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Loch Dehbi, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Automatic reasoning for geometric constraints in 3D city models with uncertain observations
* Estimation of 3D Indoor Models with Constraint Propagation and Stochastic Reasoning in the Absence of Indoor Measurements
* Geometric reasoning in 3D building models using multivariate polynomials and characteristic sets
* Stochastic Reasoning for UAV Supported Reconstruction of 3D Building Models
Includes: Loch Dehbi, S.[Sandra] Loch-Dehbi, S.[Sandra] Loch-Dehbi, S.

Loch, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Real-time 6-DoF Pose Estimation by an Event-based Camera using Active LED Markers

Loch, J. Co Author Listing * Behavior Control for Robotic Exploration of Planetary Surfaces

Lochan, K.[Kshetrimayum] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Desmoking of Laparoscopy Images Using Multi-scale Desmokenet

Locharam, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Video Enhancement Method Using LA*B* Analysis, An

Loche, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Distinct Susceptibility Patterns of Active and Relict Landslides Reveal Distinct Triggers: A Case in Northwestern Turkey
* Infrared Thermography Approach to Evaluate the Strength of a Rock Cliff, An
* Investigating the Potential of Infrared Thermography to Inform on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Soils for Geotechnical Engineering
* Thermal Remote Sensing from UAVs: A Review on Methods in Coastal Cliffs Prone to Landslides

Locher, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Can Plot-Level Photographs Accurately Estimate Tundra Vegetation Cover in Northern Alaska?
* Mobile phone and cloud: A dream team for 3D reconstruction
* Progressive 3D Modeling All the Way
* Progressive Prioritized Multi-view Stereo
* Progressive Structure from Motion
* Reconstruction of Inextensible Surfaces on a Budget via Bootstrapping
* Smartphone-based 3D Pipeline for the Creative Industry: the Replicate EU Project, A
Includes: Locher, A.[Alexandra] Locher, A. Locher, A.[Alex]
7 for Locher, A.

Locherer, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* Retrieval of Seasonal Leaf Area Index from Simulated EnMAP Data through Optimized LUT-Based Inversion of the PROSAIL Model

Lochet, W.[William] Co Author Listing * How to find a good explanation for clustering?

Lochhead, I. Co Author Listing * 3D Modelling in Temperate Waters: Building Rigs and Data Science to Support Glass Sponge Monitoring Efforts In Coastal British Columbia
* Extended Reality in Spatial Sciences: A Review of Research Challenges and Future Directions
* Turning 3d Data Surveys of Intertidal Zones Into New Modes of 3d Visualization, Simulation and Spatial Interface Experiences
Includes: Lochhead, I. Lochhead, I.[Ian]

Lochin, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Joint on-the-fly network coding/video quality adaptation for real-time delivery
* On-the-Fly Erasure Coding for Real-Time Video Applications

Lochman, Y.[Yaroslava] Co Author Listing * BabelCalib: A Universal Approach to Calibrating Central Cameras
* GEN: Pushing the Limits of Softmax-Based Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Minimal Solvers for Rectifying From Radially-Distorted Conjugate Translations
* Minimal Solvers for Rectifying from Radially-Distorted Scales and Change of Scales
* Minimal Solvers for Single-View Lens-Distorted Camera Auto-Calibration
* Radially-Distorted Conjugate Translations
* Rectification from Radially-Distorted Scales
7 for Lochman, Y.

Lochmans, R. Co Author Listing * Efficient Real-Time Camera Based Estimation of Heart Rate and Its Variability

Lochner, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Case Study on Privacy-Aware Social Media Data Processing in Disaster Management
* Privacy-Aware Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) to Analyze Spatial Activity: A Benchmark Implementation
* Using HyperLogLog to Prevent Data Retention in Social Media Streaming Data Analytics
Includes: Lochner, M.[Marc] Löchner, M.[Marc] (Maybe also Loechner, M.)

Lochovsky, A.F.[Amelia Fong] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Realtime Component Labelling of Images

Lochovsky, F.[Frederick] Co Author Listing * regularization framework for multiclass classification: A deterministic annealing approach, A

Lochrane, T.W.P. Co Author Listing * Diversion during unexpected congestion on toll roads: the role of traffic information displayed on dynamic message signs

Lochtefeld, D.F. Co Author Listing * Improved Gender Classification Using Nonpathological Gait Kinematics in Full-Motion Video

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