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Vaideeswaran, J. Co Author Listing * Meta-scheduler using agents for fault tolerance in computational grid

Vaidehi, V. Co Author Listing * Efficient Face Recognition System Using DWT-ICA Features, An
* Face recognition using discrete cosine transform and Fisher linear discriminant
* Real Time Surveillance System Using Wired and Wireless Sensor Networks by Multi-algorithmic Approach, A

Vaidhya, K.[Kiran] Co Author Listing * Automated Workflow for Lung Nodule Follow-up Recommendation Using Deep Learning, An
* Lung Nodule Malignancy Prediction in Sequential CT Scans: Summary of ISBI 2018 Challenge

Vaidis, M.[Maxime] Co Author Listing * Accurate outdoor ground truth based on total stations
* Evaluation of Skid-Steering Kinematic Models for Subarctic Environments
Includes: Vaidis, M.[Maxime] Vaidis, M.

Vaidya, A.[Ashwin] Co Author Listing * Anomalib: A Deep Learning Library for Anomaly Detection
* Novel Representations, Techniques and Error Evaluation for 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Vaidya, A.[Ashwin] Vaidya, A.[Amey]

Vaidya, A.S.[Avinash S.] Co Author Listing * frequency domain beamspace adaptive receive beamformer for ultrasound imaging systems: phantom simulation results, A
* Vision-Based Posing of 3D Virtual Actors
Includes: Vaidya, A.S.[Avinash S.] Vaidya, A.S.[Ameya S.]

Vaidya, B.[Bhaumik] Co Author Listing * Hardware Efficient Modified CNN Architecture for Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition

Vaidya, H. Co Author Listing * Stream-51: Streaming Classification and Novelty Detection from Videos

Vaidya, J.[Jayesh] Co Author Listing * Co-Segmentation Aided Two-Stream Architecture for Video Captioning
* Co-segmentation inspired attention module for video-based computer vision tasks
* Enabling Better Medical Image Classification Through Secure Collaboration
* Intelligent Pandemic Surveillance via Privacy-Preserving Crowdsensing
Includes: Vaidya, J.[Jayesh] Vaidya, J.[Jaideep]

Vaidya, N.[Nitin] Co Author Listing * email: Vaidya, N.[Nitin]: nvaidya AT aai com
* Experiments in Semiautonomous Registration of Disparate Spatial Data: Two New Techniques and a Model for Comparison
Includes: Vaidya, N.[Nitin] Vaidya, N.

Vaidya, N.M. Co Author Listing * Discontinuity Preserving Surface Reconstruction Through Global Optimization
* Discontinuity-Preserving Surface Reconstruction Using Stochastic Differential Equations
* Stereopsis and Image Registration from Extended Edge Features in the Absence of Camera Pose Information

Vaidya, P.D. Co Author Listing * Design and Architectural Implications of a Spatial Information System

Vaidya, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * Comparison of SPAN and LEACH protocol for topology control in wireless sensor networks

Vaidya, S.[Suthirth] Co Author Listing * Automated Workflow for Lung Nodule Follow-up Recommendation Using Deep Learning, An

Vaidya, S.A. Co Author Listing * Refining structural texture synthesis approach

Vaidya, V.[Vivek] Co Author Listing * Lesion Detection in Breast Ultrasound Images Using Tissue Transition Analysis

Vaidya, V.G.[Vinay G.] Co Author Listing * Edge based segmentation for pedestrian detection using NIR camera
* Localization of Objects in Noisy Scenes for Robotics Applications Using Wigner Distribution
* Pose Estimation from Corresponding Point Data
* Wigner Distribution for 2D Motion Estimation from Noisy Images
Includes: Vaidya, V.G.[Vinay G.] Vaidya, V.G.

Vaidya, Y.M.[Yogita M.] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Crowd Behavior Detection Based on Combined Approach of Energy Model and Threshold

Vaidyanathan, M. Co Author Listing * Spectral Band Selection and Classifier Design for a Multispectral Imaging Laser-Radar

Vaidyanathan, P.P. Co Author Listing * Application of Two-Dimensional Generalized Mean Filtering for Removal of Impulse Noises from Images
* Arbitrarily Shaped Periods in Multidimensional Discrete Time Periodicity
* Efficient implementation of all-digital interpolation
* Generating New Commuting Coprime Matrix Pairs From Known Pairs
* Grid-Less Approach to Underdetermined Direction of Arrival Estimation Via Low Rank Matrix Denoising, A
* Image halftoning and inverse halftoning for optimized dot diffusion
* Look up Table (LUT) Method for Image Halftoning
* Look-up table (LUT) method for inverse halftoning
* On the Role of the Bounded Lemma in the SDP Formulation of Atomic Norm Problems
* On the Zeros of Ramanujan Filters
* Optimal nonuniform orthonormal filter banks for subband coding and signal representation
* Optimized Halftoning Using Dot Diffusion and Methods for Inverse Halftoning
* Recent developments in multidimensional multirate systems
* Remarks on the Spatial Smoothing Step in Coarray MUSIC
* System Identification With Sparse Coprime Sensing
* Tree-structured method for LUT inverse halftoning and for image halftoning
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Vaidyanathan, R. Co Author Listing * Tongue-Movement Communication and Control Concept for Hands-Free Human-Machine Interfaces

Vaidyula, M.[Manasvi] Co Author Listing * DSAG: A Scalable Deep Framework for Action-Conditioned Multi-Actor Full Body Motion Synthesis

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