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Sano, A. Co Author Listing * Personalized Multitask Learning for Predicting Tomorrow's Mood, Stress, and Health

Sano, E. Co Author Listing * Biophysical Properties of Cultivated Pastures in the Brazilian Savanna Biome: An Analysis in the Spatial-Temporal Domains Based on Ground and Satellite Data
* Fingerprint Authentication Device Based on Optical Characteristics Inside a Finger
Includes: Sano, E. Sano, E.[Emiko]

Sano, E.E.[Edson Eyji] Co Author Listing * Change Detection of Selective Logging in the Brazilian Amazon Using X-Band SAR Data and Pre-Trained Convolutional Neural Networks
* Comparative Analysis of the Global Forest/Non-Forest Maps Derived from SAR and Optical Sensors. Case Studies from Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado Biomes
* Comparative Assessment of Machine-Learning Techniques for Forest Degradation Caused by Selective Logging in an Amazon Region Using Multitemporal X-Band SAR Images, A
* Comparative Assessment of Machine-Learning Techniques for Land Use and Land Cover Classification of the Brazilian Tropical Savanna Using ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 Polarimetric Images, A
* Digital Soil Mapping Using Multispectral Modeling with Landsat Time Series Cloud Computing Based
* Discriminating Forest Successional Stages, Forest Degradation, and Land Use in Central Amazon Using ALOS/PALSAR-2 Full-Polarimetric Data
* Dynamics of Agricultural Expansion In Areas of the Brazilian Savanna Between 2000 and 2019
* Fire Occurrences and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
* Hierarchical Classification of Soybean in the Brazilian Savanna Based on Harmonized Landsat Sentinel Data
* Mapping Three Decades of Changes in the Brazilian Savanna Native Vegetation Using Landsat Data Processed in the Google Earth Engine Platform
* Vegetation Fraction Images Derived from PROBA-V Data for Rapid Assessment of Annual Croplands in Brazil
* Woody Aboveground Biomass Mapping of the Brazilian Savanna with a Multi-Sensor and Machine Learning Approach
Includes: Sano, E.E.[Edson Eyji] Sano, E.E.[Edson E.] Sano, E.E.
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Sano, I.[Itaru] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Wildfire Smoke over Complex Terrain Using Satellite Observations, Ground-Based Observations, and Meteorological Models

Sano, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Image registration method
* Method and apparatus for reducing image noises

Sano, M. Co Author Listing * Handwritten Japanese character recognition using adaptive normalization by global affine transformation
* method for inspecting industrial parts surfaces based on an optics model, A
* Parametric Template Method and its Application to Robust Matching, A
* Scene-Text-Detection Method Robust Against Orientation and Discontiguous Components of Characters
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Spherical Correlation
* Visual-Based Image Retrieval by Block Reallocation Considering Object Region
Includes: Sano, M. Sano, M.[Mutsuo]

Sano, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * 4-Year Climatological Analysis Based on GPM Observations of Deep Convective Events in the Mediterranean Region, A
* Applications of a CloudSat-TRMM and CloudSat-GPM Satellite Coincidence Dataset
* Assessment of Ground-Reference Data and Validation of the H-SAF Precipitation Products in Brazil
* CloudSat-Based Assessment of GPM Microwave Imager Snowfall Observation Capabilities
* Comparison of the GPM DPR Single- and Double-Frequency Products Over the Mediterranean Area
* Machine Learning Snowfall Retrieval Algorithm for ATMS, A
* MiRTaW: An Algorithm for Atmospheric Temperature and Water Vapor Profile Estimation from ATMS Measurements Using a Random Forests Technique
* Passive Microwave Neural Network Precipitation Retrieval (PNPR) Algorithm for the CONICAL Scanning Global Microwave Imager (GMI) Radiometer, The
* Passive Microwave Neural Network Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm for Climate Applications (PNPR-CLIM): Design and Verification, The
* Passive Microwave Rainfall Error Analysis Using High-Resolution X-Band Dual-Polarization Radar Observations in Complex Terrain
* Precipitation Structure of the Mediterranean Tropical-Like Cyclone Numa: Analysis of GPM Observations and Numerical Weather Prediction Model Simulations, The
* RAINBOW: An Operational Oriented Combined IR-Algorithm
* SLALOM: An All-Surface Snow Water Path Retrieval Algorithm for the GPM Microwave Imager
* Transitioning From CRD to CDRD in Bayesian Retrieval of Rainfall From Satellite Passive Microwave Measurements: Part 2. Overcoming Database Profile Selection Ambiguity by Consideration of Meteorological Control on Microphysics
Includes: Sano, P.[Paolo] SanÚ, P.[Paolo] SanÚ, P. Sano, P.
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Sano, S.[Shumpei] Co Author Listing * Degree of loop assessment in microvideo
* Sampling Techniques for Large-Scale Object Detection From Sparsely Annotated Objects
Includes: Sano, S.[Shumpei] Sano, S.[Shotaro]

Sano, T. Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring System for Redd+ in Lao P.D.R., A
* Deep-Learning-Based Three-Dimensional Detection of Individual Wave-Dissipating Blocks from As-Built Point Clouds Measured by UAV Photogrammetry and Multibeam Echo-Sounder
* Estimation of Airborne Lidar-Derived Tropical Forest Canopy Height Using Landsat Time Series in Cambodia
* Integrated compressed domain resolution conversion with de-interlacing for DV to MPEG-4 transcoding
* Pattern masking method and an apparatus therefor
Includes: Sano, T. Sano, T.[Tomoaki] Sano, T.[Takio] Sano, T.[Tetsuo]

Sanocki, T.A.[Thomas A.] Co Author Listing * Are Edges Sufficient for Object Recognition
* Comparison of Edge Detectors
* Comparison of Edge Detectors: A Methodology and Initial Study
* effect of edge strength on object recognition from edge images, The
* How effective is human video surveillance performance?
* Robust Visual Method for Assessing the Relative Performance of Edge Detection Algorithms, A
Includes: Sanocki, T.A.[Thomas A.] Sanocki, T.A.

Sanodiya, R.K.[Rakesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * novel unsupervised Globality-Locality Preserving Projections in transfer learning, A

Sanogo, A. Co Author Listing * Application Guided Image Quality Estimation Based on Classification
* Real Time Automatic Urban Traffic Management Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Network Under Limited Resources Constraint
Includes: Sanogo, A. Sanogo, A.[Assan]

Sanomura, Y.[Yoji] Co Author Listing * 3D Endoscope System Using Asynchronously Blinking Grid Pattern Projection for HDR Image Synthesis
* Auto-calibration Method for Active 3D Endoscope System Using Silhouette of Pattern Projector
* Shape Acquisition and Registration for 3D Endoscope Based on Grid Pattern Projection
* Tissue Shape Acquisition with a Hybrid Structured Light and Photometric Stereo Endoscopic System

Sanon, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * War Related Building Damage Assessment in Kyiv, Ukraine, Using Sentinel-1 Radar and Sentinel-2 Optical Images

Sanona, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * Early Crop Classification via Multi-Modal Satellite Data Fusion and Temporal Attention

Sanou, J.[Josias] Co Author Listing * Mapping Tree Canopy Cover and Aboveground Biomass in Sudano-Sahelian Woodlands Using Landsat 8 and Random Forest
* Mapping Tree Height in Burkina Faso Parklands with TanDEM-X

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