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Mun, C.[Cheolhyun] Co Author Listing * Small Objects Matters in Weakly-supervised Semantic Segmentation

Mun, D.Y.[Du Yeoul] Co Author Listing * Development of Cross Section Management System in Tunnel Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technique
Includes: Mun, D.Y.[Du Yeoul] Mun, D.Y.[Du-Yeoul]

Mun, H.[Hwanbok] Co Author Listing * Texture Preserving Photo Style Transfer Network

Mun, H.R.[Hye Ran] Co Author Listing * Secure Privacy-Preserving V2V Communication in 5G-V2X Supporting Network Slicing
Includes: Mun, H.R.[Hye Ran] Mun, H.R.[Hye-Ran]

Mun, J.[Jonghwan] Co Author Listing * BASSL: Boundary-aware Self-supervised Learning for Video Scene Segmentation
* Comparison of objective functions in CNN-based prostate magnetic resonance image segmentation
* Edge-enhancing bi-histogram equalisation using guided image filter
* Exposure fusion algorithm for scenes with an extremely high dynamic range
* Learning to Generate Text-Grounded Mask for Open-World Semantic Segmentation from Only Image-Text Pairs
* Local-Global Video-Text Interactions for Temporal Grounding
* MarioQA: Answering Questions by Watching Gameplay Videos
* MSTR: Multi-Scale Transformer for End-to-End Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Noise-aware Learning from Web-crawled Image-Text Data for Image Captioning
* Numerical Analysis of the Changes in O3 Concentration in a Wildfire Plume, A
* Propagated guided image filtering for edge-preserving smoothing
* Stop or Forward: Dynamic Layer Skipping for Efficient Action Recognition
* Streamlined Dense Video Captioning
* Transfer Learning via Unsupervised Task Discovery for Visual Question Answering
Includes: Mun, J.[Jonghwan] Mun, J. Mun, J.[Junwon] Mun, J.[Jeonghyeok]
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Mun, K.[Kwanghyok] Co Author Listing * Design of optimal blind watermarking technique based on MOEA/D

Mun, M.Y.[Min Young] Co Author Listing * Immersidata Analysis: Four Case Studies
Includes: Mun, M.Y.[Min Young] Mun, M.Y.[Min-Young]

Mun, S. Co Author Listing * Content-Aware Image Resizing Detection Using Deep Neural Network
* Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients in Medical Image Compression
* Motion-compensated compressed-sensing reconstruction for dynamic MRI
* Simplification and Detection of Outlying Trajectories from Batch and Streaming Data Recorded in Harsh Environments
Includes: Mun, S. Mun, S.[Sungkwang] Mun, S.[Seunghwan]

Mun, S.G.[Sil Gu] Co Author Listing * Demonstration of Time- and Wavelength-Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Network Based on VCSEL Array
Includes: Mun, S.G.[Sil Gu] Mun, S.G.[Sil-Gu]

Mun, S.K. Co Author Listing * Anatomic Region-Based Dynamic-Range Compression for Chest Radiographs Using Warping Transformation of Correlated Distribution
* Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Medical Image Pattern-Recognition: Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications on Mammograms and Lung-Cancer on Chest Radiographs
* Artificial Convolution Neural-Network for Medical Image Pattern-Recognition
* Background and mathematical analysis of diffusion MRI methods
* Block compressed sensing of images using directional transforms
* Classification of microcalcifications in digital mammograms using trend-oriented radial basis function neural network
* contour coding and full-frame compression of discrete wavelet and cosine transforms, A
* Deformable Surface-Spine Model for 3-D Surface Registration, A
* Finger Tracking for Breast Palpation Quantification Using Color Image Features
* Maximum likelihood Linear Dimension Reduction of heteroscedastic feature for robust Speaker Recognition
* Reduction of false positives in lung nodule detection using a two-level neural classification
* Shift-Invariant Neural Network for the Lung Field Segmentation in Chest Radiography, A
Includes: Mun, S.K. Mun, S.K.[Seong K.] Mun, S.K.[Sung-Kwang] Mun, S.K.[Seong-Kyu]
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Mun, S.M. Co Author Listing * DeepPore: Fingerprint Pore Extraction Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Detecting composite image manipulation based on deep neural networks
* Median Filtered Image Restoration and Anti-Forensics Using Adversarial Networks
* robust 3D mesh watermarking scheme against cropping, A
Includes: Mun, S.M. Mun, S.M.[Seung-Min]

Mun, W.J.[Wang Jin] Co Author Listing * Pixel-Weighting Method for Discriminating Objects of Different Sizes in an Image Captured from a Single Camera, A
Includes: Mun, W.J.[Wang Jin] Mun, W.J.[Wang-Jin]

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