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Huet, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * email: Huet, B.[Benoit]: huetb AT minster york ac uk
* Analysis of vector space model and spatiotemporal segmentation for video indexing and retrieval
* Appearance-Based Object Recognition Using Shape-From-Shading
* Cartographic Indexing into a Database of Remotely Sensed Images
* Comparison of Multiepisode Video Summarisation Algorithms
* E2SGM: Event Enrichment and Summarization by Graph Model
* Editorial for the ICMR 2018 special issue
* Effective video hyperlinking by means of enriched feature sets and monomodal query combinations
* Enhancing latent semantic analysis video object retrieval with structural information
* Finding media illustrating events
* Fusion of Multimodal Embeddings for Ad-Hoc Video Search
* Fuzzy Relational Distance for Large-scale Object Recognition
* Gated Recurrent Capsules for Visual Word Embeddings
* Graph-Based Spatio-temporal Region Extraction
* Guest Editorial: Deep Learning for Multimedia Computing
* Improved Video Content Indexing by Multiple Latent Semantic Analysis
* Increased Extent of Characteristic Views using Shape-from-shading for Object Recognition
* Inexact Graph Retrieval
* Large-Scale Multimedia Retrieval and Mining
* Line Pattern Retrieval Using Relational Histograms
* Linking text and visual concepts semantically for cross modal multimedia search
* Mining the Web for Multimedia-Based Enriching
* multimodal approach to music transcription, A
* Multimodal Video-to-Video Linking: Turning to the Crowd for Insight and Evaluation
* Neighbourhood Structure Preserving Cross-Modal Embedding for Video Hyperlinking
* Nonparametric scene parsing with deep convolutional features and dense alignment
* Partition Sampling: An Active Learning Selection Strategy for Large Database Annotation
* Relational Histograms for Shape Indexing
* Relational object recognition from large structural libraries
* Relational Skeletons for Retrieval in Patent Drawings
* Rethinking Summarization and Storytelling for Modern Social Multimedia
* Selected Papers from MultiMedia Modeling Conference 2009
* Sensitivity Analysis for Object Recognition from Large Structural Libraries
* Shape recognition from large image libraries by inexact graph matching
* Spatiotemporal modeling and matching of video shots
* Structurally enhanced latent semantic analysis for video object retrieval
* Structurally Gated Pairwise Geometric Histograms for Shape Indexing
* Towards Fully Automatic Image Segmentation Evaluation
* Towards multimodal emotion recognition: a new approach
* Using Structure for Video Object Retrieval
* Vireo @ Video Browser Showdown 2020
* VIREO@Video Browser Showdown 2019
* Visual versus Textual Embedding for Video Retrieval
Includes: Huet, B.[Benoit] Huet, B. Huet, B.[Benoît]
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Huet, F.[Florence] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Images after Segmentation by Various Operators and Interpretation by a Multi-Scale Fuzzy Classification
* Fusion of Images Interpreted by a New Fuzzy Classifier
* Multi-Scale Fuzzy Classification by KNN: Application to the Interpretation of Aerial Images, A
* Optimal Adjusting of Edge Detectors to Extract at Best Close Contours
* textural analysis by mathematical morphology transformations: structural opening and top-hat, A
Includes: Huet, F.[Florence] Huet, F.

Huet, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Efficient implementation of data flow graphs on multi-gpu clusters

Huete, A.[Alfredo] Co Author Listing * 30-m landsat-derived cropland extent product of Australia and China using random forest machine learning algorithm on Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform, A
* Assessing Soil Erosion Hazards Using Land-Use Change and Landslide Frequency Ratio Method: A Case Study of Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka
* Assessing the Impact of Extreme Droughts on Dryland Vegetation by Multi-Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Creating New Near-Surface Air Temperature Datasets to Understand Elevation-Dependent Warming in the Tibetan Plateau
* Developing Two Spectral Disease Indices for Detection of Wheat Leaf Rust (Pucciniatriticina)
* Effects of Forest Canopy Vertical Stratification on the Estimation of Gross Primary Production by Remote Sensing
* Estimating Peanut Leaf Chlorophyll Content with Dorsiventral Leaf Adjusted Indices: Minimizing the Impact of Spectral Differences between Adaxial and Abaxial Leaf Surfaces
* Evaluating the Effect of Different Wheat Rust Disease Symptoms on Vegetation Indices Using Hyperspectral Measurements
* Integrated Field and Remote Sensing Method for Mapping Seagrass Species, Cover, and Biomass in Southern Thailand, An
* Interaction of Seasonal Sun-Angle and Savanna Phenology Observed and Modelled using MODIS
* Land surface phenology retrievals for arid and semi-arid ecosystems
* Mangrove Phenology and Environmental Drivers Derived from Remote Sensing in Southern Thailand
* Mangrove Phenology and Water Influences Measured with Digital Repeat Photography
* Monitoring Spatial Patterns Of Vegetation Phenology In An Australian Tropical Transect Using Modis Evi
* Review on Assessing and Mapping Soil Erosion Hazard Using Geo-Informatics Technology for Farming System Management, A
* Seasonal Comparisons of Himawari-8 AHI and MODIS Vegetation Indices over Latitudinal Australian Grassland Sites
* Simulation of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence in a heterogeneous forest using 3-D radiative transfer modelling and airborne LiDAR
* Spatio-Temporal Variation of the Urban Heat Island in Santiago, Chile during Summers 2005-2017
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Dryland Vegetation Phenology Revealed by Satellite-Observed Fluorescence and Greenness across the North Australian Tropical Transect
* Sun-Angle Effects on Remote-Sensing Phenology Observed and Modelled Using Himawari-8
* Water Loss Due to Increasing Planted Vegetation over the Badain Jaran Desert, China
Includes: Huete, A.[Alfredo] Huete, A.
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Huete, A.J. Co Author Listing * Personal Autonomy Rehabilitation in Home Environments by a Portable Assistive Robot

Huete, A.R.[Alfredo R.] Co Author Listing * Annual Seasonality Extraction Using the Cubic Spline Function and Decadal Trend in Temporal Daytime MODIS LST Data
* Can UAV-Based Infrared Thermography Be Used to Study Plant-Parasite Interactions between Mistletoe and Eucalypt Trees?
* Characteristics of Greening along Altitudinal Gradients on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Time-Series Landsat Images
* Estimating the Aboveground Biomass for Planted Forests Based on Stand Age and Environmental Variables
* Evaluation of Sensor Calibration Uncertainties on Vegetation Indices for MODIS
* Iterative BRDF/NDVI Inversion Algorithm Based on A Posteriori Variance Estimation of Observation Errors, An
* Optimal Sampling Design for Observing and Validating Long-Term Leaf Area Index with Temporal Variations in Spatial Heterogeneities, An
* Optimizing the Processing of UAV-Based Thermal Imagery
* Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
* Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory, A
* Response of Spectral Reflectances and Vegetation Indices on Varying Juniper Cone Densities
* Scaling effects on spring phenology detections from MODIS data at multiple spatial resolutions over the contiguous United States
* Spectral Compatibility of the NDVI Across VIIRS, MODIS, and AVHRR: An Analysis of Atmospheric Effects Using EO-1 Hyperion
* Spectral Cross-Calibration of VIIRS Enhanced Vegetation Index with MODIS: A Case Study Using Year-Long Global Data
Includes: Huete, A.R.[Alfredo R.] Huete, A.R. Huete, A.R.[Alfredo R]
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Hueting, M.[Moos] Co Author Listing * SeeThrough: Finding Objects in Heavily Occluded Indoor Scene Images

Hueto, F. Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Neural Networks for Dermoscopic Image Classification

Huettel, L.G. Co Author Listing * Discrimination Mode Processing for EMI and GPR Sensors for Hand-Held Land Mine Detection

Huettelmaier, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Segmentation of Grained Cell Tissue with Active Contour Models

Huettermann, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of Real and Simulated GEDI Observations across Sclerophyll Forests

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