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Lun, D.P. Co Author Listing * Framework of Reversible Color-to-Grayscale Conversion With Watermarking Feature, A

Lun, D.P.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Thresholding for Noisy MPEG-4 Still Texture Image
* Boundary filter design for multiwavelets
* Deblocking Technique for Block-transform Compressed Image Using Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima, A
* Deblocking Technique for JPEG Decoded Image Using Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima Representation, A
* Efficient blind image restoration using discrete periodic Radon transform
* Embedded Singularity Detection Zerotree Wavelet Coding
* Enhancement of a CNN-Based Denoiser Based on Spatial and Spectral Analysis
* Generalized Orthogonal Symmetric Prefilter Banks for Discrete Multiwavelet Transforms, A
* Improved MPEG-4 still texture image coding under noisy environment
* Improved SIMD Architecture for High Performance Video Processors
* Inpainting for Fringe Projection Profilometry Based on Geometrically Guided Iterative Regularization
* On optical phase shift profilometry based on dual tree complex wavelet transform
* On the Efficient Computation of 2-D Image Moments Using the Discrete Radon-Transform
* Orthogonal discrete periodic Radon transform. Part I: theory and realization
* Orthogonal discrete periodic Radon transform. Part II: applications
* Parallel implementation of empirical mode decomposition for nearly bandlimited signals via polyphase representation
* Regularity Scalable Image Coding Based on Wavelet Singularity Detection
* Robust Fringe Projection Profilometry via Sparse Representation
* Robust Reflection Removal Based on Light Field Imaging
* Robust Single-Shot Fringe Projection Profilometry Based on Morphological Component Analysis
* Semi-Supervised Deep Vision-Based Localization Using Temporal Correlation Between Consecutive Frames
* Single-Image Reflection Removal via a Two-Stage Background Recovery Process
* Symmetric prefilters for multiwavelets
* Zero spectrum removal using joint bilateral filter for Fourier transform profilometry
Includes: Lun, D.P.K. Lun, D.P.K.[Daniel Pak-Kong] Lun, D.P.K.[Daniel P.K.] Lun, D.P.K.[Daniel P. K.]
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Lun, R. Co Author Listing * Human-Centered Activity Tracking System: Toward a Healthier Workplace, A

Lun, S.X.[Shu Xian] Co Author Listing * Speech emotion recognition system based on genetic algorithm and neural network
Includes: Lun, S.X.[Shu Xian] Lun, S.X.[Shu-Xian]

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