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Hadi, A.S.[Ali S.] Co Author Listing * new distance between multivariate clusters of varying locations, elliptical shapes, and directions, A

Hadi, F.[Fazal] Co Author Listing * DHCAE: Deep Hybrid Convolutional Autoencoder Approach for Robust Supervised Hyperspectral Unmixing

Hadi, I.[Ido] Co Author Listing * Compactification of the Rigid Motions Group in Image Processing

Hadi, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Importance Of Systolic Blood Pressure Versus Diastolic Blood Pressure In Diagnosing Hypertension: MRA Study.
* Development of Planning-Level Guidelines for Deploying Transit Signal Priority
* Effect of Link-Level Variations of Connected Vehicles (CV) Proportions on the Accuracy and Reliability of Travel Time Estimation
* Prediction of Lane Clearance Time of Freeway Incidents Using the M5P Tree Algorithm
Includes: Hadi, M. Hadi, M.[Mohammed]

Hadi, M.A.[Muhammad Abdul] Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing applied to radar systems: An overview
* Compressive sensing based high-resolution passive bistatic radar

Hadi, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Higher order statistics based method for workload prediction in the cloud using ARMA model

Hadi, P.O.[Pradita Octoviandiningrum] Co Author Listing * Multi-Criteria Assessment for City-Wide Rooftop Solar PV Deployment: A Case Study of Bandung, Indonesia

Hadi, R.A.[Richard Al] Co Author Listing * 1kpixel CMOS camera chip for 25fps real-time terahertz imaging applications, A

Hadi, S.[Samekta] Co Author Listing * Image Processing in Retinal Angiography: Extracting Angiographical Features without the Requirement of Contrast Agents

Hadi, S.J. Co Author Listing * Study on spatial-temporal variations of Meteorological-agricultural droughts in Turkey

Hadi, Y.[Youssef] Co Author Listing * Fundamental Region Based Indexing and Classification of Islamic Star Pattern Images

Hadian, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Online signature verification using i-vector representation

Hadid, A. Co Author Listing * accurate eye localization approach for smart embedded system, An
* Age Classification in Unconstrained Conditions Using LBP Variants
* Age Estimation from Faces Using Deep Learning: A Comparative Analysis
* Age Estimation Using Local Binary Pattern Kernel Density Estimate
* AWSD: Adaptive Weighted Spatiotemporal Distillation for Video Representation
* Bag of words KAZE (BoWK) with two-step classification for high-resolution remote sensing images
* Biometrics Systems Under Spoofing Attack: An evaluation methodology and lessons learned
* Biometrics: In Search of Identity and Security (Q & A)
* Can gait biometrics be Spoofed?
* Coarse-to-Fine Classification Scheme for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Color-based face detection using skin locus model and hierarchical filtering
* Combining appearance and motion for face and gender recognition from videos
* Combining Contrast Information and Local Binary Patterns for Gender Classification
* Combining motion and appearance for gender classification from video sequences
* Comments on the Kinship Face in the Wild Data Sets
* Comments on the Kinship Face in the Wild Data Sets
* Computer Vision Using Local Binary Patterns
* Contextual Weighting of Patches for Local Matching in Still-to-Video Face Recognition
* Deep Binary Representation of Facial Expressions: A Novel Framework for Automatic Pain Intensity Recognition
* Deep convolutional hashing using pairwise multi-label supervision for large-scale visual search
* Deep Discriminative Model for Video Classification
* Deep Multiscale Spatiotemporal Network for Assessing Depression From Facial Dynamics, A
* Deep Spatiotemporal Representation of the Face for Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation
* Depression Detection Based on Deep Distribution Learning
* discriminative feature space for detecting and recognizing faces, A
* Efficient Image Appearance Description Using Dense Sampling Based Local Binary Patterns
* Experimental Investigation about the Integration of Facial Dynamics in Video-Based Face Recognition, An
* Extracting Local Binary Patterns from Image Key Points: Application to Automatic Facial Expression Recognition
* Face and Eye Detection for Person Authentication in Mobile Phones
* Face and Texture Analysis Using Local Descriptors: A Comparative Analysis
* Face anti-spoofing based on color texture analysis
* Face anti-spoofing via deep local binary patterns
* Face Antispoofing Using Speeded-Up Robust Features and Fisher Vector Encoding
* Face Biometrics Under Spoofing Attacks: Vulnerabilities, Countermeasures, Open Issues, and Research Directions
* Face Description with Local Binary Patterns: Application to Face Recognition
* Face liveness detection using dynamic texture
* Face recognition based on the appearance of local regions
* Face Recognition under Ageing Effect: A Comparative Analysis
* Face recognition under spoofing attacks: countermeasures and research directions
* Face Recognition Using Smoothed High-Dimensional Representation
* Face Recognition with Local Binary Patterns
* Face spoofing detection from single images using texture and local shape analysis
* Face Spoofing Detection Using Dynamic Texture
* Face spoofing detection with local binary pattern network
* Face Verification Based on Gabor Region Covariance Matrices
* Face Verification Using Local Binary Patterns and Maximum A Posteriori Vector Quantization Model
* Facial deblur inference to improve recognition of blurred Faces
* Facial Deblur Inference Using Subspace Analysis for Recognition of Blurred Faces
* Fast Chinese character detection from complex scenes
* Fingerprint liveness detection using local texture features
* From Still Image to Video-Based Face Recognition: An Experimental Analysis
* Gender and texture classification: A comparative analysis using 13 variants of local binary patterns
* How Much Information Kinect Facial Depth Data Can Reveal About Identity, Gender and Ethnicity?
* Hybrid Approach to Face Detection under Unconstrained Environments, A
* ILC-Unet++ for Covid-19 Infection Segmentation
* Image and video descriptors
* Improving Gait Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks
* Improving the recognition of faces occluded by facial accessories
* In-depth Examination of Local Binary Descriptors in Unconstrained Face Recognition, An
* Kinship Verification from Faces via Similarity Metric Based Convolutional Neural Network
* Kinship verification from facial images and videos: human versus machine
* Kinship Verification From Gait?
* Learning local image descriptors using binary decision trees
* Learning Personal Specific Facial Dynamics for Face Recognition from Videos
* Local Binary Pattern Approach and its Applications to Face Analysis, The
* Manifold Learning for Gender Classification from Face Sequences
* Measuring and mitigating targeted biometric impersonation
* Multi scale multi descriptor local binary features and exponential discriminant analysis for robust face authentication
* Multi-view Deep Features for Robust Facial Kinship Verification
* On pain assessment from facial videos using spatio-temporal local descriptors
* On soft biometrics
* On the Effects of Illumination Normalization with LBP-Based Watchlist Screening
* On the generalization of color texture-based face anti-spoofing
* On the use of dynamic features in face biometrics: Recent advances and challenges
* On the use of Kinect depth data for identity, gender and ethnicity classification from facial images
* original face anti-spoofing approach using partial convolutional neural network, An
* OULU-NPU: A Mobile Face Presentation Attack Database with Real-World Variations
* Recognition of Blurred Faces via Facial Deblurring Combined with Blur-Tolerant Descriptors
* Scarce face recognition via two-layer collaborative representation
* Selecting models from videos for appearance-based face recognition
* Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation from Facial Dynamics, A
* Special issue on 'Soft Biometrics'
* Texture Features in Facial Image Analysis
* Towards Robust Deep Neural Networks for Affect and Depression Recognition from Speech
* Unsupervised deep hashing for large-scale visual search
* Unsupervised learning of overcomplete face descriptors
* Unsupervised Learning Using Locally Linear Embedding: Experiments with Face Pose Analysis
Includes: Hadid, A. Hadid, A.[Abdenour]
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Hadifar, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Exploration of block-wise dynamic sparseness

Hadikhani, P.[Parham] Co Author Listing * Automatic Deep Sparse Multi-Trial Vector-based Differential Evolution clustering with manifold learning and incremental technique
* Novel Skeleton-Based Human Activity Discovery Using Particle Swarm Optimization With Gaussian Mutation, A

Hadimlioglu, I.A.[I. Alihan] Co Author Listing * City Maker: Reconstruction of Cities from OpenStreetMap Data for Environmental Visualization and Simulations
* FloodSim: Flood Simulation and Visualization Framework Using Position-Based Fluids
* Visualization of Flooding Using Adaptive Spatial Resolution

Hadingham, P.T. Co Author Listing * Symbolic Description of Edges Using a Geometric Relaxation Technique

Hadiuzzaman, M. Co Author Listing * Alternative approach for vehicle trajectory reconstruction under spatiotemporal side friction using lopsided network
* Pixel-based heterogeneous traffic measurement considering shadow and illumination variation
Includes: Hadiuzzaman, M. Hadiuzzaman, M.[Mohammad]

Hadizadeh, H. Co Author Listing * Burst-Loss-Resilient Packetization of Video
* Color Gaussian Jet Features For No-Reference Quality Assessment of Multiply-Distorted Images
* Energy-Efficient Images
* Eye-Tracking Database for a Set of Standard Video Sequences
* Full-Reference Objective Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Images
* Good-looking green images
* Multi-resolution local Gabor wavelets binary patterns for gray-scale texture description
* No-reference image quality assessment using statistical wavelet-packet features
* No-reference quality assessment of HEVC video streams based on visual memory modelling
* Perceptual Distinguishability Predictor For JND-Noise-Contaminated Images, A
* Random Texture Defect Detection Using 1-D Hidden Markov Models Based on Local Binary Patterns
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Pixel-Based Motion Vector Concatenation for Reference Picture Selection
* Saliency-Aware Video Compression
* Saliency-Guided Just Noticeable Distortion Estimation Using the Normalized Laplacian Pyramid
* saliency-modulated just-noticeable-distortion model with non-linear saliency modulation functions, A
* Soft Video Multicasting Using Adaptive Compressed Sensing
* Video Error Concealment Using a Computation-Efficient Low Saliency Prior
Includes: Hadizadeh, H. Hadizadeh, H.[Hadi]
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Hadizadeh, J.[Jafar] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Management and Analysis of Microstructural Data from San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) Core Samples

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