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Patnaik, L.M. Co Author Listing * ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical search
* Authentication using Finger Knuckle Prints
* Heartbeat biometrics for human authentication
* High compression and low order linear predictor for lossless coding of grayscale images
* Image recommendation based on keyword relevance using absorbing Markov chain and image features
* IR_URFS_VF: image recommendation with user relevance feedback session and visual features in vertical image search
* Memory-Based Reasoning Approach for Pattern Recognition of Binary Images
* Memory-efficient spatial prediction image compression scheme
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Patnaik, P. Co Author Listing * Indian Spontaneous Expression Database for Emotion Recognition, The

Patnaik, R. Co Author Listing * Local Ternary Patterns and Maximum Bipartite Matching for Face Recognition

Patnaik, S.[Suprava] Co Author Listing * Application of Content Specific Dictionaries in Still Image Coding
* Biometric template protection with DCT-based watermarking
* enhanced classifier fusion model for classifying biomedical data, An
* Object tracking using parallel local colour histogram method
Includes: Patnaik, S.[Suprava] Patnaik, S. Patnaik, S.[Srikanta]

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