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Comm. Pure Appl. Math.(43) * Approximation of functionals depending on jumps by elliptic functionals via ..-convergence

CommAlgebra( Vol No. ) * *Communications in Algebra

CommAlgebra(31) * How Did the Camera Move?
* Wronski Systems for Families of Local Complete Intersection Curves

Commun( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Communications

Commun(12) * Pseudorandom Scanning
* Pseudorandom Scanning

Commun(19) * 36-Mbit/S Television CODEC Employing Pseudo Random Quantization, A
* Comparison of Nth Order DPCM Encoder with Linear Transformations and Block Quantization Techniques
* Differential Pulse-Coded-Modulation Coder for Videotelephony Using Four Bits Per Sample, A
* Digital Coding of Color Picture-Phone Signals by Element-Differential Quantization
* Edge-Adaptive Three-Bit Ten-Level Differential PCM Coder for Television, An
* Image Coding by Adaptive Block Quantization
* Image Coding by Linear Transformations and Block Quantization
* Piecewise Fourier Transformation for Picture Bandwidth Compression
* Spatial Transform Coding of Color Images
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Commun(20) * Bandwidth Reduction via Movement Compensation on a Model of the Random Video Process
* Performance Measures for Transform Data Coding
* Piecewise Fourier Transformation for Picture Bandwidth Compression
* Statistical Dependence Between Components of a Differential Quantized Color Signal

Commun(23) * Analysis of Perception of Motion in Television Signals and its Application to Bandwidth Compression
* Bandwidth Reduction of Video Signals Via Shift Vector Transmission
* Measuring the Speed of Moving Objects from Television Signals

Commun(25) * Coding of Two-Tone Images
* Fast Computational Algorithm for Discrete Cosine Transform, A

Commun(27) * Statistical Study of Edges in TV Pictures

Commun(28) * Algorithm for Vector Quantizer Design, An

Commun(29) * Compression of Black and White Images with Arithmetic Coding
* Displacement Measurement and Its Application in Interframe Image Coding

Commun(30) * Comparison between DPCM and Hadamard Transform Coding in the Composite Coding of the NTSC Color TV Signal
* DCT/DPCM Processing of NTSC Composite Video Signal
* Interframe DPCM with Adaptive Quantization and Entropy Coding
* Motion Compensated Component Color Coding
* Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme for Television Pictures, A
* On the Implementation of a Block Truncation Coding Algorithm
* Stability Conditions fro DPCM Coders
* Theoretical Performance of Entropy-Encoded DPCM
* Vector Quantizatizers and Predictive Quantizers for Gauss-Markov Sources
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Commun(31) * Adaptive Companded Pulse Code Modulation
* Anisotropic Nonstationary Image Estimation and its Applications Part I: Restoration of Noisy Images
* Anistoropic Nonstationary Image Estimation and its Applications, Part II
* BTC Image Coding Using Median Filter Roots
* Comments on Electronic Techniques for Pictorial Image Reproduction
* Constrained Transform Coding and Surface Fitting
* Digital Image Compression by Outer Product Expansion
* Distribution of the Two-Dimensional DCT Coefficients for Images
* DPCM Quantization of Color Television Signals
* DPCM System Based on a Composite Image Model, A
* Error Sensitivity of CCITT Standard Facsimile Coding Techniques
* High Definition Television (HDTV): Compatibility and Distribution
* Laplacian Pyramid as a Compact Image Code, The
* Line-Adaptive Hybrid Coding of Images
* Motion Compensated Composite Color Coding
* New Results on Robust Quantization
* Soft Decision Demodulation and Transform Coding of Images
* Transmission of two NTSC Color Television Signals over a Simple Satellite Transponder via Time-Frequency Multiplexing
* Two-Dimensional DPCM Image Transmission over Fading Channels
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Commun(32) * Absolute Moment Block Truncation Coding and Its Application to Color Images
* Adaptive Two-Dimensional Tree Encoding of Images Using Spatial Masking
* Coding of Broadcast TV Signals for Transmission over Satellite Channels
* Composite NTSC Color Video Bandwidth Compressor, A
* Design of Quantizers from Histograms
* DPCM Picture Coding with Two-Dimensional Control of Adaptive Quantization
* Effectiveness and Efficiency of Hybrid Transform/DPCM Interframe Image Coding, The
* Efficient Encoding of Colored Pictures in R,G,B Components
* Embedding Data into Pictures by Modulo Masking
* Extended Definition TV
* Hamming Coding of DCT-Compressed Images over Noisy Channels
* Image Decimation and Interpolation Techniques Based on Frequency Domain Analysis
* Improved Adaptive Predictor in DPCM Based on the Kalman Filter and Its Application to Handwriting Signal Encoding, An
* Improved Pel-Recursive Motion Compensation
* Interframe Coding System for Video Teleconferencing Signal Transmission at a 1.5 Mbit/S Rate, An
* Motion-Compensated Interframe Coding Scheme for NTSC Color Television Signals, A
* Movement Compensated Interframe Prediction for NTSC Color TV Signals
* New Architecture for Adaptive Intrafield Transform Compression of NTSC Composite Video Signal, A
* Noise Reduction in Image Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Output Distribution of Median Type Filters, The
* Performance of Transform Coding for Carrier Chrominance Signals
* Recursive Estimation of Local Characteristics of Edges in TV Pictures as Applied to ADPCM Coding
* Scene Adaptive Coder
* Simple Approximation for Minimum Mean-Square Error Symmetric Uniform Quantization, A
* Subjectively Adapted Image Communication System, A
* Theoretical Comparison between DPCM and Transform Coding Regarding the Robustness of Coding Performance for Variation of Picture Statistics
* Vector Quantizer Design for Memoryless Gaussian, Gamma, and Laplacian Sources
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Commun(33) * Algorithm for the Design of Labeled-Transition Finite-State Vector Quantizers, An
* Block Distortion in Orthogonal Transform Coding-Analysis, Minimization, and Distortion Measure
* Encoding of Arbitrary Curves Based on the Chain Code Representation
* Fixed and Adaptive Predictors for Hybrid Predictive/Transform Coding
* Further Investigation of Max's Algorithm for Optimum Quantization, A
* Improvement of the Minimum Distortion Encoding Algorithm for Vector Quantization, An
* Motion Compensated Image Coding with a Combined Maximum a Posteriori and Regression Algorithm
* Motion Compensated Interframe Image Prediction
* Performance of Block Cosine Image Coding with Adaptive Quantization
* Predictive Coding Based on Efficient Motion Estimation
* Predictive Vector Quantization of Images
* Predictor Switching Scheme for DPCM Coding of Video Signals, A
* Uncovered Background Prediction in Interframe Coding
* Uniform Spherical Coordinate Quantization of Spherically Symmetric Sources
* Vector Quantization of Differential Luminance and Chrominance Signals
* Visual Model Weighted Cosine Transform for Image Compression and Quality Assessment, A
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Commun(34) * Adaptive Transform Coding Based on Chain Coding Concepts
* Classified Vector Quantization of Images
* Comments on A Predictor Switching Scheme for DPCM Coding of Video Signals
* Comments on A Simple Approximation for Minimum Mean-Square Error Symmetric Uniform Quantization
* Encoding and Progressive Transmission of Still Pictures in NTSC Composite Format Using Transform Domain Methods
* Image Compression Using Adaptive Vector Quantization
* Image Sequence Coding Using Vector Quantization
* Making Progressive Transmission Adaptive
* Recursive Block Coding: A New Approach to Transform Coding
* Visually Weighted Quantization Scheme for Image Bandwidth Compression at Low Data Rates, A
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Commun(35) * Adaptive Median Filtering for Impulse Noise Elimination in Real-Time TV Signals

Commun(39) * Highly Efficient Coding Schemes for Contour Lines Based on Chain Code Representations

Commun(44) * Lossless Compression of Video Sequences

Commun(45) * Fast Full-Search Block-Matching Algorithm for Motion-Compensated Video Compression
* Novel Block Truncation Coding of Color Images Using a Quaternion-Moment-Preserving Principle, A

Commun(46) * Document Identification for Copyright Protection Using Centroid Detection
* Novel Approach for Reduction of Blocking Effects in Low Bit Rate Image Compression, A
* Spatiotemporal Coding for Wireless Communication

Commun(47) * Fast and Efficient Lossless Data Compression Method, A
* Level-Compressed Huffman Decoding
* Robust Vector Quantizer Design by Noisy Channel Relaxation

Commun(48) * Design of Channel-Optimized Vector Quantizers in the Presence of Channel Mismatch
* Improved Image Compression Using S-Tree and Shading Approach
* Optimal Use of Markov Models for DPCM Picture Transmission over Noisy Channels
* Robust Vector Quantizer Design by Noisy Channel Relaxation

Commun(49) * Data broadcasting and seamless channel transition for highly demanded videos
* Joint optimization of VQ codebooks and QAM signal constellations for AWGN channels
* Jointly optimized trellis-coded residual vector quantization
* quasi-orthogonal space-time block code, A

Commun(7) * Very High-Speed Facsimile Recorder, A

Commun(9) * Reduced-Time Facsimile Transmission by Digital Coding

CommunMag( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Communications Magazine

CommunMag(27) * Handwritten Digit Recognition: Application of Neural Network Chips and Automatic Learning
* Pattern Classification Using Neural Networks

CommunMag(36) * Copyright Labeling of Digitized Image Data
* Error Resilient Video Coding in the ISO MPEG-4 Standard

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