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Vered, G. Co Author Listing * Joint Optimization for Cooperative Image Captioning
* Physics Based Image Deshadowing Using Local Linear Model
Includes: Vered, G. Vered, G.[Gilad]

Vered, M. Co Author Listing * Demand-Driven Transparency for Monitoring Intelligent Agents

Veredas, F. Co Author Listing * Binary Tissue Classification on Wound Images With Neural Networks and Bayesian Classifiers

Vereecken, H.[Harry] Co Author Listing * Accounting for Surface Roughness Scattering in the Characterization of Forest Litter with Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Estimating Gravimetric Water Content of a Winter Wheat Field from L-Band Vegetation Optical Depth
* Estimation and Validation of RapidEye-Based Time-Series of Leaf Area Index for Winter Wheat in the Rur Catchment (Germany)
* Estimation of Hydraulic Properties of a Sandy Soil Using Ground-Based Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing
* Importance of Subsurface Processes in Land Surface Modeling over a Temperate Region: An Analysis with SMAP, Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing and Triple Collocation Analysis, The
* Improved Characterization of Fine-Texture Soils Using On-Ground GPR Full-Waveform Inversion
* Investigation of SMAP Fusion Algorithms With Airborne Active and Passive L-Band Microwave Remote Sensing
* Mapping Field-Scale Soil Moisture With L-Band Radiometer and Ground-Penetrating Radar Over Bare Soil
* Measurement and Simulation of Topographic Effects on Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Over Mountain Areas: A Case Study From the Tibetan Plateau
* Modeling of Multilayered Media Green's Functions With Rough Interfaces
* New Soil Moisture Downscaling Approach for SMAP, SMOS, and ASCAT by Predicting Sub-Grid Variability, A
* Passive L-Band Microwave Remote Sensing of Organic Soil Surface Layers: A Tower-Based Experiment
* Remote Sensing of Instantaneous Drought Stress at Canopy Level Using Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Canopy Reflectance
* SARSense Campaign: Air- and Space-Borne C- and L-Band SAR for the Analysis of Soil and Plant Parameters in Agriculture, The
* Soil moisture retrieval from airborne L-band passive microwave using high resolution multispectral data
* Temporal Monitoring of the Soil Freeze-Thaw Cycles over a Snow-Covered Surface by Using Air-Launched Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Validation of Spaceborne and Modelled Surface Soil Moisture Products with Cosmic-Ray Neutron Probes
* Vegetation Optical Depth and Soil Moisture Retrieved from L-Band Radiometry over the Growth Cycle of a Winter Wheat
Includes: Vereecken, H.[Harry] Vereecken, H.
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Vereecken, R. Co Author Listing * Online Attention for Interpretable Conflict Estimation in Political Debates

Vereijken, B.[Beatrix] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Machine Learning Models for Classification of Movement Patterns During a Weight-Shifting Exergame

Verel, I. Co Author Listing * Digital Preclinical PET/MRI Insert and Initial Results, A

Verelst, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * BlockCopy: High-Resolution Video Processing with Block-Sparse Feature Propagation and Online Policies
* Dynamic Convolutions: Exploiting Spatial Sparsity for Faster Inference
* SegBlocks: Block-Based Dynamic Resolution Networks for Real-Time Segmentation
* Spatial Consistency Loss for Training Multi-Label Classifiers from Single-Label Annotations

Veremeeva, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Fluid Migration through Permafrost and the Pool of Greenhouse Gases in Frozen Soils of an Oil and Gas Field
* Geomorphological and Climatic Drivers of Thermokarst Lake Area Increase Trend (1999-2018) in the Kolyma Lowland Yedoma Region, North-Eastern Siberia
* Landsat-Based Trend Analysis of Lake Dynamics across Northern Permafrost Regions

Veremei, N.[Nikolai] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Thundercloud Features in Different Regions

Veremes, H.[Helene] Co Author Listing * Lidar measurements for water vapor vertical profiles up to the stratosphere
* Transport and Variability of Tropospheric Ozone over Oceania and Southern Pacific during the 2019-20 Australian Bushfires
Includes: Veremes, H.[Helene] Vérèmes, H.[Hélène]

Veremyev, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Airborne Antenna Geometry for Ocean Surface Scatterometric Measurements
* Sea Wind Measurement by Doppler Navigation System with X-Configured Beams in Rectilinear Flight

Veren, F.[Funda] Co Author Listing * Spatial Distrubiton Of Children Treated By Cancer In Zonguldak, Turkey

Veres, G.V.[Galina V.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Workflow Monitoring in Industrial Environments
* Is Enough Enough? What Is Sufficiency in Biometric Data?
* Model-Based Approaches for Predicting Gait Changes over Time
* Modelling the Time-Variant Covariates for Gait Recognition
* Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows
* What image information is important in silhouette-based gait recognition?
Includes: Veres, G.V.[Galina V.] Veres, G.V.

Veres, I.[Ioel] Co Author Listing * Multi-Instrumental Approach to Slope Failure Monitoring in a Landslide Susceptible Newly Built-Up Area: Topo-Geodetic Survey, UAV 3D Modelling and Ground-Penetrating Radar

Veres, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Architectures for Soil Property Prediction
* Deep Learning for Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Survey of Emerging Trends
* Integrated Bud Detection and Localization System for Application in Greenhouse Automation, An
Includes: Veres, M.[Matthew] Veres, M.

Veres, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Subsampling strategies to improve learning-based retina vessel segmentation
Includes: Veres, P.[Peter] Veres, P.[Péter]

Vereshchaka, A.[Alina] Co Author Listing * Optimizing City-Scale Traffic Through Modeling Observations of Vehicle Movements

Veress, A.I.[Alexander I.] Co Author Listing * Incorporation of a Left Ventricle Finite Element Model Defining Infarction Into the XCAT Imaging Phantom
* Normal and Pathological NCAT Image and Phantom Data Based on Physiologically Realistic Left Ventricle Finite-Element Models
* Novel Methodology for Measuring Regional Myocardial Efficiency
* Strain Measurement in the Left Ventricle During Systole with Deformable Image Registration

Verestoy, J. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Tracking Techniques Applied to Digital PIV
* CRASH project: Defect detection and classification in ferrite cores, The
* Detecting Shape Defects in Ferrite Cores
* Tracking Feature Points: A New Algorithm and Comparative Performance Evaluation
Includes: Verestoy, J. Verestóy, J. Verestoy, J.[Judit]

Verezemskaya, P.[Polina] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Short-Term Daily Operational Sea Ice Regional Forecasting
* On the Generalization Ability of Data-Driven Models in the Problem of Total Cloud Cover Retrieval

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