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Dehghan Shoar, M.H.[Mohammad Hossain] Co Author Listing * Unified Physically Based Method for Monitoring Grassland Nitrogen Concentration with Landsat 7, Landsat 8, and Sentinel-2 Satellite Data, A
Includes: Dehghan Shoar, M.H.[Mohammad Hossain] Dehghan-Shoar, M.H.[Mohammad Hossain]

Dehghan Soraki, Y. Co Author Listing * Modified Polarimetric Decompostion for Applicabilty in Complex Agricultural Environment, A
Includes: Dehghan Soraki, Y. Dehghan-Soraki, Y.

Dehghan, A.[Afshin] Co Author Listing * Binary Quadratic Programing for Online Tracking of Hundreds of People in Extremely Crowded Scenes
* Complex event recognition by latent temporal models of concepts
* Complex event recognition using constrained low-rank representation
* GMCP-Tracker: Global Multi-object Tracking Using Generalized Minimum Clique Graphs
* GMMCP tracker: Globally optimal Generalized Maximum Multi Clique problem for multiple object tracking
* Improving an Object Detector and Extracting Regions Using Superpixels
* Improving Semantic Concept Detection through the Dictionary of Visually-Distinct Elements
* On Detection, Data Association and Segmentation for Multi-Target Tracking
* Part-based multiple-person tracking with partial occlusion handling
* Target Identity-aware Network Flow for online multiple target tracking
* Visual Tracking: An Experimental Survey
* Who Do I Look Like? Determining Parent-Offspring Resemblance via Gated Autoencoders
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Dehghan, E. Co Author Listing * Use of Needle Track Detection to Quantify the Displacement of Stranded Seeds Following Prostate Brachytherapy

Dehghan, F.[Faramarz] Co Author Listing * Two-Level Algorithm for MCs Detection in Mammograms Using Diverse-Adaboost-SVM

Dehghan, H. Co Author Listing * Gender classification based on fuzzy clustering and principal component analysis

Dehghan, M.[Masood] Co Author Listing * BASNet: Boundary-Aware Salient Object Detection
* ByLabel: A Boundary Based Semi-Automatic Image Annotation Tool
* Handwritten Farsi (Arabic) Word Recognition: A Holistic Approach Using Discrete HMM
* Off-line Unconstrained Farsi Handwritten Word Recognition Using Fuzzy Vector Quantization and Hidden Markov Word Models
* U2-Net: Going deeper with nested U-structure for salient object detection
* Unconstrained Farsi handwritten word recognition using fuzzy vector quantization and hidden Markov models
Includes: Dehghan, M.[Masood] Dehghan, M.

Dehghani Sanij, A.A.[Abbas A.] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic identification of sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit with a wearable sensor
Includes: Dehghani Sanij, A.A.[Abbas A.] Dehghani-Sanij, A.A.[Abbas A.]

Dehghani, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition Based on Volumetric Representation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Automatic detection of exudates and optic disk in retinal images using curvelet transform
* Automatic production of synthetic labelled OCT images using an active shape model
* Extraction of retinal blood vessels by curvelet transform
* Face detection speed improvement using bitmap-based Histogram of Oriented gradien
* Human recognition based on retinal images and using new similarity function
* new curvelet transform based method for extraction of red lesions in digital color retinal images, A
* Novel Interest-Point-Based Background Subtraction Algorithm, A
* Object recognition speed improvement using BITMAP-HoG
* Optic disc localization in retinal images using histogram matching
* Persian logo recognition using local binary patterns
* Real-time automated visual inspection system for contaminant removal from wool
* Speed improvement of object recognition using Boundary-Bitmap of histogram of oriented Gradients
Includes: Dehghani, A.[Alireza] Dehghani, A. Dehghani, A.[Amin] Dehghani, A.[Abbas]
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Dehghani, E. Co Author Listing * non-uniform image compression using genetic algorithm, A

Dehghani, H. Co Author Listing * Finite Element Implementation of Maxwell's Equations for Image Reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography
* method for three-dimensional time-resolved optical tomography, A
* Model-Resolution-Based Basis Pursuit Deconvolution Improves Diffuse Optical Tomographic Imaging
* Optical tomography in the presence of void regions
Includes: Dehghani, H. Dehghani, H.[Hamid]

Dehghani, M. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Effects Removal of ASAR-derived InSAR Products Using MERIS Data and GPS
* DInSAR Time Series of ALOS PALSAR and ENVISAT ASAR Data for Monitoring Hashtgerd Land Subsidence due to Overexploitation of Groundwater
* Improvement of angular velocity and position estimation in gyro-free inertial navigation based on vision aid equipment
* Interferometric Point Target Analysis (ipta) for Landslide Monitoring
* Neural Network Modelling of Tehran Land Subsidence Measured by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
* Remote sensing of ground deformation
* SCENIC: A JAX Library for Computer Vision Research and Beyond
* Simple Open-Vocabulary Object Detection
* Spatial Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation over Iran: Co-Variation with Climate Indices
* ViViT: A Video Vision Transformer
Includes: Dehghani, M. Dehghani, M.[Maryam] Dehghani, M.[Mehdi] Dehghani, M.[Mostafa] Dehghani, M.[Majid]
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Dehghani, M.J.[Mohammad Javad] Co Author Listing * Atlas-based segmentation of brain MR images using least square support vector machines
* Conditional Selection of Orthogonal Legendre/Chebyshev Polynomials as a Novel Fingerprint Orientation Estimation Smoothing Method, A
* Localization of noncircular iris boundaries using morphology and arched Hough transform
* new accurate noise-removing approach for non-cooperative iris recognition, A
* S-transform using a new window to improve frequency and time resolutions, The

Dehghani, N.[Nikoo] Co Author Listing * Multi-Focus Image Fusion Method based on Fractal Dimension and Guided Filtering, A

Dehghani, S. Co Author Listing * Graphite: Graph-Induced Feature Extraction for Point Cloud Registration

Dehghannasiri, R.[Roozbeh] Co Author Listing * Frame rate up-conversion using nonparametric estimator

Dehghannejad, M.[Mahdieh] Co Author Listing * 4-dimensional geological modelling of the Skellefte District, Sweden

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