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Kersbergen, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Combining UAV Imagery, Volunteered Geographic Information, and Field Survey Data to Improve Characterization of Rural Water Points in Malawi
Includes: Kersbergen, D.[Daniel] Kersbergen, D.[DaniŽl]

Kerschbaum, F. Co Author Listing * feasibility study of on-board data compression for infrared cameras of space observatories, A
* Private Fingerprint Verification without Local Storage
Includes: Kerschbaum, F. Kerschbaum, F.[Florian]

Kerschbaum, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Is an NWP-Based Nowcasting System Suitable for Aviation Operations?

Kerschbaumer, M. Co Author Listing * Copernicus Knowledge and Innovation Hubs

Kerschner, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Seamline detection in colour orthoimage mosaicking by use of twin snakes

Kersemans, V. Co Author Listing * DCE-MRI Driven 3-D Reaction-Diffusion Model of Solid Tumor Growth, A
* Tumor Growth Estimation via Registration of DCE-MRI Derived Tumor Specific Descriptors

Kersey, S.N. Co Author Listing * marching method for parametric surface/surface intersection, A

Kershaw, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Analysis of Gaze Behavior and Task Performance Within Interface Design Evaluation

Kershaw, J.A. Co Author Listing * Motion analysis using the neural accelerator board
* Synthesizing Disparate LiDAR and Satellite Datasets through Deep Learning to Generate Wall-to-Wall Regional Inventories for the Complex, Mixed-Species Forests of the Eastern United States
Includes: Kershaw, J.A. Kershaw, J.A.[John A.]

Kershner, I. Co Author Listing * Detecting Events in Video Sequence of Video-EEG Monitoring

Kersten, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * 2D Affine Transformations Cannot Account for Human 3D Object Recognition
* Apparent Opacity Affects Perception of Structure from Motion
* How Optimal Depth Cue Integration Depends on the Task
* Learning a Near-Optimal Estimator for Surface Shape from Shading
* Multi-Layer Surface Segmentation Using Energy Minimization
* Object Perception: Generative Image Models and Bayesian Inference
* Rapid classification of specular and diffuse reflection from image velocities
* Rapid Classification of Surface Reflectance from Image Velocities
Includes: Kersten, D.[Daniel] Kersten, D. Kersten, D.[Dan]
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Kersten, E. Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Remotely Sensed Imagery in Support of Public Health: New Avenues of Research Using Object-Based Image Analysis

Kersten, J. Co Author Listing * Enhancement Strategies For Frame-to-frame Uas Stereo Visual Odometry
* fully automated TerraSAR-X based flood service, A
* General Framework for Fast and Interactive Classification of Optical VHR Satellite Imagery Using Hierarchical and Planar Markov Random Fields, A
* Multi-Scale Flood Monitoring System Based on Fully Automatic MODIS and TerraSAR-X Processing Chains, A
* Simultaneous feature selection and Gaussian mixture model estimation for supervised classification problems
Includes: Kersten, J. Kersten, J.[Jens]

Kersten, P.R. Co Author Listing * Estimating Surface Water Speeds With a Single-Phase Center SAR Versus an Along-Track Interferometric SAR
* Unsupervised Classification of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Fuzzy Clustering and EM Clustering

Kersten, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Model of Al Zubarah Fortress in Qatar: Terrestrial Laser Scanning vs. Dense Image Matching
* 3D Recording, Modelling and Visualisation of the Fortification Kristiansten in Trondheim (Norway) by Photogrammetric Methods and Terrestrial Laser Scanning In the Framework of Erasmus Programmes
* Aerotriangulation and DEM/Orthophoto Generation from High-Resolution Still-Video Imagery: On the Potential of Digital Cameras Onboard an Aircraft
* Automatic Interior Orientation of Digital Aerial Images
* Investigations Into The Quality of Image-based Point Clouds From UAV Imagery

Kersten, T.P.[Thomas P.] Co Author Listing * 3D Models and Virtual Tours for a Museum Exhibition of Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Exhibits and Sites
* Accuracy of 3D city models: EuroSDR comparison
* Architectural Historical 4D Documentation of the Old-Segeberg Town House by Photogrammetry, Terrestrial Laser Scanning and Historical Analysis
* Automatic 3D Object Reconstruction from Multiple Images for Architectural, Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Applications Using Open-Source Software and Web Services
* Automatic Texture Mapping of Architectural and Archaeological 3D Models
* Cartography and Geomedia in Pragmatic Dimensions
* Comparative Geometrical Investigations Of Hand-held Scanning Systems
* Development Of A New Low-cost Indoor Mapping System: System Design, System Calibration And First Results
* Development of A Virtual Museum Including A 4d Presentation of Building History in Virtual Reality
* Documentation of Istanbul Historic Peninsula by Static and Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Evaluating The Effect of Using Mirrors in 3d Reconstruction of Small Artefacts
* First Experiences with Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Indoor Cultural Heritage Applications Using Two Different Scanning Systems
* Historical 4D City Model of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg: Automated Generation and Presentation within the Google Earth Engine
* Integration of 3D Data, Texture and Archaeological Information in a Database Management System for Petroglyph Documentation and Interpretation
* Interactive 3D Visualisation of Architectural Models and Point Clouds Using Low-Cost-Systems
* Investigations of Low-Cost Systems for 3D Reconstruction of Small Objects
* Investigations of the Geometrical Accuracy of Handheld 3D Scanning Systems
* Low-cost Development of An Interactive, Immersive Virtual Reality Experience of The Historic City Model Stade 1620
* Methods for Geometric Accuracy Investigations of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Systems
* Monitoring And Deformation Analysis Of Groynes Using TLS at the River Elbe
* Preserve the Past for the Future: Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Documentation and Deformation Analysis of Easter Island's Moai
* Return of the Siegesburg: 3d-reconstruction of A Disappeared And Forgotten Monument, The
* Selimiye Mosque of Edirne, Turkey: An Immersive And Interactive Virtual Reality Experience Using Htc Vive, The
* Themenheft Terrestrisches Laserscanning
* Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Monuments: From 3D Data Recording to Immersive Visualisation
* Virtual Reconstruction of the Almaqah Temple of Yeha in Ethiopia by Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Virtualising An Ottoman Fortress: Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling For The Development of An Interactive, Immersive Virtual Reality Application
Includes: Kersten, T.P.[Thomas P.] Kersten, T.P.
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Kerstens, A. Co Author Listing * Tracking Naturally-Occurring Indoor Features in 2-D and 3-D with Lidar Range Amplitude Data

Kerstens, P.J.M. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for a Fast Confocal Optical Inspection System

Kerstin, S.[Stebel] Co Author Listing * SEVIRI Aerosol Optical Depth Validation Using AERONET and Intercomparison with MODIS in Central and Eastern Europe

Kersting, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Automated multiple surface registration of irregular point clouds: A comparative analysis of two approaches
* Comparative analysis of different approaches for the incorporation of position and orientation information in integrated sensor orientation procedures
* Impact of LiDAR system calibration on the relative and absolute accuracy of derived point cloud

Kersting, A.P.[Ana Paula] Co Author Listing * Alternative Methodologies for LiDAR System Calibration
* Alternative Methodologies for the Internal Quality Control of Parallel LiDAR Strips
* Analysis of control and flight configuration requirement for mounting parameters calibration of GPS/INS assisted photogrammetric systems
* Error Budget of Lidar Systems and Quality Control of the Derived Data
* Error Budget of LIDAR Systems and Quality Control of the Derived Point Cloud
* Improving classification accuracy of airborne LiDAR intensity data by geometric calibration and radiometric correction
* LIDAR Strip Adjustment using Conjugate Linear Features in Overlapping Strips
* New Method for the Calibration of Multi-Camera Mobile Mapping Systems
Includes: Kersting, A.P.[Ana Paula] Kersting, A.P.
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Kersting, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Mirror U-Net: Marrying Multimodal Fission with Multi-task Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Medical Imaging

Kersting, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Effective Risk Detection for Natural Gas Pipelines Using Low-Resolution Satellite Images
* Erosion Band Features for Cell Phone Image Based Plant Disease Classification
* Extending Hyperspectral Imaging for Plant Phenotyping to the UV-Range
* Interactive Disentanglement: Learning Concepts by Interacting with their Prototype Representations
* Rickrolling the Artist: Injecting Backdoors into Text Encoders for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Right for the Right Concept: Revising Neuro-Symbolic Concepts by Interacting with their Explanations
* Safe Latent Diffusion: Mitigating Inappropriate Degeneration in Diffusion Models
* Vision Relation Transformer for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
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Kersting, U.G.[Uwe G.] Co Author Listing * Cloth X-Ray: MoCap of People Wearing Textiles
* Nonparametric Density Estimation for Human Pose Tracking
* system for articulated tracking incorporating a clothing model, A
* System for Marker-Less Human Motion Estimation, A
Includes: Kersting, U.G.[Uwe G.] Kersting, U.G.

Kerstinga, A.P. Co Author Listing * Post-mission Quality Assurance Procedure For Survey-grade Mobile Mapping Systems

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