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Eriksen, M. * 2018: 4-D Intracardiac Ultrasound Vector Flow Imaging-Feasibility and Comparison to Phase-Contrast MRI

Eriksen, R.D.[Rene Dencker] * 2000: Weighted central moments in pattern recognition
* 2001: Training Space Truncation in Vision-Based Recognition
Includes: Eriksen, R.D.[Rene Dencker] Eriksen, R.D.[René Dencker]

Erikson, M.[Mats] * 2001: Structure-keeping Colour Segmentation of Tree Crowns in Aerial Images
* 2003: Structure-Preserving Segmentation of Individual Tree Crowns by Brownian Motion
* 2005: Comparison of three individual tree crown detection methods
* 2006: Two preprocessing techniques based on grey level and geometric thickness to improve segmentation results
* 2007: Automatic Extraction and Classification of Vegetation Areas from High Resolution Images in Urban Areas
* 2008: Detection, Segmentation and Characterization of Vegetation in High-Resolution Aerial Images for 3D City Modeling

Eriksrod, J.H.H. * 2020: Bistatic SAR Radar for Long-Term Snow Pack Monitoring
Includes: Eriksrod, J.H.H. Eriksrĝd, J.H.H.

Eriksson, A.[Anders] * 2011: Is face recognition really a Compressive Sensing problem?
* 2014: Local Refinement for Stereo Regularization
* 2014: Sampson distance based joint estimation of multiple homographies with uncalibrated cameras
* 2015: High Breakdown Bundle Adjustment
* 2015: k-support norm and convex envelopes of cardinality and rank, The
* 2016: Consensus-Based Framework for Distributed Bundle Adjustment, A
* 2017: Richardson-Lucy Deblurring for Moving Light Field Cameras
* 2018: Binary Optimization Approach for Constrained K-Means Clustering, A
* 2018: Image2Mesh: A Learning Framework for Single Image 3D Reconstruction
* 2018: Learning Free-Form Deformations for 3D Object Reconstruction
* 2018: Rotation Averaging and Strong Duality
* 2019: IGE-Net: Inverse Graphics Energy Networks for Human Pose Estimation and Single-View Reconstruction
* 2019: Implicit Surface Representations As Layers in Neural Networks
* 2019: Monitoring 2.0: Update on the Halyomorpha halys Invasion of Trentino
* 2019: Rolling Out the Red (and Green) Carpet: Supporting Driver Decision Making in Automation-to-Manual Transitions
* 2020: Few-shot Single-view 3-d Object Reconstruction with Compositional Priors
* 2020: Sparse Convolutions on Continuous Domains for Point Cloud and Event Stream Networks
* 2021: Rotation Averaging with the Chordal Distance: Global Minimizers and Strong Duality
Includes: Eriksson, A.[Anders] Eriksson, A. Eriksson, A.[Anna]
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Eriksson, A.P. * 2004: Robustness and specificity in object detection
* 2006: Bijective Image Registration using Thin-Plate Splines.
* 2007: Efficient Optimization for L-inf-problems using Pseudoconvexity
* 2007: Efficiently Solving the Fractional Trust Region Problem
* 2007: Image Segmentation with Context
* 2007: Normalized Cuts Revisited: A Reformulation for Segmentation with Linear Grouping Constraints
* 2007: Solving Large Scale Binary Quadratic Problems: Spectral Methods vs. Semidefinite Programming
* 2008: Improved spectral relaxation methods for binary quadratic optimization problems
* 2008: Solving quadratically constrained geometrical problems using lagrangian duality
* 2009: Optimization on the manifold of multiple homographies
* 2010: Efficient computation of robust low-rank matrix approximations in the presence of missing data using the L1 norm
* 2010: Outlier removal using duality
* 2011: Adversarial Optimization Approach to Efficient Outlier Removal, An
* 2011: Normalized Cuts Revisited: A Reformulation for Segmentation with Linear Grouping Constraints
* 2011: Triangulating a Plane
* 2012: Efficient Computation of Robust Weighted Low-Rank Matrix Approximations Using the L_1 Norm
* 2013: Fast Convolutional Sparse Coding
* 2014: Adversarial Optimization Approach to Efficient Outlier Removal, An
* 2014: Fast Rotation Search with Stereographic Projections for 3D Registration
* 2014: Pseudoconvex Proximal Splitting for L-infinity Problems in Multiview Geometry
* 2015: Efficient Globally Optimal Consensus Maximisation with Tree Search
* 2016: Fast Rotation Search with Stereographic Projections for 3D Registration
* 2016: General, Nested, and Constrained Wiberg Minimization
* 2016: Guaranteed Outlier Removal with Mixed Integer Linear Programs
* 2017: Efficient Globally Optimal Consensus Maximisation with Tree Search
* 2017: Maximum Consensus Parameter Estimation by Reweighted L_1 Methods
* 2021: Deterministic Approximate Methods for Maximum Consensus Robust Fitting
Includes: Eriksson, A.P. Eriksson, A.P.[Anders P.]
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Eriksson, B. * 2006: Maximum Likelihood Methods for Time-Resolved Imaging Through Turbid Media
* 2018: Wide Compression: Tensor Ring Nets
Includes: Eriksson, B. Eriksson, B.[Brian]

Eriksson, E. * 2014: Enabling visual analysis in wireless sensor networks
* 2018: Coordinating Distributed Algorithms for Feature Extraction Offloading in Multi-Camera Visual Sensor Networks
Includes: Eriksson, E. Eriksson, E.[Emil]

Eriksson, H. * 2018: What Is the Need for Building Parts?: A Comparison of CityGML, Inspire Building and a Swedish Building Standard
* 2019: Unbroken Digital Data Flow in The Built Environment Process - a Case Study in Sweden
* 2020: Requirements, Development, and Evaluation of A National Building Standard: A Swedish Case Study
* 2020: Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019
* 2021: Versioning of 3D City Models for Municipality Applications: Needs, Obstacles and Recommendations
Includes: Eriksson, H. Eriksson, H.[Helen]

Eriksson, J. * 2000: Feature reduction for classification of multidimensional data
* 2004: Identifiability, Separability, and Uniqueness of Linear ICA Models
* 2008: Nonlinear Iterative Reconstruction and Analysis Approach to Shape-Based Approximate Electromagnetic Tomography, A
* 2016: Optical Flow for Rigid Multi-Motion Scenes
* 2017: Fully Automatic, Real-Time Vehicle Tracking for Surveillance Video
* 2017: Fully Nonlinear SP_3 Approximation Based Fluorescence Optical Tomography

Eriksson, K. * 2006: Accuracy Investigation of a Vision Based System for Pose Measurements

Eriksson, L.E.B.[Leif E.B.] * 2013: Correlation between Synthetic Aperture Radar Surface Winds and Deep Water Velocity in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
* 2014: Investigation of a Hybrid Algorithm for Sea Ice Drift Measurements Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* 2014: Retrieval and Quality Assessment of Wind Velocity Vectors on the Ocean With C-Band SAR
* 2015: Reviewing ALOS PALSAR Backscatter Observations for Stem Volume Retrieval in Swedish Forest
* 2015: X-Band Interferometric SAR Observations of Baltic Fast Ice
* 2017: Sea Surface Currents Estimated from Spaceborne Infrared Images Validated against Reanalysis Data and Drifters in the Mediterranean Sea
* 2018: Mapping Arctic Bottomfast Sea Ice Using SAR Interferometry
* 2019: Measurements of Sea Surface Currents in the Baltic Sea Region Using Spaceborne Along-Track InSAR
* 2019: Sensitivity of Radar Altimeter Waveform to Changes in Sea Ice Type at Resolution of Synthetic Aperture Radar
* 2020: Evaluating Landfast Sea Ice Ridging near UtqiagVik Alaska Using TanDEM-X Interferometry
* 2021: Mapping Tree Height in Burkina Faso Parklands with TanDEM-X
Includes: Eriksson, L.E.B.[Leif E.B.] Eriksson, L.E.B. Eriksson, L.E.B.[Leif E. B.]
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Eriksson, M. * 2002: Recognition, Tracking, and Reconstruction of Human Motion
* 2003: Qualitative Characterization and Use of Prior Information
* 2004: Maximizing validity in 2d motion analysis
* 2004: Monocular 3D Reconstruction of Human Motion in Long Action Sequences
* 2004: Monocular reconstruction of human motion by qualitative selection
* 2015: Terrestrial Laser Scanning as an Effective Tool to Retrieve Tree Level Height, Crown Width, and Stem Diameter
* 2018: Bayesian and Classical Machine Learning Methods: A Comparison for Tree Species Classification with LiDAR Waveform Signatures
* 2021: Regionalization of an Existing Global Forest Canopy Height Model for Forests of the Southern United States
Includes: Eriksson, M. Eriksson, M.[Martin] Eriksson, M.[Marian]
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Eriksson, O. * 1981: Segmentation of Cervical Cells: Detection of Overlapping Cell Nuclei
* 2020: Radar Interference Mitigation for Automated Driving: Exploring Proactive Strategies

Eriksson, P. * 2015: Intercalibration and Validation of Observations From ATMS and SAPHIR Microwave Sounders
* 2015: Retrieving Layer-Averaged Tropospheric Humidity From Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder Water Vapor Channels
* 2020: Three Dimensional Radiative Effects in Passive Millimeter/Sub-Millimeter All-sky Observations
Includes: Eriksson, P. Eriksson, P.[Patrick]

Eriksson, P.B.[Patrick B.] * 2020: Operational Service for Mapping the Baltic Sea Landfast Ice Properties

Eriksson, S.L.[Sirkka Liisa] * 2013: Least-Squares Transformations between Point-Sets
Includes: Eriksson, S.L.[Sirkka Liisa] Eriksson, S.L.[Sirkka-Liisa]

Eriksson, T.[Thomas] * 2007: Spatio-Temporal Markov Random Field-Based Packet Video Error Concealment
* 2008: Packet Video Error Concealment With Gaussian Mixture Models
* 2009: Mixture Model- and Least Squares-Based Packet Video Error Concealment

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