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Toyoda, A. Co Author Listing * MvLFDA-based video preference estimation using complementary properties of features

Toyoda, H.[Haruyoshi] Co Author Listing * 3.2 kHz, Stereo Sensing Module Using Two Profile Sensors, A
* Driver-Pedestrian Perceptual Models Demonstrate Coupling: Implications for Vehicle Automation
* Interdependence in Vehicle-Pedestrian Encounters and its Implications for Vehicle Automation
* Light Environment and LAI Monitoring In Rice Community By Ground- And UAV-based Remote Sensing
Includes: Toyoda, H.[Haruyoshi] Toyoda, H.[Heishiro] Toyoda, H.

Toyoda, J. Co Author Listing * Similarity Measure Between Patterns with Nonindependent Attributes, A

Toyoda, K.[Kenta] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Detection by Iterative Reconstruction

Toyoda, M. Co Author Listing * Active Vision With Two Differentiated Visual Fields
* Cross-Domain Matching with Squared-Loss Mutual Information

Toyoda, S.J.[Shin Jiro] Co Author Listing * Halftone image generating apparatus
Includes: Toyoda, S.J.[Shin Jiro] Toyoda, S.J.[Shin-Jiro]

Toyoda, T.[Takahiro] Co Author Listing * Extension of higher order local autocorrelation features
* Integration of Top-down and Bottom-up Information for Image Labeling
* Random Field Model for Integration of Local Information and Global Information

Toyofuku, F. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Monochromatic X-Ray Computed-Tomography Using Synchrotron-Radiation

Toyofuku, T.[Tsuyoshi] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval Framework Based on Dual Representation Descriptor

Toyokawa, K. Co Author Listing * document recognition system and its applications, A
* Method and apparatus for a layout of a document image
* Model Based Layout Understanding Method for the Document Recognition System, A
Includes: Toyokawa, K. Toyokawa, K.[Kazuharu]

Toyooka, S. Co Author Listing * Prototype of the Spectral Vision System, A
* Spectral vision system for measuring color images
Includes: Toyooka, S. Toyooka, S.[Satoru]

Toyoshima, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Aqua/Terra MODIS and Himawari-8 Satellite Data on Cloud Mask and Cloud Type Classification Using Split Window Algorithm
* Layered Multicast Encryption of Motion JPEG2000 Code Streams for Flexible Access Control
Includes: Toyoshima, K.[Koichi] Toyoshima, K.[Kan]

Toyoshima, M. Co Author Listing * Application Of Vision Metrology To In-orbit Measurement Of Large Reflector Onboard Communication Satellite For Next Generation Mobile Satellite Communication

Toyota, E.[Eiji] Co Author Listing * Kidney Glomerulus Observation in Interactive VR Space

Toyota, S.[Saori] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Visibility of Age Spot and Freckle Based on Simulated Spectral Reflectance of Skin
* Structural Analysis of Mathematical Formulae with Verification Based on Formula Description Grammar
Includes: Toyota, S.[Saori] Toyota, S.[Seiichi]

Toyota, T.[Takenobu] Co Author Listing * Measuring Deformed Sea Ice in Seasonal Ice Zones Using L-Band SAR Images
* Sea Ice Observation With Oceanographic HF Radar
* What is Happening Inside a Continual Learning Model?: A Representation-Based Evaluation of Representational Forgetting
Includes: Toyota, T.[Takenobu] Toyota, T. Toyota, T.[Tetsuya]

Toyota, Y. Co Author Listing * Automated help system for novice older users from touchscreen gestures

Toyoura, M.[Masahiro] Co Author Listing * 3D shape reconstruction from incomplete silhouettes in multiple frames
* Caricature synthesis with feature deviation matching under example-based framework
* Example-based caricature generation with exaggeration control
* Film Comic Reflecting Camera-Works
* Hairstyle Suggestion Using Statistical Learning
* Hidden message in a deformation-based texture
* LASOR: Learning Accurate 3D Human Pose and Shape via Synthetic Occlusion-Aware Data and Neural Mesh Rendering
* Mono-spectrum marker: an AR marker robust to image blur and defocus
* Naturalness- and information-preserving image recoloring for red-green dichromats
* Personalized Image Recoloring for Color Vision Deficiency Compensation
* Processing images for red-green dichromats compensation via naturalness and information-preservation considered recoloring
* Retrieval of clothing images based on relevance feedback with focus on collar designs
* Silhouette Extraction with Random Pattern Backgrounds for the Volume Intersection Method
* Visual attention prediction for images with leading line structure
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Toyozumi, K. Co Author Listing * study of symbol segmentation method for handwritten mathematical formula recognition using mathematical structure information, A
* system for real-time recognition of handwritten mathematical formulas, A

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