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8512 * *Computer Vision for Robots
* 3-D Reconstruction of Cerebral Blood Vessels
* Adaptive predictive coding apparatus of television signal
* Algorithm for Transformations of Pictures by Quadtrees, An
* Animating 3-D CT Imaging
* Boundary Conditions for Lightness Computation in Mondrian World
* Convolution with Separable Masks for Early Image Processing
* Distance Metric for Multidimensional Histograms, A
* Efficient Implementation of Skeletonisation Using Interval Coding
* Experiments with the Intensity Ratio Data Sensor
* Image Analysis of Brain Physiology
* Maximum Likelihood Classification of Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
* Method and apparatus for segmenting character images
* Method and device for decoding two-dimensional facsimile signals
* Stereoscopic television system with field storage for sequential display of right and left images
* Text line bounding system
* Texture Classification by Local Rank Correlation
* Tracking Modelled Objects Using Binocular Images
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