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Possas, R. Co Author Listing * Egocentric Activity Recognition on a Budget

Posse, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Matching points in poor edge information images

Posse, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Superresolution Parallel MRI

Possegger, H.[Horst] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Möbius Graph Convolutional Networks
* BIER: Boosting Independent Embeddings Robustly
* CycDA: Unsupervised Cycle Domain Adaptation to Learn from Image to Video
* Deep Metric Learning with BIER: Boosting Independent Embeddings Robustly
* Efficient Domain-Incremental Learning Approach to Drive in All Weather Conditions, An
* Efficient Model Averaging for Deep Neural Networks
* Encoding based saliency detection for videos and images
* FuseSeg: LiDAR Point Cloud Segmentation Fusing Multi-Modal Data
* Grid Loss: Detecting Occluded Faces
* HiBsteR: Hierarchical Boosted Deep Metric Learning for Image Retrieval
* In defense of color-based model-free tracking
* Intelligent Scanning Vehicle for Waste Collection Monitoring, An
* Norm Must Go On: Dynamic Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Normalization, The
* OccAM's Laser: Occlusion-based Attribution Maps for 3D Object Detectors on LiDAR Data
* Occlusion Geodesics for Online Multi-object Tracking
* Robust Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Objects by Volumetric Mass Densities
* SAILOR: Scaling Anchors via Insights into Latent Object Representation
* Semi-Supervised Learning of Monocular 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Multi-View Images
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Spatiotemporal Saliency Estimation by Spectral Foreground Detection
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Possegger, H.[Horst] Possegger, H.
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Posselt, D.J.[Derek J.] Co Author Listing * CYGNSS Surface Heat Flux Product Development
* Distributed Small Satellite Approach for Measuring Convective Transports in the Earth's Atmosphere, A
Includes: Posselt, D.J.[Derek J.] Posselt, D.J.

Possenti, P. Co Author Listing * Modeling L-Band Brightness Temperature at Dome C in Antarctica and Comparison With SMOS Observations

Possingham, H.[Hugh] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Mangroves and Estuarine Communities in Central Queensland, Australia

Possingham, H.P.[Hugh P.] Co Author Listing * Mangrove Forest Cover and Phenology with Landsat Dense Time Series in Central Queensland, Australia

Possoch, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-temporal Crop Surface Models Combined with the RGB Vegetation Index From UAV-based Images for Forage Monitoring In Grassland

Possolo, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Modern statistical and philosophical framework for uncertainty assessment in biometric performance testing

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