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DEC * *Digital Equipment Corp.
* 3-D Scene Data Recovery Using Omnidirectional Multibaseline Stereo
* Extracting Concise and Realistic 3-D Models from Real Data
* Image Mosaicing for Tele-Reality Applications
* Motion Estimation With Quadtree Splines
* Parallel Feature Tracker for Extended Image Sequences, A
* Real-Time Octree Generation from Rotating Objects
* Recovering 3D Shape and Motion from Image Streams Using Non-Linear Least Squares
* Registration and Integration of Textured 3-D Data
* Robust Shape Recovery from Occluding Contours Using a Linear Smoother
* Shape Ambiguities In Structure-From-Motion
* Shape From Rotation
* Spline-Based Image Registration
* Surface modeling with Oriented Particle Systems
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