Carnegie Mellon NAVLAB, AMBLER, etc.

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Autonomous Vehicles. Vehicle Control. System: NAVLAB. Road Following. Path Planning.

CMU NavLab,
HTML Version. The NavLab Lab site. The series of vehicles from NavLab 1 to NavLab 11. BibRef 0700

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Intelligent Unmanned Ground Vehicles: Autonomous Navigation Research at Carnegie Mellon,
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WWW Link. Indexed by: BibRef 9612 NAVLAB96The second book on the NAVLAB project. BibRef

Thorpe, C.E., (ed.),
Vision and Navigation, the Carnegie Mellon NAVLAB,
Norwell MA: Kluwer1990, 384 pages. Indexed by: BibRef 9000 NAVLAB90 System: NAVLAB. The BibRef Bookdescription of the NAVLAB project. Many of the following reports become redundant. BibRef

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IEEE DOI (In the special issue). BibRef 8805
Earlier: without A2: DARPA87(143-152). A general outline of the current status of the NAVLAB vehicle. Primarily discusses the system issues and some of the road following methods that are used. BibRef

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An Architecture for Sensor Fusion in a Mobile Robot,
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And: CMU-RI-TR-86-9, April 1986. Sensor Fusion. Blackboard. Part of the ALV session at the conference. This reports on the CMU blackboard system for their ALV. BibRef

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3-D Vision Techniques for Autonomous Vehicles,
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And: CMU-RI-TR-88-12, August 1988. BibRef
And: A1, A2 Only:
3-D Vision for Outdoor Navigation by an Autonomous Vehicle,
DARPA88(593-601). CMU's version of ALV vision. BibRef

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First Year End Report for Perception for Outdoor Navigation,
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Carnegie Mellon NAVLAB Vision,
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June 1987 Annual Report: Development of an Integrated Mobile Robot System at Carnegie Mellon,
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Planning for Perception in Robot Driving,
DARPA92(953-960). Active Vision. BibRef
Using Active Vision to Simplify Perception for Robot Driving,
CMU-CS-TR--91-199, November 1991.
PS File. BibRef
A Computational Model of Driving for Autonomous Vehicles,
CMU-CS-TR-91-122, April 1991.
PS File. ALV planning. The driving program Ulysses and the simulator Pharos. BibRef

Reece, D.A.[Douglas A.],
Selective Perception for Robot Driving,
Ph.D.Thesis (CS), May 1992, BibRef 9205 CMU-CS-TR-92-139. Active Vision, Focus of Attention. The traffic simulator PHAROS used as the street environment. Three selective perception techniques: perceptual routines to guide visual search (e.g. scan along the road side), second one to decide on what is most critical, third reason about dynamic objects. BibRef

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The Uranus Mobile Robot,
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Chapter on Active Vision, Camera Calibration, Mobile Robots, Navigation, Road Following continues in
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