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Spradley, L.H. Co Author Listing * Costs of Softcopy Orthophoto Bases for GIS Projects

Sprague, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * Semantic clustering for region-based image retrieval

Sprague, A.P. Co Author Listing * Method for Automatic Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards, A

Sprague, K.B.[Kevin B.] Co Author Listing * Interpretive Tools for 3-D Structural Geological Modeling Part I: Bézier-Based Curves, Ribbons and Grip Frames
* Interpretive Tools for 3-D Structural Geological Modelling Part II: Surface Design from Sparse Spatial Data

Sprague, N. Co Author Listing * Clothed people detection in still images

Spratling, M.W. Co Author Listing * Contour detection refined by a sparse reconstruction-based discrimination method
* Image Segmentation Using a Sparse Coding Model of Cortical Area V1
* Learning Viewpoint Invariant Perceptual Representations from Cluttered Images
* neural implementation of the Hough transform and the advantages of explaining away, A
* simplified texture gradient method for improved image segmentation, A
* Uncalibrated Visual Servoing
Includes: Spratling, M.W. Spratling, M.W.[Michael W.]

Spratt, E.L.[Emily L.] Co Author Listing * Computational Beauty: Aesthetic Judgment at the Intersection of Art and Science

Spraul, R. Co Author Listing * Persistent multiple hypothesis tracking for wide area motion imagery

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