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Marvaniya, S.[Smit] Co Author Listing * Adaptive locally affine-invariant shape matching
* Data Augmentation Using Part Analysis for Shape Classification
* Drawing an Automatic Sketch of Deformable Objects Using Only a Few Images
* Exposing GAN-Generated Profile Photos from Compact Embeddings
* Illumination and Affine-Invariant Point Matching using an Ordinal Approach
* Real-time video summarization on mobile
Includes: Marvaniya, S.[Smit] Marvaniya, S.

Marvasti Zadeh, S.M.[Seyed Mojtaba] Co Author Listing * Comet: Context-aware Iou-guided Network for Small Object Tracking
* Deep Learning for Visual Tracking: A Comprehensive Survey
* Early Detection of Bark Beetle Attack Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: A Review
* Orthomosaicking Thermal Drone Images of Forests via Simultaneously Acquired RGB Images
Includes: Marvasti Zadeh, S.M.[Seyed Mojtaba] Marvasti-Zadeh, S.M.[Seyed Mojtaba] Marvasti-Zadeh, S.M.[S. Mojtaba]

Marvasti, A.E. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Symmetries of Distributions in CNNs and Folded Coding

Marvasti, E.E. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Symmetries of Distributions in CNNs and Folded Coding
* Statistical Approach Toward Channel Modeling With Application to Large-Scale Censored Data, A
Includes: Marvasti, E.E. Marvasti, E.E.[Ehsan Emad]

Marvasti, F. Co Author Listing * Block Wavelet Transforms for Image-Coding: A Note
* Contourlet based image watermarking using optimum detector in the noisy environment
* Contourlet-Based Image Watermarking Using Optimum Detector in a Noisy Environment
* Designing Low Coherent Measurement Matrix With Controlled Spectral Norm Via an Efficient Approximation of L_inf-Norm
* Dictionary Learning for Blind One Bit Compressed Sensing
* Distribution independent blind watermarking
* Error Resilient Two-Layer H.263-based Codecs for ATM Environments
* Fast Iterative Method for Removing Impulsive Noise From Sparse Signals, A
* Fast restoration of natural images corrupted by high-density impulse noise
* Feedback Acquisition and Reconstruction of Spectrum-Sparse Signals by Predictive Level Comparisons
* Heart Rate Tracking using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Signals during Physical Exercise with Simultaneous Accelerometry
* Low Bit Rate Hybrid Wavelet-DCT Video Codec, A
* Low Rank and Sparse Decomposition for Image and Video Applications
* Microwave Medical Imaging Based on Sparsity and an Iterative Method With Adaptive Thresholding
* Missing Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition Based on Smoothed Nuclear Norm
* Motion compensation using spatial transformations with forward mapping
* Multihypothesis Compressed Video Sensing Technique
* Non-Coherent DOA Estimation via Majorization-Minimization Using Sign Information
* Novel Approach to Quantized Matrix Completion Using Huber Loss Measure, A
* Off-Grid Localization in MIMO Radars Using Sparsity
* Real-Time Impulse Noise Suppression from Images Using an Efficient Weighted-Average Filtering
* Reliable Video Transmission Using Codes Close to the Channel Capacity
* Robust Scaling-Based Image Watermarking Using Maximum-Likelihood Decoder With Optimum Strength Factor
* Robust Sparse Recovery in Impulsive Noise via Continuous Mixed Norm
* Square Root Sampling Law for Signal Recovery, A
Includes: Marvasti, F. Marvasti, F.[Farokh] Marvasti, F.[Farrokh]
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Marvasti, F.S.[Fereshteh Seyed] Co Author Listing * Flying small target detection in IR images based on adaptive toggle operator

Marvel, L.[Lisa] Co Author Listing * Rate insensitive steganalysis of 1 embedding in images

Marvel, L.M. Co Author Listing * Hiding information in images
* Robust Source Coding for Images over Very Noisy Channels
* Spread Spectrum Image Steganography
* Steganalysis of Plus/Minus-1 Embedding using Lossless Image Compression
Includes: Marvel, L.M. Marvel, L.M.[Lisa M.]

Marvin, E.W. Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Impact of Gender on the Automation of Feedback for Public Speaking

Marvin, M.C.[M. Colin] Co Author Listing * Assessing Geomorphic Change in Restored Coastal Dune Ecosystems Using a Multi-Platform Aerial Approach

Marvin, R. Co Author Listing * Supplementary Material: AVA-ActiveSpeaker: An Audio-Visual Dataset for Active Speaker Detection

Marvulli, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Age Estimation from Facial Images Using YOLO and EfficientNet

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