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Mong, N.T.[Ngoc Thi] Co Author Listing * Spatial Correlation of Satellite-Derived PM2.5 with Hospital Admissions for Respiratory Diseases

Monga, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * 3D Edge Detection by Separable Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing
* 3D Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering: Application to Scanner Images
* 3D Face Modeling from Stereo and Differential Constraints
* 3D stereo reconstruction of human faces driven by differential constraints
* 3D Thin Nets Extraction Method for Medical Imaging, A
* Classification and representation of networks from satellite images
* Crest Lines Extraction in Volume 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Crestlines Contribution to the Automatic Building Extraction
* Defining and computing stable representations of volume shapes from discrete trace using volume primitives: Application to 3D image analysis in soil science
* Extraction of the Zero-Crossings of the Curvature Derivative in Volumetric 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Extraction of vascular network in 3D images
* From 2D Images to 3D Face Geometry
* From Partial Derivatives of 3D Density Images to Ridge Lines
* From Volume Medical Images to Quadratic Surface Patches
* From Voxel to Curvature
* From Voxel to Curvature Features
* From Voxel to Intrinsic Surface Features
* Hierarchical Algorithm for the Segmentation of 3-D Images, A
* Modeling 3D Objects with Patches of Quadratic Surfaces: Application to the Recognition and Locating of Anatomic Structures
* Multi-block PCA method for image change detection
* New Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* New Three Dimensional Boundary Detection, A
* Optimal Region Growing Algorithm for Image Segmentation, An
* Parallel and Hierarchical Algorithm for Region Growing, A
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Tracking: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Thin Nets and Crest Lines: Application to Satellite Data and Medical Images
* Thin Nets Extraction Using a Multi-scale Approach
* Thin Network Extraction in 3D Images: Application to Medical Angiograms
* Using Crest Lines to Guide Surface Reconstruction from Stereo
* Using differential constraints to generate a 3D face model from stereo
* Using Differential Constraints to Reconstruct Complex Surfaces from Stereo
* Using Differential Geometry in R4 to Extract Typical Features in 3D Density Images
* Using Differential Geometry in R4 to Extract Typical Features in 3D Images
* Using Differential Properties for Stereo Reconstruction of Complex Surfaces
* Using Partial Derivatives of 3D Images to Extract Typical Surface-Features
Includes: Monga, O.[Oliver] Monga, O.[Olivier] Monga, O.
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Monga, R.[Rajat] Co Author Listing * Beyond short snippets: Deep networks for video classification
* Building high-level features using large scale unsupervised learning
Includes: Monga, R.[Rajat] Monga, R.

Monga, V.[Vishal] Co Author Listing * Adaptive decoding for halftone orientation-based data hiding
* Adaptive Sparse Representations for Video Anomaly Detection
* Adaptive Transform Domain Image Super-Resolution via Orthogonally Regularized Deep Networks
* Algorithm Unrolling: Interpretable, Efficient Deep Learning for Signal and Image Processing
* Automatic target recognition using discriminative graphical models
* Capacity Analysis For Orthogonal Halftone Orientation Modulation Channels
* Convergent Neural Network for Non-Blind Image Deblurring, A
* Deep MR Brain Image Super-Resolution Using Spatio-Structural Priors
* Deep MR Image Super-Resolution Using Structural Priors
* Deep Networks with Shape Priors for Nucleus Detection
* Deep Retinal Image Segmentation With Regularization Under Geometric Priors
* Deep Wavelet Prediction for Image Super-Resolution
* Design and Optimization of Color Lookup Tables on a Simplex Topology
* Design of Tone-Dependent Color-Error Diffusion Halftoning Systems
* Ensemble Dehazing Networks for Non-homogeneous Haze
* Fast Low-Rank Shared Dictionary Learning for Image Classification
* Geometrically Invariant Image Watermarking via Robust Perceptual Hashes
* Ghost-Free High Dynamic Range Imaging via Rank Minimization
* GlideNet: Global, Local and Intrinsic based Dense Embedding NETwork for Multi-category Attributes Prediction
* Group structured dirty dictionary learning for classification
* Hardcopy Image Barcodes Via Block-Error Diffusion
* Histopathological Image Classification Using Discriminative Feature-Oriented Dictionary Learning
* Iterative Convex Refinement for Sparse Recovery
* Learning a low-rank shared dictionary for object classification
* learning framework for robust hashing of face images, A
* Lens-to-Lens Bokeh Effect Transformation. NTIRE 2023 Challenge Report
* Linear color-separable human visual system models for vector error diffusion halftoning
* MAP estimation framework for HDR video synthesis, A
* Maximum a Posteriori Estimation Framework for Robust High Dynamic Range Video Synthesis, A
* Multi-Scale Regularized Deep Network for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
* Multi-task image classification via collaborative, hierarchical spike-and-slab priors
* Multiview Automatic Target Recognition for Infrared Imagery Using Collaborative Sparse Priors
* NonLocal Channel Attention for NonHomogeneous Image Dehazing
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Orientation Modulation for Data Hiding in Clustered-Dot Halftone Prints
* Perceptual Image Hashing Via Feature Points: Performance Evaluation and Tradeoffs
* Physically Inspired Dense Fusion Networks for Relighting
* Power-Constrained RGB-to-RGBW Conversion for Emissive Displays: Optimization-Based Approaches
* Prior Information Guided Regularized Deep Learning for Cell Nucleus Detection
* Robust Alignment for Panoramic Stitching Via an Exact Rank Constraint
* Robust Deep 3D Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Structural Priors
* Robust Extrema Features for Time-Series Data Analysis
* Robust perceptual image hashing using feature points
* Robust Sonar ATR Through Bayesian Pose-Corrected Sparse Classification
* Robust video fingerprinting via structural graphical models
* Robust Video Hashing via Multilinear Subspace Projections
* SIASM: Sparsity-based image alignment and stitching method for robust image mosaicking
* Simultaneous Denoising and Localization Network for Photoacoustic Target Localization
* Simultaneous Sparsity Model for Histopathological Image Representation and Classification
* Simultaneous sparsity model for multi-perspective video anomaly detection
* Sparsity based super resolution using color channel constraints
* Sparsity-Based Color Image Super Resolution via Exploiting Cross Channel Constraints
* Structural Prior Driven Regularized Deep Learning for Sonar Image Classification
* Structured Sparse Priors for Image Classification
* TransER: Hybrid Model and Ensemble-based Sequential Learning for Non-homogenous Dehazing
* Two-dimensional transforms for device color correction and calibration
* Twofold video hashing with automatic synchronization
Includes: Monga, V.[Vishal] Monga, V.
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Mongeau, M. Co Author Listing * North Atlantic Aircraft Trajectory Optimization

Mongeau, R. Co Author Listing * Acquisition And Processing of High Resolution Hyperspectral Imageries For the 3D Mapping of Urban Heat Islands And Microparticles of Montreal

Mongelli, M. Co Author Listing * Neural Approximations of Analog Joint Source-Channel Coding

Mongenet, C. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithm to Reconstruct Bounding Surfaces in 3D Images, A

Monger, D. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of an Interactive Tool for Handwritten Form Description

Monger, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Detection of Out-of-Plane Objects in Stereo Vision

Mongia, R. Co Author Listing * Patch Volumes: Segmentation-Based Consistent Mapping with RGB-D Cameras

Mongiello, M. Co Author Listing * Retrieval by Spatial Similarity: An Algorithm and a Comparative Evaluation
* Spatial layout representation for query-by-sketch content-based image retrieval
* Structured Knowledge Representation for Image Retrieval

Mongkulmann, W.[Wiennat] Co Author Listing * Auto-Radiometric Calibration in Photometric Stereo
* Photometric stereo with auto-radiometric calibration

Monguet Fierro, J.M.[Josep Maria] Co Author Listing * Collection and Integration of Local Knowledge and Experience through a Collective Spatial Analysis
Includes: Monguet Fierro, J.M.[Josep Maria] Monguet-Fierro, J.M.[Josep Marķa]

Mongus, D.[Domen] Co Author Listing * Complete Environmental Intelligence System for LiDAR-Based Vegetation Management in Power-Line Corridors, A
* Context-dependent detection of non-linearly distributed points for vegetation classification in airborne LiDAR
* Detection and Monitoring of Woody Vegetation Landscape Features Using Periodic Aerial Photography
* efficient approach to 3D single tree-crown delineation in LiDAR data, An
* Ground and building extraction from LiDAR data based on differential morphological profiles and locally fitted surfaces
* Kinematic GPR-TPS Model for Infrastructure Asset Identification with High 3D Georeference Accuracy Developed in a Real Urban Test Field
* Lossless chain code compression with an improved Binary Adaptive Sequential Coding of zero-runs
* Lossless Compression of Segmented CT Medical Images According to the Hounsfield Scale
* Parameter-free ground filtering of LiDAR data for automatic DTM generation
* universal chain code compression method, A
* Unsigned Manhattan chain code
Includes: Mongus, D.[Domen] Mongus, D.
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