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Noth, E.[Elmar] Co Author Listing * Automatic Pixel Selection for Optimizing Facial Expression Recognition Using Eigenfaces
* Improving Children's Speech Recognition by HMM Interpolation with an Adults' Speech Recognizer
* Intelligibility of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate: Evaluation by Speech Recognition Techniques
* MOBSY: Integration of Vision and Dialogue in Service Robots
* Optimizing Eigenfaces by Face Masks for Facial Expression Recognition
* Pronunciation Feature Extraction
* Robust Parallel Speech Recognition in Multiple Energy Bands
Includes: Noth, E.[Elmar] Nöth, E.[Elmar] (Maybe also Noeth, E.)
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Nothdurft, A.[Arne] Co Author Listing * Forest Inventory with Long Range and High-Speed Personal Laser Scanning (PLS) and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLA
* Influence of Scanner Position and Plot Size on the Accuracy of Tree Detection and Diameter Estimation Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning on Forest Inventory Plots

Nothe, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Volumetric Analysis of a Sinter Process in Time
Includes: Nothe, M.[Michael] Nöthe, M.[Michael] (Maybe also Noethe, M.)

Nothegger, C.[Clemens] Co Author Listing * 3D Filtering of High-Resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Clouds for Cultural Heritage Documentation
* 3D Segmentation of Unstructured Point Clouds for Building Modelling
* On-the-job Range Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanners with Piecewise Linear Functions

Nothnagel, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Investigating the gravitational stability of a radio telescope's reference point using a terrestrial laser scanner: Case study at the Onsala Space Observatory 20-m radio telescope

Notholt, J.[Justus] Co Author Listing * Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network
* Evaluation and Analysis of the Seasonal Cycle and Variability of the Trend from GOSAT Methane Retrievals
* Topographic Mapping of the German Tidal Flats Analyzing SAR Images With the Waterline Method
Includes: Notholt, J.[Justus] Notholt, J.

Nothwang, W.D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic belief fusion for object detection

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