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Audibert, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Do deep neural networks contribute to multivariate time series anomaly detection?

Audibert, J.Y.[Jean Yves] Co Author Listing * Context-dependent kernel design for object matching and recognition
* Context-Dependent Kernels for Object Classification
* Data-driven crowd analysis in videos
* Density-aware person detection and tracking in crowds
* Detecting Abandoned Objects With a Moving Camera
* Efficient and Scalable 4th-Order Match Propagation
* General Road Detection From a Single Image
* Graph-Cut Transducers for Relevance Feedback in Content Based Image Retrieval
* Manifold learning using robust Graph Laplacian for interactive image search
* Network-dependent kernels for image ranking
* Radon space and Adaboost for Pose Estimation
* Segmentation by transduction
* Semantic hierarchies for image annotation: A survey
* Some links between extremum spanning forests, watersheds and min-cuts
* Transductive Segmentation of Textured Meshes
* Vanishing point detection for road detection
Includes: Audibert, J.Y.[Jean Yves] Audibert, J.Y.[Jean-Yves] Audibert, J.Y.
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Audibert, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Level-Set Method for Inverse Scattering Problems, An
* Generalized Linear Sampling Method for Limited Aperture Measurements, The

Audiere, S. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Shear Wave Speed in Transient Elastography

Audiffren, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Local Assessment of Statokinesigram Dynamics in Time: An in-Depth Look at the Scoring Algorithm

Audigane, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Topological Comparisons of Fluvial Reservoir Rock Volumes Using Betti Numbers: Application to CO 2 Storage Uncertainty Analysis

Audigie, F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Whole Slide Images of Equine Tendinopathy
Includes: Audigie, F. Audigiť, F.

Audigier, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Lattice Boltzmann Solver for Patient-Specific Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatic Tumors

Audigier, R.[Romaric] Co Author Listing * Classifying All Interacting Pairs in a Single Shot
* Collaboration and spatialization for an efficient multi-person tracking via sparse representations
* Describe Me If You Can! Characterized Instance-Level Human Parsing
* Detecting Human-to-Human-or-Object (H2O) Interactions with DIABOLO
* End-To-End Person Search Sequentially Trained On Aggregated Dataset
* formal approach to good practices in Pseudo-Labeling for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Re-Identification, A
* IMM-Based Tracking and Latency Control with Off-the-Shelf IP PTZ Camera
* Improving Few-Shot Learning Through Multi-task Representation Learning Theory
* Improving Multi-frame Data Association with Sparse Representations for Robust Near-online Multi-object Tracking
* Object-Centric and Memory-Guided Normality Reconstruction for Video Anomaly Detection
* Online multi-person tracking based on global sparse collaborative representations
* Optimal Transport as a Defense Against Adversarial Attacks
* Padim: A Patch Distribution Modeling Framework for Anomaly Detection and Localization
* Relationships between some watershed definitions and their tie-zone transforms
* RIMOC, a feature to discriminate unstructured motions: Application to violence detection for video-surveillance
* Towards Few-Annotation Learning for Object Detection: Are Transformer-based Models More Efficient?
* Uniquely-Determined Thinning of the Tie-Zone Watershed Based on Label Frequency
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification through Source-Guided Pseudo-Labeling
* Vulnerability of Person Re-Identification Models to Metric Adversarial Attacks
Includes: Audigier, R.[Romaric] Audigier, R.
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Audin, L.[Laurence] Co Author Listing * Supervised Method of Landslide Inventory Using Panchromatic SPOT5 Images and Application to the Earthquake-Triggered Landslides of Pisco (Peru, 2007, Mw8.0)

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