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Mund, B. Co Author Listing * Rigorous Geometric Self-Calibrating Bundle Adjustment for a Dual Fluoroscopic Imaging System

Mund, J.P.[Jan Peter] Co Author Listing * Detection of Windthrown Tree Stems on UAV-Orthomosaics Using U-Net Convolutional Networks
* UAV-Based Photogrammetric Tree Height Measurement for Intensive Forest Monitoring
Includes: Mund, J.P.[Jan Peter] Mund, J.P.[Jan-Peter]

Munda, G.[Gottfried] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Intensity-Image Reconstruction for Event Cameras Using Manifold Regularisation
* Scalable Full Flow with Learned Binary Descriptors

Munda, J. Co Author Listing * Semi-transparent mirror with hidden camera to assess human emotions

Mundaca Moraga, V.[Valeria] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Study of Wave Energy Resource Using an HF Marine Radar, Application to an Eastern Southern Pacific Location: Advantages and Opportunities, A
Includes: Mundaca Moraga, V.[Valeria] Mundaca-Moraga, V.[Valeria]

Munday, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Water Sources for Heritage Listed Organic Mound Springs in NW Australia Using Airborne Geophysical (Electromagnetics and Magnetics) and Satellite Remote Sensing Methods, An

Munder, S. Co Author Listing * Experimental Study on Pedestrian Classification, An
* Multi-cue Pedestrian Detection and Tracking from a Moving Vehicle
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking Using a Mixture of View-Based Shape-Texture Models
* Pedestrian Detection by Probabilistic Component Assembly
* Vision-based pedestrian detection: the PROTECTOR system
Includes: Munder, S. Munder, S.[Stefan]

Munderloh, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Block size dependent error model for motion compensation
* In-loop radial distortion compensation for long-term mosaicing of aerial videos
* Learning to Disentangle Latent Physical Factors for Video Prediction
* Low bit rate ROI based video coding for HDTV aerial surveillance video sequences
* Mesh-based decoder-side motion estimation
* Mesh-based global motion compensation for robust mosaicking and detection of moving objects in aerial surveillance
* Stereo mosaicking and 3D-video for singleview HDTV aerial sequences using a low bit rate ROI coding framework
Includes: Munderloh, M.[Marco] Munderloh, M.
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Mundermann, L.[Lars] Co Author Listing * Accurately measuring human movement using articulated ICP with soft-joint constraints and a repository of articulated models
* Markerless Motion Capture through Visual Hull, Articulated ICP and Subject Specific Model Generation
Includes: Mundermann, L.[Lars] Mündermann, L.[Lars] (Maybe also Muendermann, L.)

Mundhada, A.[Anurag] Co Author Listing * Learning 3D Human Pose from Structure and Motion

Mundhare, A. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Probability of Crying of a Child and System Formation for Cry Detection and Financial Viability of the System

Mundhenk, T.N.[T. Nathan] Co Author Listing * Deep Multi-modal Vehicle Detection in Aerial ISR Imagery
* Frame Rate Fusion and Upsampling of EO/LIDAR Data for Multiple Platforms
* Improvements to Context Based Self-Supervised Learning
* Large Contextual Dataset for Classification, Detection and Counting of Cars with Deep Learning, A
* Manifold-based fingerprinting for target identification
* Model of Contour Integration in Early Visual Cortex, A
Includes: Mundhenk, T.N.[T. Nathan] Mundhenk, T.N.[Terrell N.]

Mundher, R.[Riyadh] Co Author Listing * Effects of Colour Content and Cumulative Area of Outdoor Advertisement Billboards on the Visual Quality of Urban Streets, The

Mundkur, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Depth and Image Recovery Using a MRF Model

Mundnich, K.[Karel] Co Author Listing * Generating labels for regression of subjective constructs using triplet embeddings

Mundo, I.A.[Ignacio A.] Co Author Listing * Field-Validated Burn-Severity Mapping in North Patagonian Forests

Mundra, P.[Piyushkumar] Co Author Listing * Using pseudo amino acid composition to predict protein subnuclear localization: Approached with PSSM

Mundra, T.S. Co Author Listing * New Method for Fingerprint Antispoofing using Pulse Oxiometry, A

Mundt, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Meta-Learning Convolutional Neural Architectures for Multi-Target Concrete Defect Classification With the COncrete DEfect BRidge IMage Dataset
* Neural Architecture Search of Deep Priors: Towards Continual Learning without Catastrophic Interference
* Open Set Recognition Through Deep Neural Network Uncertainty: Does Out-of-Distribution Detection Require Generative Classifiers?
* When Deep Classifiers Agree: Analyzing Correlations Between Learning Order and Image Statistics
Includes: Mundt, M.[Martin] Mundt, M.

Mundur, P. Co Author Listing * Class-Based Access Control for Distributed Video-on-Demand Systems
* Fuzzy SVM Ensembles for Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
Includes: Mundur, P. Mundur, P.[Padma]

Mundy, C.J.[Christopher J.] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Derived Photosynthetically Available Radiation at the Coastal Arctic Seafloor

Mundy, D. Co Author Listing * Particle Filter Framework Using Optimal Importance Function for Protein Molecules Tracking, A

Mundy, D.B. Co Author Listing * Digital spotlighting parameter evaluation for SAR imaging

Mundy, J. Co Author Listing * Variable-Resolution Probabilistic Three-Dimensional Model for Change Detection, A

Mundy, J.L.[Joseph L.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Mundy, J.L.[Joseph L.]: mundy AT crd ge com
* email: Mundy, J.L.[Joseph L.]: mundy AT lems brown edu
* 3-D Model Alignment without Computing Pose
* 3D modeling using miniscule volume elements
* 3D Object Recognition Using Invariance
* Algebraic Reasoning in View Consistency and Parameterized Model Matching Problems
* Applications of Invariance in Computer Vision
* Applications of Range Image Sensing and Processing
* Automatic Geo-Location Correction of Satellite Imagery
* Background Modeling Based on Subpixel Edges
* Benchmark Evaluation of a Model-Based Object Recognition System
* Camera calibration for 2.5-D X-ray metrology
* Canonical Frames for Planar Object Recognition
* Change Detection in a 3-d World
* Change Detection in Midwave Infared Imagery: Thermal Invariants for Site Monitoring
* Change Point Geometry for Change Detection in Surveillance Video
* Class-Based Grouping in Perspective Images
* common set of perceptual observables for grouping, figure-ground discrimination, and texture classification, A
* comparison of stereo and multiview 3-D reconstruction using cross-sensor satellite imagery, A
* Compression of Probabilistic Volumetric Models using multi-resolution scene flow
* Computer Vision Applications
* Concept of an Effective Viewpoint, The
* Constrained Symmetry Exploitation
* Constraint Processing Applied to Industrial Inspection and Continuous Product Improvement
* Constraint-Based Modeling
* Development of the Image Understanding Environment, The
* Driving Vision by Topology
* Duration Dependent Codebooks for Change Detection
* Dynamic Probabilistic Volumetric Models
* Efficient Model Library Access by Projectively Invariant Indexing Functions
* Efficient Recognition of Rotationally Symmetric Surface and Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders
* Epipolar Curve Tracking in 3-D
* Evaluation of feature-based 3-d registration of probabilistic volumetric scenes
* Evaluation of Local Shape Descriptors in Probabilistic Volumetric Scenes, An
* Evolution and Testing of a Model-Based Object Recognition System, The
* Exhaustive Detection of Manufacturing Flaws as Abnormalities
* Experimental Comparison of Appearance and Geometric Model Based Recognition, An
* Extracting Projective Structure from Single Perspective Views of 3D Point Sets
* FOCUS: A Shared Vision Project Report on Progress in 1997-1998
* FOCUS: A Shared Vision Technology Transfer Project
* Formation of Partial 3D Models from 2D Projections: An Application of Algebraic Reasoning, The
* Fusion of intensity, texture, and color in video tracking based on mutual information
* Geo-localization using Volumetric Representations of Overhead Imagery
* Geometer: A System for Modeling and Algebraic Manipulation
* Geometric Invariance in Computer Vision
* Geometric Reasoning
* Geometric Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence: Introduction to the Special Volume
* Grouping Planar Projective Symmetries
* High Resolution Surface Reconstruction from Multi-view Aerial Imagery
* High-Precision X-Ray Stereo for Automated 3-D Cad-Based Inspection
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Image Understanding Environment: Data Exchange, The
* Image Understanding Environment: Overview, The
* Image Understanding Environments Program, The
* Image Understanding Research at GE
* Image-Based 4-d Reconstruction Using 3-d Change Detection
* Industrial Machine Vision -- Is It Practical?
* Integrated Boundary and Region Approach to Perceptual Grouping, An
* Integration of Image Understanding Exploitation Algorithms in the RADIUS Testbed
* Interpretation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Using Projective Invariants and Deformable Templates, The
* Invariance: A New Framework for Vision
* Invariant Descriptors for 3-D Object Recognition and Pose
* IUE Committee Report, The
* IUE Data Exchange: Status and Experiments
* Learning Background and Shadow Appearance with 3-D Vehicle Models
* Lie group distance based generic 3-d vehicle classification
* Matching from 3-D Range Models into 2-D Intensity Scenes
* Model Supported Exploitation: Quick Look, Detection and Counting, and Change Detection
* Model-Directed Object Recognition On The Connection Machine
* Modeling Generic Polyhedral Objects with Constraints
* multi-level geometric reasoning system for vision, A
* Multi-sensor Fusion Framework in 3-D, A
* Non-contact measurement of surface profile
* NorMaL: Non-compact Markovian Likelihood for change detection
* Object Recognition in the Geometric Era: A Retrospective
* Object Recognition: The Search for Representation
* Object-Oriented Approach to Template Guided Inspection, An
* PACE: An Environment for Intelligence Analysis
* Parallax-Free Registration of Aerial Video
* Planar Object Recognition Using Projective Shape Representation
* Predicting high resolution image edges with a generic, adaptive, 3-D vehicle model
* Projectively Invariant Representations Using Implicit Algebraic Curves
* Recognition of Plane Projective Symmetry
* Recognizing Rotationally Symmetric Surfaces from Their Outlines
* Regionalization of Image Data Using Surface Approximation
* Relative Motion and Pose from Arbitrary Plane Curves
* Relative motion and pose from invariants
* Representing Objects Using Topology
* Role of IU Technology in RADIUS Phase II, The
* SatTel: A Framework for Commercial Satellite Imagery Exploitation
* Segregation of Moving Objects Using Elastic Matching
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using the Image Understanding Environment
* Spatial Objects in the Image Understanding Environment
* Template Guided Visual Inspection
* Thermal Invariants for Material Labeling and Site Monitoring Using Midwave Infrared Imagery
* Three Dimensional Model Matching from an Unconstrained Viewpoint
* Toward Template-Based Tolerancing from a Bayesian Viewpoint
* Transformational Invariance: A Primer
* Using Global Consistency to Recognise Euclidean Objects with an Uncalibrated Camera
* Using Projective Invariants for Constant Time Library Indexing in Model Based Vision
* Vehicle Class Recognition from Video-Based on 3D Curve Probes
* Vehicle Recognition as Changes in Satellite Imagery
* Vehicle Surveillance with a Generic, Adaptive, 3D Vehicle Model
* Visual Inspection of Metal Surfaces
* Visual Inspection System Design
* Web Representation of Image Data
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical for Computer Vision
* Wu's Method and Its Application to Perspective Viewing
Includes: Mundy, J.L.[Joseph L.] Mundy, J.L. Mundy, J.L.[Joe L.]
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