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Endo, A.[Airoyuki] Co Author Listing * New Method of 3-D Motion Analysis Using a Concept of Projective Geometry, A

Endo, D. Co Author Listing * Fractal image compression by the classification in the wavelet transform domain

Endo, F.[Fuyuki] Co Author Listing * Detecting Urban Floods with Small and Large Scale Analysis of ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Data

Endo, H. Co Author Listing * Digital Camera as a GPS Compass: Location Matching Using Point Clouds, The
* Multilevel signal compression method
Includes: Endo, H. Endo, H.[Hirohide]

Endo, I.[Isao] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Parameter Optimization Considering Within- and Between-Segment Heterogeneity at Multiple Scale Levels: Test Case for Mapping Residential Areas Using Landsat Imagery

Endo, K. Co Author Listing * Classifying Degraded Images Over Various Levels Of Degradation
* CNN-Based Classification of Degraded Images With Awareness of Degradation Levels
* Joint Optimization for Compressive Video Sensing and Reconstruction Under Hardware Constraints
* Performance Improvement of Dot-Matrix Character Recognition by Variation Model Based Learning
* Semantic Segmentation of Degraded Images Using Layer-Wise Feature Adjustor
Includes: Endo, K. Endo, K.[Kazuki] Endo, K.[Kenta] Endo, K.[Koji]

Endo, M.[Masaaki] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary viewpoints image representation based on 3-d geometric model and specular reflection tracing
* Method for tracking entering object and apparatus for tracking and monitoring entering object
Includes: Endo, M.[Masaaki] Endo, M.[Miyuki]

Endo, N.[Noritaka] Co Author Listing * Mobility and Location of Drainage Divides Affected by Tilting Uplift in Sado Island, Japan

Endo, P.T.[Patricia Takako] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Social Distancing Measures and Their Association with the Covid-19 Pandemic in South America

Endo, R. Co Author Listing * Scene-Text-Detection Method Robust Against Orientation and Discontiguous Components of Characters
* Water Area Observation Experiment Using Optical Sensor for Extracting Inundation Boundary At Night

Endo, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient video retrieval system using virtual 3D space
* Image Collection Simulation Using High-Resolution Atmospheric Modeling
* Image Registration Method with Radial Feature Points Sampling: Application to Follow-Up CT Scans of a Solitary Pulmonary Nodule, An
* Mapping visual field with positron emission tomography by mathematical modeling of the retinotopic organization in the calcarine cortex
* Shape based 3D model retrieval without query
Includes: Endo, S. Endo, S.[Satoshi] Endo, S.[Susumu]

Endo, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Depth-Estimation-Free Condition for Projective Factorization and Its Application to 3D Reconstruction
* Depth-First Picture Expression Viewed from Digital Picture Processing
* Developing a 3D Waveform Lidar Simulator FOR Forest
* Development of an automated method for detecting mammographic masses with a partial loss of region
* Initial response time measurement in eye movement for dementia screening test
* On a High-speed Hough Transform Algorithm MRHT
* On a Method of Binary Picture Representation and its Application to Data Compression
* Re-Parameterization Making GC-Net-Style 3dconvnets More Efficient
* Two-Dimensional Fingertip Force Training With Improved Haptic Sensation via Stochastic Resonance
* Weighted NaÔve Bayes Classifiers by Renyi Entropy
Includes: Endo, T.[Takeshi] Endo, T. Endo, T.[Tokiko] Endo, T.[Tomomi]
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Endo, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Artistic Line Drawing Rendering With Priors of Depth and Edge Density
* Character Shape Restoration of Binarized Historical Documents by Smoothing via Geodesic Morphology
* DiffBody: Diffusion-based Pose and Shape Editing of Human Images
* Digital Human Simulation for Fall Risk Evaluation When Sitting on Stepladders
* Drawback in the Change Detection Approach: False Detection during the 2018 Western Japan Floods
* interactive design system for pop-up cards with a physical simulation, An
* New Insights into Multiclass Damage Classification of Tsunami-Induced Building Damage from SAR Images
* Usability evaluation of high-level user assistance for robot mission specification
* Wetland Surface Water Detection from Multipath SAR Images Using Gaussian Process-Based Temporal Interpolation
Includes: Endo, Y.[Yuki] Endo, Y. Endo, Y.[Yui] Endo, Y.[Yukio]
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Endoh, T. Co Author Listing * maximum likelihood estimator is not optimal on 3-D motion estimation from noisy optical flow, The
* objective function for 3-D motion estimation from optical flow with lower error variance than maximum likelihood estimator, An
* Technical features of the JBIG standard for progressive bi-level image compression
Includes: Endoh, T. Endoh, T.[Toshiaki]

Endou, T.[Takahisa] Co Author Listing * Image processing apparatus capable of processing halftone image data

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