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Sams, A.[Ataher] Co Author Listing * License Plate Detection and Recognition System for All Types of Bangladeshi Vehicles Using Multi-step Deep Learning Model

Sams, B.[Brent] Co Author Listing * Daily Mapping of 30 m LAI and NDVI for Grape Yield Prediction in California Vineyards

Sams, R.L. Co Author Listing * PNNL quantitative IR database for infrared remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging, The

Samsami, K.[Kiarash] Co Author Listing * Mobile-Target Tracking via Highly-Maneuverable VTOL UAVs with EO Vision

Samsatli, S. Co Author Listing * Image Classification for Mapping Oil Palm Distribution Via Support Vector Machine Using Scikit-learn Module

Samset, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Farnebäck Optic Flow for Extended Field of View of Echocardiography
* Automated Segmentation of the Right Ventricle in 3D Echocardiography: A Kalman Filter State Estimation Approach
* Bayesian Estimation of Deformation and Elastic Parameters in Non-rigid Registration
* Detection of Regional Mechanical Activation of the Left Ventricular Myocardium Using High Frame Rate Ultrasound Imaging
* Generating Synthetic Labeled Data From Existing Anatomical Models: An Example With Echocardiography Segmentation
* Visualization and Fusion System for Image Guided RFA Procedures, A
Includes: Samset, E. Samset, E.[Eigil]

Samsi, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * Pattern identification in dynamical systems via symbolic time series analysis

Samsi, S. Co Author Listing * MATLAB for Signal Processing on Multiprocessors and Multicores

Samsinger, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Pruning in the Face of Adversaries

Samson, A.M.M.[Adeline M.M.] Co Author Listing * Metropolis-Hasting techniques for finite-element-based registration

Samson, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Level Set Model for Image Classification, A
* Simultaneous Image Classification and Restoration Using a Variational Approach
* Tessellation of Ground-Based LIDAR Data for ICP Registration
* Two Variational Models for Multispectral Image Classification
* Variational Model for Image Classification and Restoration, A
Includes: Samson, C.[Christophe] Samson, C.

Samson, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Agile Stereo Pair for active vision, The

Samson, E.L. Co Author Listing * Correcting Incompatible DN Values and Geometric Errors in Nighttime Lights Time-Series Images
* Improving Nighttime Light Imagery With Location-Based Social Media Data
* Tweets or nighttime lights: Comparison for preeminence in estimating socioeconomic factors
Includes: Samson, E.L. Samson, E.L.[Eric L.]

Samson, J. Co Author Listing * use of gray-level information and fitting techniques for precise measurement of corneal curvature and thickness, The

Samson, J.S. Co Author Listing * Single View Modeling of Free-Form Scenes

Samson, L. Co Author Listing * I Bet You Are Wrong: Gambling Adversarial Networks for Structured Semantic Segmentation

Samson, M.[Mateusz] Co Author Listing * Impact of Atmospheric Optical Properties on Net Ecosystem Productivity of Peatland in Poland
* Modification of Local Urban Aerosol Properties by Long-Range Transport of Biomass Burning Aerosol

Samson, R.[Roeland] Co Author Listing * Urban Green Connectivity Assessment: A Comparative Study of Datasets in European Cities

Samson, S. Co Author Listing * Active learning to recognize multiple types of plankton
* Binary Plankton Image Classification Using Random Subspace
* Recognizing Plankton Images From the Shadow Image Particle Profiling Evaluation Recorder

Samson, V. Co Author Listing * Learning classes for video interpretation with a robust parallel clustering method
* Multisensor image segmentation using Dempster-Shafer fusion in Markov fields context

Samson, Y. Co Author Listing * MRF Based Random Graph Modelling the Human Cortical Topography, A

Samsonov, A.A. Co Author Listing * Fast Realistic MRI Simulations Based on Generalized Multi-Pool Exchange Tissue Model

Samsonov, S.[Sergey] Co Author Listing * 3D SAR Speckle Offset Tracking Potential for Monitoring Landfast Ice Growth and Displacement
* Estimation of Deformation Intensity above a Flooded Potash Mine Near Berezniki (Perm Krai, Russia) with SAR Interferometry
* Ground deformation monitoring using RADARSAT-2 DInSAR-MSBAS at the Aquistore CO2 storage site in Saskatchewan (Canada)
* Land subsidence, Ground Fissures and Buried Faults: InSAR Monitoring of Ciudad Guzmán (Jalisco, Mexico)
* Performance of Common Scene Stacking Atmospheric Correction on Nonlinear InSAR Deformation Retrieval
* Sentinel-1 and RADARSAT Constellation Mission InSAR Assessment of Slope Movements in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada
* Source Characteristics of the 28 September 2018 Mw 7.4 Palu, Indonesia, Earthquake Derived from the Advanced Land Observation Satellite 2 Data
* Topographic Correction for ALOS PALSAR Interferometry
Includes: Samsonov, S.[Sergey] Samsonov, S.
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Samsonov, S.V.[Sergey V.] Co Author Listing * Operational Processing of Big Satellite Data for Monitoring Glacier Dynamics: Case Study of Muldrow Glacier
* Using Long-Term SAR Backscatter Data to Monitor Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery in Tundra Environment

Samsonov, T.[Timofey] Co Author Listing * Granularity of Digital Elevation Model and Optimal Level of Detail in Small-Scale Cartographic Relief Presentation

Samsonova, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Errors in Gene Expression Data Introduced by Diffractive Blurring of Confocal Images
* Fast Redundant Dyadic Wavelet Transform in Application to Spatial Registration of the Expression Patterns of Drosophila Segmentation Genes

Samsonova, S.[Svetlana] Co Author Listing * Study on the Potential of Oil Spill Monitoring in a Port Environment Using Optical Reflectance

Samsten, I.[Isak] Co Author Listing * Post Hoc Explainability for Time Series Classification: Toward a signal processing perspective

Samsudin, N.A.[Noor A.] Co Author Listing * Group-based meta-classification
* Nearest neighbour group-based classification

Samsudin, N.S. Co Author Listing * Structural Model of Enterprise GIS Requirement for Johor Bahru City Council, A

Samsudin, S. Co Author Listing * Assessing Safety Level of UTM Campus Based on Safe City Concepts

Samsudin, S.A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Multibeam Backscatter Texture Analysis for Seafloor Sediment Classification

Samsung, S. Co Author Listing * Integral Normalized Gradient Image A Novel Illumination Insensitive Representation

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