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Ramdane, L.F.H.C.[Lamia Fatma Houbaba Chaouche] Co Author Listing * Multiple classifier system for remotely sensed data clustering

Ramdane, S. Co Author Listing * Arabic hand-written text-line extraction
* Classification of forms with handwritten fields by planar hidden Markov models
Includes: Ramdane, S. Ramdane, S.[Sad]

Ramdani, D.[Dadan] Co Author Listing * Ownership Protection on Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Using Transform-Based Watermarking

Ramdani, F.[Fatwa] Co Author Listing * High Chlorophyll-a Areas along the Western Coast of South Sulawesi-Indonesia during the Rainy Season Revealed by Satellite Data
* Historical Urban Land Use Transformation in Virtual Geo-Library

Ramdani, M. Co Author Listing * Online Quality measurement of face localization obtained by neural networks trained with Zernike moments feature vectors
* Twelve Numerical Symbolic and Hybrid Supervised Classification Methods

Ramdani, N. Co Author Listing * Camera calibration and 3D reconstruction using interval analysis

Ramdani, S.[Sofiane] Co Author Listing * Estimation of uncertainty for Harris corner detector
* Parametric recurrence quantification analysis of autoregressive processes for pattern recognition in multichannel electroencephalographic data
* Statistical behavior of edge detectors
* Sub-pixel Edge Fitting Using B-Spline
* Subpixel edge refinement using deformable models

Ramdas, A.[Aaditya] Co Author Listing * Nested conformal prediction and quantile out-of-bag ensemble methods

Ramdas, V. Co Author Listing * Effective Clustering Technique for Feature-Extraction, An

Ramdya, P. Co Author Listing * Deformation-Aware Unpaired Image Translation for Pose Estimation on Laboratory Animals
* Overcoming the Domain Gap in Neural Action Representations
Includes: Ramdya, P. Ramdya, P.[Pavan]

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