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Sapp, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive pose priors for pictorial structures
* Cascaded Models for Articulated Pose Estimation
* Dynamic Structured Model Selection
* Large Scale Interactive Motion Forecasting for Autonomous Driving: The Waymo Open Motion Dataset
* Learning from ambiguously labeled images
* MODEC: Multimodal Decomposable Models for Human Pose Estimation
* Parsing human motion with stretchable models
* Recognizing manipulation actions in arts and crafts shows using domain-specific visual and textual cues
* Rules of the Road: Predicting Driving Behavior With a Convolutional Model of Semantic Interactions
* Talking pictures: Temporal grouping and dialog-supervised person recognition
* Unreasonable Effectiveness of Noisy Data for Fine-Grained Recognition, The
Includes: Sapp, B.[Benjamin] Sapp, B.[Ben]
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Sapp, J. Co Author Listing * Examining the Impact of Prior Models in Transmural Electrophysiological Imaging: A Hierarchical Multiple-Model Bayesian Approach
* Spatially Adaptive Multi-Scale Optimization for Local Parameter Estimation in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Sapp, J.L. Co Author Listing * Noninvasive Reconstruction of Transmural Transmembrane Potential With Simultaneous Estimation of Prior Model Error

Sapp, J.W. Co Author Listing * Airborne Co-polarization and Cross-Polarization Observations of the Ocean-Surface NRCS at C-Band
* Comparison of the Sentinel-1B Synthetic Aperture Radar With Airborne Microwave Sensors in an Extra-Tropical Cyclone
* Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer Wind-Speed Retrieval Improvements
Includes: Sapp, J.W. Sapp, J.W.[Joseph W.]

Sappa, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Dense extreme inception network for edge detection
* Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Object Detection Challenge Results: PBVS 2022

Sappa, A.D.[Angel D.] Co Author Listing * 2D-3D-based on-board pedestrian detection system
* 3D gait estimation from monoscopic video
* 3D Human Walking Modeling
* 3D Motion from Image Derivatives Using the Least Trimmed Square Regression
* Appearance-based 3D face tracker: an evaluation study
* Approximation and Processing of Intensity Images with Discontinuity-Preserving Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Automatic extraction of planar projections from panoramic range images
* Camera pose estimation in multi-view environments: From virtual scenarios to the real world
* Color Correction Using 3D Gaussian Mixture Models
* Colorizing Infrared Images Through a Triplet Conditional DCGAN Architecture
* Computer Vision Approaches to Pedestrian Detection: Visible Spectrum Survey
* Correspondence free registration through a point-to-model distance minimization
* Cycle Generative Adversarial Network: Towards A Low-Cost Vegetation Index Estimation
* Deep Learning based Corn Kernel Classification
* Deep Learning Based Single Image Dehazing
* Dense Extreme Inception Network: Towards a Robust CNN Model for Edge Detection
* Edge registration versus triangular mesh registration, a comparative study
* Efficient Approach to Onboard Stereo Vision System Pose Estimation, An
* Efficient Approximation of Gray-Scale Images Through Bounded Error Triangular Meshes
* Efficient Approximation of Range Images Through Data-Dependent Adaptive Triangulations
* Efficient distance estimation for fitting implicit quadric surfaces
* Efficient generation of discontinuity-preserving adaptive triangulations from range images
* Evaluation of an appearance-based 3D face tracker using dense 3D data
* Evaluation of Similarity Functions in Multimodal Stereo
* Factorization-Based Approach To Photometric Stereo, A
* fast accurate implicit polynomial fitting approach, A
* Fast and Robust L_1-averaging-based Pose Estimation for Driving Scenarios
* Fast range image segmentation by an edge detection strategy
* featureless and stochastic approach to on-board stereo vision system pose, A
* Fine-Tuning Based Deep Convolutional Networks for Lepidopterous Genus Recognition
* Geometric and Topological Lossy Compression of Dense Range Images
* Haar Wavelets and Edge Orientation Histograms for On-Board Pedestrian Detection
* Implicit B-spline fitting using the 3L algorithm
* Implicit B-Spline Surface Reconstruction
* Implicit Polynomial Representation Through a Fast Fitting Error Estimation
* Improving a Genetic Algorithm Segmentation by Means of a Fast Edge Detection Technique
* Improving Appearance-Based 3D Face Tracking Using Sparse Stereo Data
* Improving segmentation results by studying surface continuity
* Incremental Multiview Integration of Range Images
* Infrared Image Colorization Based on a Triplet DCGAN Architecture
* Instantaneous 3D motion from image derivatives using the Least Trimmed Square regression
* Iterative Multiresolution Scheme for SFM with Missing Data, An
* iterative multiresolution scheme for SFM with missing data: Single and multiple object scenes, An
* Iterative Multiresolution Scheme for SFM, An
* Laplacian Derivative Based Regularization for Optical Flow Estimation in Driving Scenario
* Learning Cross-Spectral Similarity Measures with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* LGHD: A feature descriptor for matching across non-linear intensity variations
* LiNet: A Lightweight Network for Image Super Resolution
* Modeling Range Images with Bounded Error Triangular Meshes Without Optimization
* Monocular 3D human body reconstruction towards depth augmentation of television sequences
* Motion Segmentation from Feature Trajectories with Missing Data
* MPRNet: Multi-Path Residual Network for Lightweight Image Super Resolution
* Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification Challenge Results: PBVS 2022
* Multimodal Interaction in Image and Video Applications
* Multimodal template matching based on gradient and mutual information using scale-space
* Multispectral piecewise planar stereo using Manhattan-world assumption
* Multispectral single-sensor RGB-NIR imaging: New challenges and opportunities
* Multispectral Stereo Image Correspondence
* Multispectral Stereo Odometry
* Near InfraRed Imagery Colorization
* New Framework for Stereo Sensor Pose Through Road Segmentation and Registration, A
* Non-homogeneous Haze Removal Through a Multiple Attention Module Architecture
* Non-rigid Shape Registration: A Single Linear Least Squares Framework
* Novel Approach to Geometric Fitting of Implicit Quadrics, A
* Novel Space Variant Image Representation, A
* On-Board Monocular Vision System Pose Estimation through a Dense Optical Flow
* Photometric stereo through an adapted alternation approach
* Prior Knowledge Based Motion Model Representation
* Probabilistic Approach for Color Correction in Image Mosaicking Applications, A
* Rank Estimation in Missing Data Matrix Problems
* Real Time Vehicle Pose Using On-Board Stereo Vision System
* Real-Time Vehicle Ego-Motion Using Stereo Pairs and Particle Filters
* Recovery of Surface Normals and Reflectance from Different Lighting Conditions
* Relaxing the 3L algorithm for an accurate implicit polynomial fitting
* Revisiting Harris Corner Detector Algorithm: A Gradual Thresholding Approach
* Richer Representation the Better Registration, The
* Rigid and Non-Rigid Face Motion Tracking by Aligning Texture Maps and Stereo 3D Models
* Rigid and Non-rigid Face Motion Tracking by Aligning Texture Maps and Stereo-Based 3D Models
* Space Variant Representations for Mobile Platform Vision Applications
* Speed and Texture: An Empirical Study on Optical-Flow Accuracy in ADAS Scenarios
* Splitting up panoramic range images into compact 2-1/2 D representations
* Surface model generation from range images of industrial environments
* Survey of Pedestrian Detection for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
* Synthesized Image Datasets: Towards an Annotation-Free Instance Segmentation Strategy
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge - PBVS 2020
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge - PBVS 2021
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge Results - PBVS 2022
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Through Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Two-stage Algorithm for Planning the Next View From Range Images, A
* Unsupervised Contour Closure Algorithm for Range Image Edge-Based Segmentation
* Unsupervised local color correction for coarsely registered images
* Unsupervised motion classification by means of efficient feature selection and tracking
* Vegetation Index Estimation from Monospectral Images
Includes: Sappa, A.D.[Angel D.] Sappa, A.D.[Angel Domingo] Sappa, A.D.
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Sapper, D.B. Co Author Listing * Understanding Transit Scenes: A Survey on Human Behavior-Recognition Algorithms

Sapper, J.[John] Co Author Listing * AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Sappey Marinier, D. Co Author Listing * Generalization of FDK 3D Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithm for an Off-centered Cone Beam Geometry
* Improving QuickBundles to Extract Anatomically Coherent White Matter Fiber-Bundles
* longitudinal model for variations detection in white matter fiber-bundles, A
* Tensor Factorization of Brain Structural Graph for Unsupervised Classification in Multiple Sclerosis
* White Matter Fiber-Bundle Analysis Using Non-negative Tensor Factorization
Includes: Sappey Marinier, D. Sappey-Marinier, D. Sappey-Marinier, D.[Dominique]

Sappo, C.R.[Charlotte R.] Co Author Listing * Dual-Tuned Lattice Balun for Multi-Nuclear MRI and MRS

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