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Sarvadevabhatla, R.K.[Ravi Kiran] Co Author Listing * DeLiGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Diverse and Limited Data
* Object Category Understanding via Eye Fixations on Freehand Sketches
* Partly First Among Equals: Semantic Part-Based Benchmarking for State-of-the-Art Object Recognition Systems
* Pictionary-Style Word Guessing on Hand-Drawn Object Sketches: Dataset, Analysis and Deep Network Models
Includes: Sarvadevabhatla, R.K.[Ravi Kiran] Sarvadevabhatla, R.K.

Sarvarayudu, G.P.R. Co Author Listing * Boundary Approximation Using Walsh Series Expansion for Numeral Recognition
* Walsh Descriptors for Polygonal Curves

Sarvari, S.I.[Sebastian Imre] Co Author Listing * Estimating 3D Ventricular Shape From 2D Echocardiography: Feasibility and Effect of Noise

Sarvas, J. Co Author Listing * Scattering Model for a Pine Tree Employing VIE With a Broadband MLFMA and Comparison to ICA

Sarvattomananda, S.[Swami] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for computing diffuse reflection paths in polygons

Sarvazyan, A.P. Co Author Listing * Mechanical Imaging of the Breast
* Prostate Mechanical Imaging: 3-D Image Composition and Feature Calculations

Sarve, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Improved Quantification of Bone Remodelling by Utilizing Fuzzy Based Segmentation
* Methods for Visualization of Bone Tissue in the Proximity of Implants
* Quantification of Bone Remodeling in SRmuCT Images of Implants
* Quantification of Bone Remodeling in the Proximity of Implants
* Registration of 2D Histological Images of Bone Implants with 3D SRmuCT Volumes

Sarvi, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Hybrid machine learning and optimisation method to solve a tri-level road network protection problem
* Optimization of Transit Priority in the Transportation Network Using a Genetic Algorithm
* Using ITS to Improve the Capacity of Freeway Merging Sections by Transferring Freight Vehicles
Includes: Sarvi, M.[Majid] Sarvi, M.

Sarvotham, S. Co Author Listing * Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An

Sarvrood, Y.B.[Yashar Balazadegan] Co Author Listing * Visual-LiDAR Odometry Aided by Reduced IMU

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