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7901 * Apparatus and method for analyzing a golf swing and displaying results
* Decomposition of Two-Dimensional Shapes by Graph-Theoretic Clustering
* Description Method of Handprinted Chinese Characters, A
* Family of Similarity Measures Between Two Strings, A
* Fuzzy Digital Topology
* Golf club impact and golf ball launching monitoring system
* Hierarchical Representation of Waveforms
* Hierarchical Syntactic Shape Analyzer, A
* Histogram Modification for Threshold Selection
* Improved Methods of Maximum a posteriori Image Restoration
* Interference Detection among Solids and Surfaces
* Matching Segments of Images
* Note On Circle Generator for Display Devices, A
* Optimal Frequency Domain Filter for Edge Detection in Digital Pictures, An
* Organization and Access of Image Data by Areas
* Range finding device
* Shape Matching Using Relaxation Techniques
* Thinning Algorithms for Gray-Scale Pictures
* Threshold Selection Method from Grey-Level Histograms, A
* Video correlation tracker
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