all hashing for speeding up the training of neural networks in large class problems
Includes: Lapedriza, A.[Agata] Lapedriza, └.[└gata] Lapedriza, A.
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Lapeyronnie, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * Audio-video surveillance system for public transportation

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